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    really laughed hard after reading the meaning of the word “flip” in my electronic dictionary.
    Flip or flip n.
    -someone in the Philippines. Do not use this word.

    Some not really important but are primal in your joyful stay in Gobicol.

    1. Ukay – jolly monkies
    – word coined by Tolhits “Joe d’ MangQue”, (pronounced as “Tolhita – Joke and Poke the Sh*tting Monkey”),
    from the English word “Okay” to mean that all monkies are always okay and jolly.

    2. Happy Birthday!
    – morse code, decoding it is not advisable.
    – the code first appeared in Manoy Ted’s secret wind whisper

    3. Vadaf – the tolhita & bannyta federation

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