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    dear kit, for me it is more of a matter of comfort, choice and of course financial considerations. nowadays a 50 sq m condo costs around 2-3 M in cubao. you can buy a 100 sq m lot with existing house for a similar price, but of course it will not be in the middle of the metropolis.

    i prayed for a place similar to where i grew up, of course in the peaceful and ever green Legazpi city, and God is so generous to give us a home in Taytay, Rizal where there are still loads of narra and mahogany trees and wild exotic birds running around even during mid day and cicadas chirping whenever the temperature drops, and fireflies dancing in the moonlight..ah bliss. means that we have rich oxygen supply here. the silence and the peace is priceless.

    even if i have to brave the one hour ride to sm megamall, it is always a joy for me to come home to such a place, which reminds me of my birth place, of course minus the magnificent Mayon Volcano.

    i have tried living in the concrete jungle and i know i will not thrive in it..i felt like taong grasa na sosyal, naka bedcover, natuturog kataning kan edsa.. ;0

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    @ Chebs,
    In a country like the Philippines where the population is increasing rapidly it might be a very good idea to follow along the lines of neighboring large city’s like Singapore or Hong Kong, to name a few. I have lived in hotels and other high rise apartments and I have no qualms about been in danger either when been up high orflying or driving, I guess everything is a bit risky when one stops and thinks about it. Some of those buildings have many attractive attributes both inside and out, with beautifully designed gardenswith water features, plus swimming pools gymnasiums and so on. I would even stay for a long term in such pleasant surroundings. They can also be very profitable to the investor.When itfinally comesdown to a family residence which one intends to live in on a long term basis then I personally would opt for space between me and my neighbors dwelling at ground level far from the hustle bustle of city traffic/noise.

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    Thank you “Charmed”for your responder. Iwas more concerned about safety rather than doubting the integrity of Philippine engineering skills.My whole concern was one of caution fear alone, I had discussions with my wife and I put forward my opinion about Manila been prone to Earthquakes Typhoons,brown-outs and fire was themost fearful factor,so therefore we thought it safer to live as near to the ground as possible to eliminate or minimize the risk. I am aware also that as an investment an apartment in Manilamay in allprobability pay much higher returns thanelsewhere Ihope you do well with your investment and long may you prosper Sir,but I hasten to add thatif I were a Bicolano person working abroadwho wanted to return and live in my native birth-place thenI would prefer to buy some land and have my own house built on it, I feel sure that it would a cheaper option, the value is not that important ifone does notintend sellingthe family home.

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    Hi Kit! I don’t blame you that you are having doubts about safety – of structures in the Philippines -but I guess, these developers of high-rise buildings/condominiums are business men who are putting their money’s worth to good investments, and they won’t take a chance. I am proud that having worked for than 20 years outside the Philippines, I could consider a Filipino architect or engineer at par with any western or any other nationality or maybe even better when it comes to quality. I guess I am diverting from the topic!:) sorry about that! – anyway – all buildings I supposed are subject to quality assurance, that is the reason why there are safety engineers, and quality assurance auditor. I am not a technical person, but I am sure safety is one of the factors in high priority of consideration in building high-rise structures, considering the amount of money they are investing.
    If you are looking for a not so high condominiums in Manila try searching buildings built by Megaworld, they have projects which are really reasonable in price and safely built. I myself bought a unit in one of the projects of this developer and I am very satisfied, mine is in a cluster of towers [ of 9 floors only ] – a resort within Manila. The administrator is Empire East. I could assure you that the units were built were safety is a priority.

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    andon a different perspective….
    I suppose the buildings height is determined by economic status; built and developed to generate SKY HIGH PROFITS.
    It is understandable it is part of a larger and taller urban composition. Never mind how tall it is–is it any good? Tall is good as long as it is in the RIGHT PLACE, appropriate for its position/location. Ensemble is what matters not the individual building. Iba ang na-iimagine ko kung yung high -rise building eh sa Manila itatayo.Sa paningin ko, kahit maganda pa ito kung yung mga katabing building eh luma na din namna eh pangit pa rin tingnan. Para sa akin hindi kasi maganda ang skyline ng Manila (architects please feel free to react) 🙂
    And like you Kit I am not fond of tall buildings either. Let’s take Manhattan for example, from afar, it is ostentatious but when you come closer it is quite disappointing (at least for me). Magkakastiffneck ka sa kakatingala sa high rise buildings sa manhattan. Sabi ko nga sa NY abot mo ang langit pero maganda pa din sa London kasi kita ko ang langit :))

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    I frequently come across advertising on TV and along the columns of newspapers on line by certain building companies, They usually statethat their condominiums are selling very fast and thatthey are well into the next faze of construction witheven more large high-rise residentialapartments on the way. I often wonder about the safety aspects of living in those buildingswhen a fire breaks out and the electronic lifts are not an option if such an event takes place, so I take it that people can exit safely using a fire escape, if the fire exits are inside there is the problems of inhaling smoke and becoming unconscious. There is alsothe nagging question of whether the Fire-Dept can access those upper floors with their expendable ladders. I would prefer to keep lower to the groundif I were in the market to purchase an apartment myself. What do you think?

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