Ano ang pagkaka-iba sa Honest at Loyal

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    What agood piece of mind, Marjorie. Not meant to contradict, doubt or object to your statement, on either or both religious and secular grounds, should’nt it be that the order of loyalty be “God, Country, and Family”?
    It’s such a shame, too, that honesty or dishonesty in today’ssociety, especially in government;has reached its lowest andmost deplorable level. Yet, some people, either or all; play deaf, blind and dumb on the lying and cheating; and praiseor sing hallelujah, instead of condemning the goings-on in front of their faces.
    Nice comment also, “kurakding”.

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    Understand what being loyal means. You must be willing to allow your own interests to take second place to be truly loyal to another person or cause. Loyalty is simply the act of putting someone or something else ahead of one’s self. Be willing to sacrifice. Being loyal in a patriot sense, as in loyal to one’s country, has placed millions in harm’s way in wars throughout history. The people who serve in the modern military are loyal to their nation, its flag, and the purpose they serve for. Being loyal to a friend or your own family can also require sacrifice. Take time to look at the needs of who ever you are loyal to. To take steps of loyalty, you need to recognize that it is a deliberate effort, and to be truly loyal to someone, you have to be willing to invest yourself, your time and energy in them.Ask yourself if what or who you are offering your loyalty to is worthy of the investment. Is the person or organisation who asks for your loyalty worthwhile? Depending on what philosophy or religion you may follow, you might find guidance there.The order of loyalty may be summed up as “God, Family, and County”, putting loyalty to God first, then family, and finally, country.
    There is no right way to do something wrong. The erosion of honesty in our society is shameful. We are often guilty of lying to ourselves. Doing so is like cheating at solitaire. How can we improve if we insist on lying or cheating? If we make a mistake, we have to stop trying to cover it up. We have to stop assigning blame for our own mistakes. The choice is ours: we can admit its our fault and in doing so become better than we were yesterday, or we can deny responsibility and become worse than yesterday. Did you ever notice that people who are brutally honest get more satisfaction from being brutal than from being honest? Dont be like them. When dealing with others, temper your honesty with compassion. If indeed you must be candid, be candid beautifully.That is, if you must speak honestly about your friends, speak honestly about their good points. Use words to uplift, not to tear down. Also, be sure to avoid rumors, for they are acts of betrayal.
    Many of the world’s problems and conflicts arise because we have lost sight of the basic humanity that binds us all together as a human family. We tend to forget that despite the diversity of race, religion, ideology, and so forth, people are equal in their basic wish for peace and happiness. However, this will be achieved neither by merely talking or thinking about it, nor by waiting for someone else to do something about it. We each have to take responsibility as best we can within our own sphere of activity.

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    honest – free of deceit and untruthfulness
    loyal – faithful to a legitimacy
    reference: oxford dictionary
    or did the thread starter expect a positive discussion on this? well then, one can be honest and because of that, the loyalty is exposed. example: I would be honest to tell my boss what his doing is not right and if say that to him, he will consider me disloyal. and this is what is a typical pinoy office setting. I can’t be loyal to a crook administrator.

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    for me, somewhat similar and always go together…para sakuya you can’t be honest w/o being loyal

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    Mga tugang niatong Bikolnon hapot lang po saindo or pagdiskutiran niato ang pagkakaiba ng Honest at Loyal? ( Ex: Loyal sa asawa or honest sa asawa ano pagkakaiba?

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