How to fix multiple IEXPLORE.EXE processes and remove the virus.

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    If you have multiple IEXPLORE.EXE processes appearing at Task Manager without opening Internet Explorer, then this is probably a virus or spyware. This is fake Internet Explorer processes! You cannot do the END TASK for this particular process since it keeps on coming back, and chancess are you’ll just get more of it showing up.I verified this upon removal of Internet Explorer at Windows Components (I am using Firefox as my browser), the IEXPLORE.EXE keeps on coming back and showing up at Task Manager even if the original IEXPLORE.EXE command was already deleted at C:WindowsProgram FilesInternet Explorer. So the one appearing at Task Manager is a fake process.To fix this problem and delete this spyware, remove “Cid Helper” or anything like that at ADD/ REMOVE PROGRAM in the CONTROL PANEL. There could be other softwares hiding this spyware, so if there’s other software appearing in your PC that you haven’t installed, then probably it’s a self installing spyware or malware giving you fake processes. REMOVE ALL INSTALLED SOFTWARES WHICH YOU DOESN’T RECOGNIZE! I could not verify if “CiD Helper” is a valid software or freeware on the net, but one thing I’m aware of, it is self installing in your system. I acquired that when I tried to download free “YouTube Freezer” and “Winzix” software. You should think twice and do more research before downloading freewares on the web and verify that they are valid softwares in a valid site. But web user instinct will tell you that most hacker softwares contain viruses or malwares, so beware!MANNY DE GUZMAN, JR.

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