-=All About Fuck3d up Love=- ( ang kwento ng mga kabiguan at pag hihinagpis ng mga damdaming inyong naranasan !!! )

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    All About Fuck3d up Love

    All About Fck3d Up Love!!!
    Somebody once told me that finding the right person is very hard and very wrong. It is best to be the right person for the one you love and start from there. You’ll always end up disappointed when you set standards and define a “right woman” for you. And you end up with a liar one. You can never be perofect, the person you love will the same can never be perfect.
    As much that she could cheat you. But both of you can be imperfect through the betreyal, that she gave you.

    and your love can be perfect through you don’t know how she mislead you.

    But, no relationship would stay by nagging a person.

    A relationship is a bond not only between you and your loved one but also with God.Our relationships fail not because (s)he’s not the right person – it’s because she expected too much and she mislead, nagged me. Let God do the work. You may call it “waiting time” but while you are waiting… pray. Let God guide you always. He knows better on what you did…. No, He knows best.Love is not what you think it is. Sometimes we mistakenly feel that our first relationship will be our last. Because we are overwhelmed with joy and romance, we forget to learn the meaning of true love.Some are saying that love is unselfish, blind, unconditional or simply denying one self for the sake of someone very important in our life. Others are saying love is immortal and can never be defined.When we think we’re in love, the first thing we almost wanted the whole world to know is that our love for someone very special can never be taken away from us. We say this phrase: “You are the most wonderful gift from GOD I have ever received!” But after a terrible fight or sometimes even a petty quarrel we then say: “You are the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my entire life!” Now, how do you say and spell the word L-O-V-E? Are you really deeply into it?Nobody can tell what love really is until experience speaks and whispers right into our ears. Most of the time, these love promises like “Forever”, “Till Death do us apart”, etc. would end up “Never”, “We should part ways…”, “I’m no longer happy with you”, “My love for you is DEAD!” Many times after having committed to someone and your trust to one another freezes down to zero degree,we thought: “He/She ain’t the right one. I should probably wait for the right one to come.” But the big question anyone could not answer is “Is he/she the right one?” and “When is the right time?” That makes us stick to whom we are with.Will you always be waiting for the right person to come and the right time or probably cheated,

    that u don’t know about. who she really are,

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