Please Forgive Me!

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    J. Villalobos

    You are forgiven…..You may now enterheaven’s gate….. not ajoke….that’s a nice post.

    Thank you.

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    Believe in what your heart can see and not in what others describe
    as what you should be viewing.

    As for me, nothing has changed about me. I’m still the righteous man
    I believe I had ever been and it’s precisely because I refused to change
    that I arrived in the decision to simply bid goodbye.

    “It’s only with the heart that a man can see.
    What is essential is invisible to the eye.”


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    pai caloy

    To Noy Wawoy, I love that word PAI (actually I still dont know if PAI stands for TIO or something deeper pa dyan) Thanks tabi Noy, pero bako man po ako great, naguing organisado (would fit seguro, nyan…) ta nag gugurang na baga. You and me and the rest of who are in this site are here “for a reason”. Nice baga su pig sabi mo duman sa sarong thread!!!!

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    @Pai Greendog
    Bravo! I really admire a person of integrity….not afraid of admitting his own mistake. Pinahanga mo ako Padi.
    @Pai Claro
    Well said. It takes one great person to know the presence of another great one. You both are great human becomings. 🙂
    @Manay Rose
    I second the motion… 🙂

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    @ Manoy Claro:) I totally agree! Saludo tabi ako saimo Noy Ralph!

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    pai caloy

    Noy Greendog, this make you more a gentleman than what you already are. Made more formidable by what you have just said. The strength of your character, indeed is your most valuable asset!!!!! I am sure the readers will comprehend and love you more for that!!!!!
    Why Greendog??? because there is only one! bokon tabi Noy??? Nyan, let’s gnarl our teeth….
    Warm regards,

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    No excuses, I was out of line. I already sent a note to Banny and this is anappeal to any other member capable of deleting entries to delete my short story last week in Tambayan Lobby/Just for Laughs. In my intention to relate a factual story, I used censored wordsin violation of my agreement when I joined this forum.
    My apologies to my wife, my mother, my sisters, the ladies of this forum and wives of the gentlemen of this forum for my indescretion. I advocated a clean forum in the past and will do so in the future. I believe only a self rebuke will satisfy me and I will refrain from any and all other entries in this forum that may offendanyone.
    Again, my apologies.

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    🙂 Bubbly, …. secret smile na sana ako Nene [ ano tabi Noy-Banny?:)]

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    kaya ako nagreply igdi old message niMr. Dayu, to remind him how nice he was..
    now, biglang nag-bago an gabos…

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    This is a touchy message from you Mr. Dayu! – since I love every person here. And to forgive me if ever I had made any words or acts that in one way or another had contributed to such an undesirable atmosphere

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    I would like to plea to please refrain (if you can) from using “boray” and such especially when addressing to Ladies.
    I also would like to ask forgiveness if such a request would inflict any form of pain to anyone in this forum, since I love every person here.
    And to forgive me if ever I had made any words or acts that in one way or another had contributed to such an undesirable atmosphere.


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