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Cacao Farming... the chocolatey way

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Agriculture » Cacao Farming... the chocolatey way »

  Mar 26, 2011 09:37 PM  
Raymundo "nagacocoa"
Hello, I'm interested to share my experience and expertise here thru online discussion with cacao farmers or the common chocolate-lovers interested in cacao farming on how to produce the quality cacao dry beans which is the raw material used to make all that is chocolate: the chocolate bars, the beverage drinks, the delicious cakes. And not the least as raw materials which is also used in pharmaceutical products. I've noticed that our tropical weather and volcanic soil in Bicol is suitable for Cacao farming but unfortunately this important High Valued Commercial Crop (HVCC) which in our neighboring countries of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand considered as Industrial Crop which to a significant level provide profitable income to their farmers have not been given its due importance by our farmers, especially the upland coconut farmers. Cacao inter-cropped with other crops such as Pili and Coconut is projected to give additional income for the farmer estimated at USD1,500 per Ha producing quality-grade Fermented Dry Cacao Beans (FDCB) at about 500 trees per Ha.
Well, I'm hoping we could help each other in sharing the cacao farming experience for improving our cacao production in the future, and who knows, Bicol could be a force to be reckon with in cacao production, at least for Southern Luzon.
Happy Farming


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  Jan 25, 2012 10:44 PM  
morgana12 "moy"
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