Why are you afraid of blood?

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    up ko lang ta’ mas magayon ining pag-urulayan kesa duman sa mga yaraon na naman na spammers…

    Thanks to GB!!!

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    …Which still I guess, going back to my first notion: “Blood is life” when inside of us (inside our body), and “death” when out of the body, unless preserved in blood bank or transferred immediately through blood transfusion, hehe. The excessive loss of blood is “death”, and that’s what we fear.In some literary terms, the color “red” is synonymous to blood, and red letters mean anger, grievance, danger, or impulse. For fashion designers, red blood color is life, thus wearing red in funeral means disrespect….So how you fear blood reflects how you see life and death. In general, we are scared because we fear of being harmed. But if we face our fears, and see blood positively, then we shall never fear again.Here’s another significant article, this time, how to battle hemophobia or fear of blood. Taken from suite101.com. Original article at http://phobiasanxiety.suite101.com/article.cfm/how_to_overcome_the_fear_of_blood

    How to Overcome the Fear of Blood
    Ways to Help You Deal With Hemophobia

    Brian Tubbs

    Sep 30, 2008Treatment of Hemophobia
    One of the best ways to cope with fear is through information. A
    person suffering from hemophobia can educate himself or herself on the
    nature of blood. One of the best ways to minimize the emotional
    reaction one has toward blood is to demystify it. This advice works on
    virtually all phobias, in fact.
    In the case of blood, a person with hemophobia could study biology
    and human anatomy, and try to see and understand the human body as a
    machine. The more objective he or she can be in studying blood, the
    easier it will be to remove any fear.
    In addition to educating oneself through reading and diagrams, a
    person with any kind of serious phobia should consult with a trained
    professional. Such a professional will be able to suggest the best
    Such treatment sometimes involves psychiatric evaluation, gradual
    exposure of the patient to blood (so that the individual can slowly
    overcome his or her phobia), and/or medications.
    With the proper amount of education and the right treatment, as
    prescribed by a trained professional, you can be on your way toward
    overcoming your fear of blood.

    The copyright of the article How to Overcome the Fear of Blood in Phobias/Anxiety is owned by Brian Tubbs. Permission to republish How to Overcome the Fear of Blood in print or online must be granted by the author in writing. ***DISCLAIMER: This posting conforms with Fair Use of Copyright Law (title 17, U. S. Code Section 107): for comment and critic purposes. Therefore, the use of any Copyrighted works in this trivial/ commentary forum required no permission from the author as described below:1. Comment and Criticism
    If you are commenting upon or critiquing a copyrighted work–for
    instance, writing a book review — fair use principles allow you to
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    commentary and criticism include:
    quoting a few lines from a Bob Dylan song in a music reviewsummarizing and quoting from a medical article on prostate cancer in a news report
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    copying a portion of a Sports Illustrated magazine article for use in a related court case.

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    Salamat, Manny. Didn’t realize that many people are afraid at the sight of their own blood.
    Here’s the passage from Homer’s The Iliad (a favorite of mine) that was referred to in the article, “……Achilles, seething, heaving up in fury, thundering out now in foam and blood and corpses____the bloodred crest of the river swelled by Zeus came arching higher……….” (The Iliad, Book 21, lines 370-372). Senseless bloodletting as a result of the wrath of merciless Achilles.
    Blood, too, is mentioned in Homer’s The Odyssey. The souls of the dead in the Underworld, Hades, are able to speak againwhen given a drink of sacrificed animal blood. Thus, to the ancient Greeks, haima is a lifegiver__to the living and to the dead.

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    Most people aren’t afraid of blood. It’s the senseless bloodletting that most people fear anddon’t like to see. Blood is life, period.

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    Quote:dex “it depends upon
    blood. si mga INC habo ning dinuguan… si VAMPIRE paslo sa blood…
    igwa man ning blood na hali sa babae, the so-called ‘period’. seriously
    speaking, the blood is the river of life and if you donate a blood you
    can save a life. If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t share. That’s why we’re there.”Thank you Dex. You had a point there:) It depends on what you believe in and how you see life and death. For Catholics, the blood of Christ is life, but that’s symbolic: wine symbolizes blood. For Iglesia Ni Cristo, eating “dinuguan” is a taboo because for INC, it is forbidden to eat blood of animals. For ladies, they fear blood because of it’s their monthly period, hehe, nice one!”I am afraid to donate blood because I’m thin, underweight and low blood.”What I covered here in this post is the fear of blood (red blood corpuscles) in general medical terms – HEMOPHOBIA… How would you react once you see blood. If you see wound and blood gushing through, would you stare and keep your eyes open, or would you run and puke? It’s nice to have different views on this, and there’s no right or wrong when it comes to ones beliefs and opinion. So anymore views? “Why are you afraid of blood?”MANNY DE GUZMAN, JR.

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    “WHY ARE YOU AFRAID OF BLOOD?” A stupid question to ask. But for some, it is not stupid. Some take it seriously because they developed a kind of phobia at an early age. In general, most of us are afraid to see blood, as we are afraid of seeing ghosts… Because we are afraid of being harmed.Fear of blood scientifically known as “hemophobia” were caused by one major factor, the “FEAR OF DEATH”. By seeing blood, we fear our own injury. What if those things we are seeing happen to us? We fear blood because we are imagining things. Blood lives when inside our body. When blood corpuscles were discharged out of the body, it dies.Ironically, doctors have overcome fear of blood through the years of training and experiences. They need to overcome their fears because it is their job to fix our vital signs and put our anatomy back in order. I remember what a Medical student I met during College told me: Part of their training includes visual imagery, that is you will be shown human flesh and human parts being put into your sandwich. Then you shall be blindfolded and let you eat that sandwich, when in fact that was only a decoy. What you are exactly eating is the real food. That psychological process is called “Conditioning”. Once you are conditioned or used to it, then you aren’t afraid anymore.Ironically, Media men have been conditioned to see blood because of the nature of their job. Nurses, doctors, and makers of horror movies get used to it. In mythology, Dracula and vampires isn’t afraid of blood because it gives them life and vitality.So for me, that is not a stupid question to ask. I am afraid of seeing blood because I know it is deep inside of me. When I die and I’m out of my body, then I wouldn’t be afraid anymore… That’s the time I had overcome my fears. “How about you, why are you afraid of blood?”MANNY DE GUZMAN, JR.Journalist/ PhotographerCainta, Rizal

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