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Sex Education for Elementary and High School

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  Jun 17, 2010 06:06 AM  
Marisa "Maris"

I believed that it's the job of the parent to teach the values that involve sex education. It's also the job of the Church to help the parent to teach those values.

The problem is most parents have passed that job to the State, which have a much different moral value and agenda than parent and church.

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  Jun 17, 2010 06:21 AM  
So Ms. MARISA, on with the question based on the problem you've posted here....

1. What do the church teach about sexuality?

2. How far do the church have gone in assisting parents to teach the values that involves "sex education"? Is the church successful in that drive?

3. How come parents have passed their responsibility to the state (according to you)? Who are they to be blamed - Their friends? Western Influences? the Media? the Internet? The parents themselves? Or, no offense - the failure of the Church itself?

....Answer those honestly and that will lead us to the root cause of the problem of sexual and moral issues. Then, only then we could think about a hypothetical plan that could better address this problem...

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  Jun 17, 2010 06:54 AM  


You can find the answer here. Just open your heart and mind.

Pro-Life Philippines: Sex education not for primary, secondary schools
By Marita F. Wasan, Executive Director, Pro-Life Philippines Foundation Inc. (

MANILA, Philippines - Pro-life Philippines Foundation, Inc. is deeply saddened and extremely concerned of the decision of the Department of Education (DepEd) to integrate in our primary and secondary educational system a course on sex education.

From what we read, a novel academic campaign featuring videos and sessions encouraging the use of contraceptives and showing situations involving decision-making over committing sexual intercourse is being pilot tested in less than 30 public schools nationwide among students as young as 11.

In fairness to DepEd, we acknowledge their effort to implement a measure to stop the spread of STIs and STDs and to lower down teen pregnancy rates in the country. We also appreciate the fact that in the said campaign, abstinence and delaying sexual intercourse are well-stressed. But then again, the rest of their efforts need careful scrutiny and adamant criticism.

Sex education doesn’t belong in schools to begin with. It makes sex and sexuality, which are by their very nature private and intimate, public and open. All education is an activity which is essentially public, but because matters of sex are private and intimate (and pertain fundamentally to the family), the teaching of sex cannot be accomplished in the classroom without violating that privacy and intimacy.

Add up to that, implementing sex education could actually send the wrong signals to our children. A clear example would be the instruction on contraceptives. If we teach children to use condoms, we tell them in effect that it is all right to have sex thus they gain a false assurance in a situation where they themselves should not be trying out at an early age.

We should therefore not be surprised that many children become promiscuous and thereby conceive children while they are still children themselves, or that they contract STDs. In the first place, should they be acquainting themselves with contraceptives at their young age?

We also don’t see the requirement for sex education to be singled out. We affirm that doing so would be redundant. Aspects of education on sexuality are incorporated into various types of programs, sometimes called family life skills or family life education in many developing countries. See, if sex education is about the anatomy of the reproductive system, sophomores take up Biology and elementary students get a basic glimpse in their Science and Health subjects. If sex education is about personal hygiene, don’t we learn that from our Good Manners and Right Conduct subject? And if sex education is about chastity and delayed gratification, aren’t those handled already by Values Education teachers?

Another obstacle with pushing through with the program is its facilitators. Basing from complaints we receive from our members, teachers do not get trained, so they ignore the curriculum or do not know how to deal with it. Apparently, there is much discomfort among teachers in talking about subjects that were taboo when they grew up. So how can we make this program successful when the ones who will execute them are unprepared and unmotivated?

As for the recipients of this program, we believe there is a need to contest the readiness and the maturity of grade-school and high school students on the sensitive topics involving their sexuality. We suppose they are too young to be exposed in ideas and scenarios they are not even meant to experience yet. If ever necessary, college students should be the ones getting this kind of attention. Yes, knowledge is power but if they are given to the wrong hands, it could be detrimental.

We firmly deem that younger teenagers should best receive instructions from their parents or from a mature guardian. Parents have both the primary right and duty to teach their children the morality of human sexuality. Although schools have the right and duty to assist parents in this undertaking, sexual morality must not be imparted in a group setting while this moral education must conform to the tradition and teaching of religion and culture.

Springing from these arguments is our belief that DepEd should reconsider redirecting their vision. We suggest that they become more consistent with their vision and that is to “assist the Filipino child to discover his/her full potential in a child-centered and value-driven teaching-learning environment.”

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  Jun 17, 2010 08:02 AM  

@ nonoy

tnx for the wonderful read...... two thumbs up for you....

@ manny

kung dae ka pa nakatana ki durian, cgurado ako dae mo man maaaraman kung ano talaga ang durian asin dae mo ini hahanap-hanapon..... alagad kung makatana ka na nin durian, cgurado ako na hahalaton mo ang aldaw na makatana ka giraray kaining durian... (durian - it is a fruit that smells like HELL but taste like HEAVEN)

ang mga aki dae pa nasa panahon para mabuksan ang saindang isipan manungod sa sex.... curiousity will lead them to a higher risk because they don't know prudence and responsibility....


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  Jun 17, 2010 03:24 PM  
You don't have to teach the kids anything about sex... because it can be learned by default. Let them discover it by themselves... teaching them can directed them to curiosity... and you know that curiosity might kills the cat!


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  Jun 17, 2010 08:14 PM  
Yes, kids can learn sex by default. But they can also learn by the world around us (unintentionally and without our knowing), through friends, their own family, and by way they perceive the things - that's the problem. If in the ratio of influences from 3 sexually motivated kid out of 1 innocent child, would that exceptional kid not be influenced? How could you guide them without telling them? Curiosity might not kill the cat if we know how to deal with their urges and emotion - if somebody can explain it to them.

The reason why there's so many cases of premarital and underage pregnancies is that people tend to do anything without thinking because they lack education and awareness. They just follow the trends.

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  Jun 17, 2010 08:42 PM  
Remus "rems"
Controversial pero masiram at maugmang pagusapan ang issue na  may sahog na sex.  Kung matuloy maipatupad ang Sex Education sa elementary at high school at ang iba pang mga programang isinusulong ng ating mga magigiting na tao sa goberno, at tuluyang nang kalimutan ang mga mahahalagang problema sa DepEd, marami ako nakikitang mga scenario namagaganap sa malapit na future. Let me share with you isang maikling eksena na sigurado akong magaganap at masasaksihan natin.

Sa isang publik school na malayo sa centro kan ceudad, may isang guro tawaging na lang natin sa pangalan Ms mannymonay na may 50 grade III students sa isang maliit na school room. Isa sa kanyang mga pupils ay ang makulit na si Thoribio. Isang umaga dumating si tetser mannymonay na may dalang laptop na balotnabalot ng plastics parang hindi mabasa sa ulan.
Ms mannymonay: Class, ang lesson natin ngayon ay ang pinagsamang aritmetik at sex, gagamitin natin itong bagong komputer galing China pojekto ng ating magiting na si Senador Angara. Ulitin nga nyo ang pangalang senador Angara..
Pupils: Seenadoor Ang gaaarrraaa.
Ms mannymonay: Bery Guud, bilisan lang natin baka malobat, at baka umulan matuluan at mabasa si kompioter. Ang nakikita nyo sa screen ay Thoron na ari ng lalaki at ang monay na ari ng babae. Sa Addition, ang dalawang ito pag pinagsama.... nakikita niyo sa screen...ayan...ayan na....ang sum ay madadagdagan ng baby na maaring moninay kung babae or  thoritito kung lalake, na sa paglaki nila sa grade III ay katulad niyo. Sa Division naman, ay binibiyak ang monay ng mapurol na Thoron.....kita nyo....inuliulit nila hangan mabiyak...  Ikaw diyan Thoribio bakit hindi ka lumapit at parang malayo ang isip mo?
Thoribio: Nagugutom po ako, hindi po ako nag almusal, walang makain sa bahay, naihian at basa po ang short ko, ang haba kasi ng pila sa banyo, sira ang CR at walang tubig.
Ms mannymonay: Makulit ka talagang bata ka, ano pakialam ko kung gutom ka at wala kayong makain. Pinangaralan na namin ang mga magulang ninyo na gumamit ng kondom at kontrceptives parang mawala kayong mga makuklit na kotong lupa. Halika dito lapit ka... ( sabay hinila ni manny si thor)... masama ang amoy mo, dumumi ka ano, di ka naghugas?
Thoribio: Maam wala nga pong tubig sa banyo......(sabay natabig niya ang kompioter na nakapatong sa sirang lamesa, bagsak sa basang lupang sahig. Ayaw ng umandar si kompioter)
Ms mannymonay: (galit na galit) Ikaw talaga kung hindi ako maka pagpigil sa iyo, sinira mo na. kabago bago, hindi ko nga napapanood ang Vidyo na ni Katrina at ni doktora belo...

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata..... ang mga pangalan na ginamit sa eksenang ito ay kathang isip ko lamang at ang pagkakawig sa tunay na buhay ay sadyang hindi sinasadya.. ika nga ...batobato sa langit ang tamaan ay magkakabukol sa anit.  Ako ay trying hard lang po, pasenseya na lang po sa mga mali ko sa gramar, speling, aritmetik at sex.

Dios mabalos kaninyo ngamin...!!

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  Jun 17, 2010 09:16 PM  
Noy "REMS", sa bagay na yan, siguro dapat manghiram muna tayo ng "sex education" modules sa DepEd para malaman natin kung ano talaga ang nilalaman ng mga modules na ito. Mahirap kaseng magsalita, baka nagiging bias tayo. Hindi naman natin malalaman kung makakabuti o hindi ang isang panukala hangga't hindi pa naman nasusubukan - kaya nga "pilot testing" pa lang at marami pang pagbabago ang magaganap sa testing na'yan. Ako man, opinyon ko lang naman ang sinasabi ko at ang basehan ko ay ang mga nangyayari sa tunay na buhay. Suggestion ko din, pwede din tayong magpadala ng representative na mag-oobserba sa pagtuturo ng "sex education" na sya naman magrereport sa mga ahensya para mapag-aralan kung ano ang makakabuti at kung ano ang dapat tanggalin sa module.

Kung makaka-encounter kayo sa Internet na patungkol kahit sa anong module on "sex education", paki post na lang dito para mahimay at mapagnilay-nilayan.

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  Jun 17, 2010 09:47 PM  
Magbibigay po ako ng isang halimbawa kung gaano kabigat ang impluwensya sa kabataan na kapag napabayaan natin ay posibleng ikasira ng buhay. Sigurado kung malalagay kayo sa similar situation ay mahihirapan din kayo....

Meron akong alagang modelo/ talent dati na 15 years old. Napakatalino sana at napakaganda, in fact nasa pilot section sya nung mga nakaraang taon at isa sa mga honorable mention. Kaya lang nahuhumaling sa fraternity gang na TBS. Kahit na anong pakiusap ko sa kanya na iwasan ang ganung klaseng barkada ay wala akong nagawa. Hanggang sa tuluyan siyang bumagsak sa klase at repeater ngayon ng 3rd year High School. Napag-alaman ko din na tatlo sa kanyang mga kabarkada sa klase, kabilang na ang kanyang boyfriend ay bagsak din. Nanghinayang ako hindi dahil sa naipuhunan ko sa kanya kundi dahil sa impluwensya ng mundo ay nasira ang mga binuo naming pangarap para sa kanya. Kung meron lamang nakapagsabi sa kanya ng maaga kung ano ang tama at mali sa murang edad, pero huli na nang mapansin ko ang bagay na ito kaya hindi na umubra ang aking paliwanag. Dapat talaga ang mga magulang ang unang makapuna, at sesgundahan naman ng paaralan. Ngayon kung hindi kaya ng magulang, sino pa ang dapat asahang magturo nito kundi paaralan, at guro bilang pangalawang magulang. Mahirap matutunan sa barkada ang values ng right or wrong, dahil kalimitan mga kabataan ngayon ay sunod sa uso at sa layaw. Nakakita ka na ba ng bata ngayon na hindi marunong mag text o mag chat?

Simpleng bagay lang yan na pwedeng mangyari sa isang bata - papano pa kaya sa usaping sex kapag hindi mo kayang i-justify sa bata kung ano ang tama at mali? Eh kung sabihin sa'yo ng isang bata na - "uso po kase yan eh. Marami namang gumagawa nyan bakit ako hindi pwede?"

Pasensya na po MR. MICKEY kung hindi ako pabor sa sinabi mong kids can learn sex by default, or kids can learn that naturally - para na rin kase nating sinabing "pabayaan na lang natin ang ating mga anak na matuto base sa kanilang karanasan", masyadong delikado yan pagdating sa usaping "sex". Hindi natin pwede na lang pabayaan na matutunan ng mga kabataan ang mga bagay nang wala tayong kontrol sa gusto nilang malaman at maranasan. Maaari din kasing matuto ang bata based on their observation and perception. That's why in toddlers there is motor development. In kids and young adults, merong "adolescence" stage na dapat nating bantayan.

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  Jun 18, 2010 03:15 AM  
I'm not actually saying kids should learn it by themselves. What I was trying to say, all of us learned sex by our own way. When the right time comes, any person will know it, can learn and explore it by themselves.

The best thing for our Educators to do... is to teach the students the importance of the family values, the culture or whatever. Teaching sex to the kids would only put them in a curiosity mode.

And you know that curiosity can lead them in to exploration, and that exploration can produce ejeculation. And obviously ejuculation is hazardous to women, specially if done in a curiosity manner.


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  Jun 18, 2010 03:53 AM  
If that's the case, MR. MICKEY, nagkakatugma din pala ang ating mga pananaw kahit papaano, pagdating sa responsibility ng mga nakakatanda para i-guide ang mga bata sa tama. Hindi ko na kokontrahin ang mga sinabi mo nitong huli, dahil tama naman - teach kids the right values, at ang pamilya dapat ang unang magtuturo nyan sa mga kabataan.

.... I just want to make it clear na hindi naman "sex" perse, proseso nito at actual demonstration ang tinutukoy ko na dapat ituro, kundi ang possible dangers nito at kung ano ang gagawin ng isang menor de edad kapag sya ay nasa sitwasyon na hindi natin inaasahan, kung paano siya iiwas sa tiyak na kapahamakan. How do we deal with the emotional and psychological factors, biktima man o suspect sa isang sexual issue. Ang sinasabi ko dito, kung patuloy nating isu-supress ang emotional urges ng mga kabataan, baka lalo lang silang magrebelde at gawin ang bawal dahil yun ang nakikita nilang tama bilang pagganti sa ating mga magulang. Why not give these kids freedom to choose, then kapag mali sila, ipaliwanag natin kung bakit mali at huwag parusahan.

...Sa akin lang naman, saka na natin batikusin ang "sex education" kapag napurbahan natinng actual sex demo and processes nga ang itinuturo ng DepEd. Hindi naman siguro mag-iisip ng kapahamakan para sa kabataan ang ating ahensya ng gobyerno, hence tinawag pa silang Department of Education bilang simbolo ng karunungan?

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  Jun 18, 2010 04:24 AM  
So since mag katugma tayo ng pananaw kaya nasabi mo na tama ang opinion ko this time. Ang ibig sabihin ba n'yan, all other opinions basta taliwas sa pananaw mo, eh obviously mali s'ya. Ganun ba yun, Sir?

Ang alam ko kasi, walang mali o tamang opinion -- just majority rules! But do you agree that sometimes, the opinions of the majority is not necessarily right?

Anyway, it's good that we agree to agree this time around. In fairness, I like the way you laid your opinions. Straight from the heart!


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  Jun 18, 2010 05:01 AM  
MR. MICKEY, ang mga pansirili nating opinyon ay tama base sa ating kinagisnan at kasalukuyang kalagayan sa buhay. Wala namang makapagsasabi kung alin ang tama at mali kung hindi ito mismo ay nakakaapekto na sa atin. Siguro, masasabi kong mali para sa akin kung yan mismo ang nagdudulot sa akin ng kahirapan. Maraming bagay ang pwedeng panggalingan - problema sa pamilya, sa barkada, kapag humingi sa'yo ng tulong ang isa mong kaibigan, dala-dala mo na din ang kanyang emosyon at pangangailangan.

You are correct, probably - majority is not always right - para sa individual na pananaw. Pero pinag-aaralan yang mabuti bago ipasa ng majority, kaya nga may botohan at debate. Para ding sa korte yan eh, Judges ruling is always right and final. Ngayon, pwedeng i-petition to reopen the issue kapag may umapela or nakakuha ng bagong ebidensya. Ganundin sa isang Beauty Pageant, judges decision is final at hindi pwedeng bawiin ang korona unless may ginawang kapalpakan ang nanalo.

Sinasabi kong we have one thing in common pag dating sa usaping ito dahil isa lang naman ang ating layunin bagama't magkaiba tayo ng pamamaraan. One goal, that is to educate the children to become wise and responsible future leaders so they can make some changes in their own time. Pero tulad na din ng sinabi ko, ang ating mga pananaw ay hindi pa masasabing tama hangga't hindi pa naman nasusubukan. I believe this thread we are in were coined from Sir NONOY's "CONTROVERSIAL DISCUSSION" and the goal is to clarify the issue and not to further aggravate some more negative/ personal emotion. At least I can see now a clearer dimension in this thread, at yun naman ang gusto ko talagang makita, ang ipaliwanag ng simbahan kung bakit sila against sa DepEd's "Sex Education" modules. At least dito, nahihimay natin mabuti hindi tulad dun sa naunang thread na lahat nauuwi lang sa tanong na wala namang malinaw na sagot. "Morality Issue", eh - That's another story. Dyan naman siguro magkaiba ang ating pananaw hinggil sa morality versus sex education and population/ birth control. Again, I'm basing my opinion on the practical experiences of my friends na hindi na halos kayang buhayin ang sandosenang anak. Kaya nga ako ayaw ko pang magpamilya at sumabak sa giyera, hehehe

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  Jun 18, 2010 05:37 AM  
☆Janet "Jing-jing"

i-post ko lang tabi ining link kan nabasa ko .... paliwanag kan DepEd...

Thanks to GB!!!

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  Jun 19, 2010 07:58 AM  

Repost ko lang ang response ko sa controversial discussion thread.

Hindi ako 100% tiwala sa government. Ganun naman talaga sagot ng DepEd para maisulong ang Sex Ed. Pag nandyan na, kawawang mga bata. You tell a kid about sex at that age they are going to want to do it and they don't understand that no means no, nor do the girls even understand that they should say no a lot of the time at that age, they are to innocent to even really understand what they are doing, but they will do it all the same.

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