Mahirap O Mayaman…

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    I think…some folks are misunderstood the question, heh heh heh…mean is…we get what we want, butthen we want mooorrrrre and mooorrrrrrrre diba?!

    [notes]All of us experience change in our live. There is no choice in that. Things will not stay the same no matter how we would like them too. When a life change occurs, we have two choices in how to respond. We can despair that a change has come and assume that things will be worse, or we can look with excitement at the new possibilities that the change presents.

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    That was a very simple and subdued question, but you all responded quite amazingly accurate.
    And of course, none of us would be replyng from different part of the world.
    The Amish of Pennsylvania are considered contented group of people. I won’t want to live like them, but It would be a good experience to live and learned with them for a summer. Did I mentioned “summer”? They use horse buggies, try riding those in winter. They don’t use cars, electricity, telephones, televisions and computers,just to name a few.
    They live the same way for hundreds of years, because they are contented with their lives. Not to mentioned their belief.

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    Kong naging kontentoako kaidto… siguradong dai ako makakadigdi asin dyan lang ako magpapara limok-limok sa bicol…

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    Nobody is contented with life and I think that’s what makes humans really special We’re always striving to achieve something..reaching goals, making things better, looking for things that aren’t there. But in all honesty, kung wala yang mga bagay na yan we will all be arrogant types, di na marunong magdasal, wala ng konsensiya, etc. So if you’re not contented with life, take that as good sign, coz that can motivate us to improve things in some situation. Count our blessings and always think that no matter what happends. We’ll do just fine.
    Dream…believe…survive. Life is ordinary..yet extraordinary; simple..yet complex. Life’s a JOURNEY not a distination
    Don’t stop believing. Faithfully, Arnel Pineda.

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    humans are literally born to be imperfect… no one is perfect, i guess…

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    Bakit ang mga tawo dae continto sa buhay? >> if we did then what would there be to look forward to? no ambitions, no dreams, no pushing through.. maybe all of us are stuck in the moment without discontentment.

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    bsta aq, given a chance…gus2 q e2ng tma lng.e2ng tipo n me pngka2n uruald0w tz me png gudtym pminsan2…b0 qng yumaman t bka kyamanan q p mging metsa kng buhay q(mmm..plastic )pro aminado aq n ambisyosa aq pminsan2 (sb nnda n papa q e)n w/c 22o…pro ambisyosa s mga bgay2 n realistic and attainable.

    …pro f given a chance n yumaman tlga, y n0t?sbi nani bga kyan n jim carrey, dpt daa gbos n tau maexperience yumaman ska mging famous pra maaramn nnda n pg yaon kna duman, bq mn graray yaman ska fame an answers s contentment kng tau

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    I’ll never be rich in my lifetime and have experienced poverty all my life. Given a choice, I’d like tobe richfor a change. Who knows…..I might like it.

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    Bakit dae continto? Kasi Lyn, tawo yan eh…mapag hanap. Yan ang ugaling tawo mga pasaway… Siisay digdi sa GB an habo na yumaman? Siguro kong igwa man, bibihira lamang. An iba ngani dyan, mayaman na nagpapayaman pa… herak man suiba..pobre na nag titios pa..hehehe. Pero kong iisipon ta, ankaipuhan lang kan tawo ay kaugmahan -talo kan pobre na maogma an mayaman na dai nakakaturog sa sobrang yaman. An pobre, pag nakatapos na magkakan maski sardinasangulam masiramon maturog..bako?

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    Bakit ang mga tawo dae continto sa buhay?


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