Be a Pioneer Provincial Member of GoldLife! Newly-Launched MLM Company!

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    pwede po ba ang husband?

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    We are looking for Provincial Distributors of GoldLife Inc. – a newly-established MLM Company that promotes wellness, with its high-quality health products!

    This is a ground-floor opportunity for everyone, so [b]ACT FAST![/b] … or you’ll regret you never responded to this ad!

    [b]Here’s How to Become a Provincial Distributor:[/b]

    1) Decide first which two (2) products you are purchasing from GoldLife. Either a combination or 2 same products (Lesofat is not included and it is for Repeat Pruchase only). For product option, visit

    2) Deposit P1,600 at GoldLife’s MetroBank Account (P1,500 is for the Product Pack and P100 is for the LBC Delivery Fee).

    Here is GoldLife’s MetroBank Account Details:

    Account Number: [b]1803180517040[/b]
    Account Name: [b]GoldLife Inc.[/b]
    Branch: [b]Tomas Morato, Quezon City[/b]

    3) After you have deposited the P1,600, photocopy the validated deposit slip and write your details on it.

    [b]Here are the details to put in:[/b]

    2 Products of Your Choice: (Choose 2 products of your choice, except Lesofat)
    Full Name: (complete name)
    Delivery Address: (where to send your Product Pack)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    Birthdate: (mm-dd-yyyy)
    Marital Status: (Single or Married)
    Contact Nos: (cellphone and landline)
    [b]Sponsor’s ID: mar07 (this is what to write down)
    Sponsor’s Name: Ronaldo Mar (this is what to write down)
    Optional Placement ID: brenj17mar (this is what to write down)
    Placement Name: Brenjon Mar (this is what to write down)[/b]
    Email: (your email address)
    Username: (for logging in at GoldLife website – minimum of 6 characters)

    4) Fax your complete details with the validated deposit slip at [b](02) 414-5225[/b].

    5) Wait for your Product Pack to be delivered via [b]LBC withing 3 business days.[/b]

    6) When you have received your Product Pack, get your registration and product receipt that has the activation code and security code. Register at GoldLife Inc.’s website at with your details. Please be careful and double-check what you type in as [b]Sponsor ID/Name and Optional Placement ID/Name.[/b]

    7) Finally, you’re now a Provincial Member of GoldLife! You may now invite others to join too!

    For more inquiries, you may call or text me at [b]09192321361.[/b]

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