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Ano ang solusyon sa mabilis na paglaki ng populasyon ng Pilipinas?

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Government and Politics » Ano ang solusyon sa mabilis na paglaki ng populasyon ng Pilipinas? »

  Jan 29, 2011 11:46 PM  
Ngayong naghihingalo na ang RH bill sa kongreso. May solusyon pa ba an mabilis na paglubo ng populasyon ng Pilipinas? Ayon sa estimate aabot daw sa 171 Million ang pilipino sa taong 2050. May solusyon pa ba dito? Ano ang dapat gawin ng Gobyerno para masolusyunan ito?

As Albert Einstein said. “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”

Sino dapat ang mag isip, ano ang dapat gawin?sino ang

2010 population of The Philippines - 99,900,177
(- U.S. Census Bureau)

Projected population of The Philippines by 2020 - 119,328,726
(- U.S. Census Bureau)

Projected population of The Philippines by 2050 - 171,964,187
(- U.S. Census Bureau)

galing sa:

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  Jan 30, 2011 04:25 AM  

Maldito (tutuo?), walang solusyon ang mabilis na paglaki ng populasyon ng Pinas dahil hindi tinitingnan na ang kalagayan na iyan ay isang porblema.

Sa aking abang paningin, ito ang kalagayan kung bakit sa paningin ng karamihan ay hindi nga problema. Gamitin natin ang ginawa mong paghambing sa populasyon ng Pinas sa isang lobong mayroon ng hangin sa loob.

Ilinagay ang lobo sa isang lugar na puedeng hihipan ng bawat isang tao na nakapila sa llkod. Bawat isa ay iihip ayon sa kanyang kaalaman kung ano ang magiging ugnay ng ihip niya sa lobo. Siyempre iba iba ang tao. Mayroong iihip na mahina lang dahil 'yun lang ang kaya niya. Mayroon iihip at inisip niya na marami pang iihip na nasa likod niya. Mayroon naman iihip na kahit halos ubos na ang hininga niya, tira pa rin, dahil sabi "Bahala na'. Mayroon nga na kahit na mayroon TB (hindi HD), tira pa rin kahit uuboubo na, atb.....atb....... dagdagan mo na lang, Maldito, ng iba't ibang uri ng tao na alam mo. Problema ba iyan??? Kayang kaya ng lobo 'yan. Hanggang hindi puputok ang lobo, hindi problema. Aba, sino ba ang hindi handa sa APOCALYSE?

That is a good quotation you got. The Pinoys need a paradigm shift (a shift to the next rung), but what is that paradigm in the first place? It takes a lot force to attain escape velocity, you know.

Good thinking, my friend! You're young and yet thinking years ahead, for you and those after you ______ your POSTERITY. Good work!


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  Jan 30, 2011 05:23 AM  
Before we can solve the problem of overpopulation, we should first realize that nearly all global problems are made worse by overpopulation.
  • We have wars fighting over scarce resources and territory.
  • We destroy the habitat of every other species, pushing them to extinction. In India alone the population
    increases by 20 million every year. These people have to live and farm somewhere. The increase won’t stop
    until all the wildlands are gone. Which do we really need more of on earth? humans or the other species?
  • Dealing with the pollution of our industries and fecal waste is compounded by overpopulation.
  • Plagues thrive in overcrowded conditions.
  • We are rapidly depleting our non-renewable energy reserves. Every person in the developed world consumes
    40 times as much as in the developing world. As the huge populations of the
    developing world demand the fruits of development the energy and resource needs will soar.

Yet we refuse to take any sort of action to limit our populations even though our species has hit the planet like a
plague of tent caterpillars. We consider ourselves a rational species, but we foolishly overbreed in a race to turn
our paradise of earth to a hell. We have no more sense than tent caterpillars, We are as much a slave to our gonads
as any insect.

Sustainable Population

How big a population can the earth sustain? If everyone consumed like Americans, we would need three entire planets
to support them. Experts believe that if we reduced consumption, we might be able to sustain 0.5 to 3 billion people.

The Habit of Overpopulating

Most animals don’t need to concern themselves with overpopulation. Predators take care of the problem. For
predators, starvation handles it. On average only two offspring survive to adulthood, even when an animal has
millions of young. Yet we humans have developed technology to strip the land bare and pile layer upon layer of
humanity, protected by vaccines. No matter how densely we pack ourselves in, we still strive for ever higher
populations out of an ancient biological imperative. It shows up in our outdated religious beliefs. They still push
for maximal fecundity even though such fecundity is no longer appropriate. People also have children for status
reasons. They also have children to provide for them in their old age. Social institutions refuse to adjust to the
new reality of overpopulation.

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  Jan 30, 2011 07:14 AM  


Bakit hindi mo po sinama sa copy/paste ang nasa baba na action points: (ako ang nag highlight)



We must change the archaic attitudes towards breeding. It must become socially unacceptable. This is quite a revolution in our thinking. The urge to breed is so strong it will prevail against almost any social pressure. There is no worry about going too far. If we do, we can adjust.

For example here are some approaches that have been tried, not all of which are very palatable:

  • We need massive research on birth control that is cheap to administer that works by default. Both parties should need to do something active, (other than have sex), to allow a pregnancy, e.g. take a pill.
  • We must provide programs to ensure people are cared for in old age whether or not they have children.
  • We must get rid of all government subsidies that encourage people to have children.
  • We should provide large cash incentives for vasectomies and tubal ligations.
  • We need new technology to attempt to support the huge populations with sustainable clean energy and sustainable agriculture.
  • We must start making rude jokes about people who have children. We must call them breeders or other nastier epithets.
  • We must discourage religions that encourage overpopulation by taking away their tax breaks.
  • We must encourage people to have homosexual relationships wherever possible.
  • We should encourage people to keep small pets instead of children.
  • We should continue the Bush approach to AIDS, namely actively encouraging it. We should create some new plagues as well, ones better aimed at those who have large numbers of children.
  • We should foment wars to help kill off the young men.
  • We should not intervene when crazed dictators such as Hitler, Idi Amin and Pol Pot decimate their populations.
  • We should relax the taboos against inter-species sex.

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  Jan 30, 2011 02:33 PM  
Ha ha ha! I think Sir Bio is desperate to connect population to poverty.

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  Jan 30, 2011 04:34 PM  
sir Mr. Virgilio "Bio"

1. Kong hindi tinitingnang problema ng Pinas ang Populasyon ano ho talaga ang tingin natin dito?

2. Anong programa ng gobyerno sa pagkontrol ng populasyon ang sa tingin ninyo ay Pinaka epektib? Na sana ay sinusupurtahan? pinapatupad o itinturo?

3. Naniniwala ka pa ba sa gobyerno ng Pilipinas? May pag-asa pa ba ang Pilipinas sa darating na 20 years?

4. Ano ang masasabi nyo sa mga lider, mga mambabatas, mga lider simbahan ng Pilipinas?

5. Kong nasulosyonan ng Singapore at Tsina ang populasyon nila, baka mayroon ding solusyon ang problima ng Pilipinas? Ano sa palagay nyo ang dapat gawin ng Gobyernong alternatibo?

6. Ano ang masasabi ninyo sa mga relehiyong patuloy na kumukuntra sa mga pinapatupad na measure ng gobyerno bilang solusyon sa ganitong problema?

7. Sa mga mamababatas na patuloy na kumukontra sa pagpapatupad ng solusyon sa pagdami ng populasyon, ano ho ang masasabi ninyo?

8. Ang Populasyon ho ba talaga ang sa tingin ninyo ang nag papalala sa kahirapan ng Pinoy? ano ho ang sa tingin ninyo ang solusyon dito? sa paanong paraan kaya ito pwedeng ipatupad?

9. Anong measure kaya ang pwedeng gawing hakbang na pangmadalian muna para controlin sa madaliang pagdami ng tao sa Pinas na ayon sa panuntunan niyo ay tatanggapin ng mga Pinoy?

10. Ano ang masasabi nyo sa mga batas ng Pilipinas na ukol sa Populasyon? Ano naman ang sa palagay nyong tingin ng mga taga ibang bansa dito bilang mga Observer?

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  Jan 30, 2011 09:04 PM  


How can you solve a myth?

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  Jan 31, 2011 08:49 AM  

Problema ba ang umutang sa 5/6?

Bakit maraming tao ang lalong naghihirap pag umutang sa 5/6?

Ang paglaki ng populasyon sa Pinas ay utang na 5/6: Papaano?????


In the last few centuries, the number of people living on Earth has increased many times over. By the year 2000, there will be 10 times more people on Earth than there were 300 years ago.

How can population grow so fast? Think of a family tree. At the top are 2 parents, and beneath them the children they had. Listed beneath those children are the children they had, and so on and so on, down through each generation. As long as the family members continue to reproduce, the family tree continues to increase in size, getting larger with each passing generation. This same basic idea applies to the world's population.

Exponential growth

Population grows in the same way that money grows when it's left to compound interest in a bank. With money, growth comes through accumulating interest upon interest. The interest payments you accumulate eventually earn interest, increasing your money. With population growth, new members of the population eventually produce other new members of the population. The population increases exponentially as time passes.

Year Population
1700 600,000,000
1800 900,000,000
1900 1,500,000,000
2000 6,000,000,000

A crucial difference between money and population is that money can increase without limits while population can't. Any population of living creatures is constrained by the availability of food, water, land, or other important resources. Once those resources are depleted, a population won't continue to grow exponentially. It will plateau, or even decline, as a result of disease or malnutrition. Unlike calculating interest, calculating population growth is an imprecise business.

How fast will it grow?

To arrive at a reasonable estimate of how the world's population will grow in the next 50 years, you need to look at birth and death rates (the rates at which people are being born and dying in any given period). If birth and death rates stayed the same across the years in all parts of the world, population growth could be figured with a fairly simple formula much like the one used to figure compound interest. Birth and death rates aren't constant across countries and through time, however. Disease or disaster can cause death rates to increase for a certain period. A booming economy might mean higher birth rates for a given year.

The rate of Earth's population growth is slowing down. Throughout the 1960s, the world's population was growing at a rate of about 2% per year. By 1990, that rate was down to 1.5%, and by the year 2015, it's expected to drop to 1%. Family planning initiatives, an aging population, and the effects of diseases such as AIDS are some of the factors behind this rate decrease.

Even at these very low rates of population growth, the numbers are staggering. By 2015, despite a low expected 1% growth rate, experts estimate there will be 7 billion people on the planet. By 2050, there may be as many as 10 billion people living on Earth. Can the planet support this population? When will we reach the limit of our resources?

Why are data such as population figures sometimes difficult to interpret? Find out how charts and graphs can help clarify information in "Getting the Picture: Communicating Data Visually."


Exponential growth is how the rich gets richer with their money.

Exponential growth is how a poor country with a high population growth rate like the Philippines grows poorer as TIME goes on.

Exponential growth always outgrows linear growth over TIME.

Maldito, iyan ang unang ipaliwanag mo sa karamihan ng mga kilala mo na pangunahing sanhi ng kahirapan sa atin. Ang kahirapan ay parang cancer, mahirap ng gamutin pag kumalat na dahil palaging ipinagpapaliban ang gamutin. Ang mahal pa naman ng gamot, hindi kaya ng mahihirap.

Mayroon pa ba tayong mauutangan ng 5/6? Bahala na. Marami naman mga anak na tutulong sa pagbayad. At may awa ang nagpapautang.

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  Jan 31, 2011 05:09 PM  
sir Mr. Virgili "Bio"

Maraming salamat sa mga paliwanag at ako ay natututo habang nagtatanong, Nauunawaan ko ho ang inyong sinasabi.

1. Kong may exponential at linear growth mayroon din ho ba o realistic din bang magkaroon ng equalizer o balancer ang uri ng pamumuhay? pulitika, ekonomiya at pananalapi?

2. Naniniwala ba kayo sa pagkakapantay-pantay at equal distribution of weath?

3. Naniniwala ba kayo sa isinusulong ng mga leftest/communist na kailangan pantay-pantay ang lahat?

4. Paano ipapatupad ang pagkakapantay-pantay? Sa inyong pananaw paano ito ipapatupad? may naisip na ba kayong maaring magpatupad nito? Anong klasing gobyerno ang may kakayahan nitong magpatupad?

5. Maawain ba talaga ang mga nagpapautang? sa panong paraan? O nananamantala lang ang mga ito? Kong sila ang may kakayahang magpautang kaya ba nilang kontrolin ang takbo ng pulitika, pananalapi, ekonomiya at isipan ng ating mga mambabatas bilang kabayaran o extension service ng kanilang AWA?

6. Bakit pumapasok ang Pilipinas sa utang na 5/6? sa paanong paraan naman ito binabayaran? may colateral ba? sino, ano at magkano? ano ang pambayad?

7. Pag nagungutang ba ay mahirap na? ang mga bansang kasali sa G8 ay kilalang naglalakihan din ang utang? mahirap din ba sila? 5/6 din bang maituturing ang utang nila? bakit kailangan pa nilang umutang kong mayayaman na sila?

8. What is the probability na hindi na mabayaran ng pilipinas ang utang nito? ano ang kanyang ipambabayad?saan sya kukuha ng ipambabayad? Ano ang Intergral equation na masasabi ninyong KWETS na ang pilipinas sa mga utang nito dahil sobra-subra naman ang binabayad nitong interes?

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