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    I have several CD’s of the Sixties which I playfrom time to time,but my preference is more towards the Fifties artists, especially the early Rock Rollers like Buddy Holly The Crickets.Ihave become quite attached lately in particularto themagicalmusic of Buddy Holly. Buddy died young at the age of twenty two when he waskilled in a plane crash in 1959; He hadonly been on the scene for abouttwo years. I was familiar with some of his top-hits that werebeen played on the radiowhen I was youngbut I didn’t reallytake much notice ofwhat was going onmuchuntil Elvis came along andcaught the whole World’s attention with his hairstyle dance-steps.Elvis became famous as we all knowbuthe softened his style and his love songs brought him many devoted female fans Worldwide

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    blues clues

    The late Stevie Ray Vaughan,my favorite blues guitarist.

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    Jeff Beck is one my faves guitarist along with David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. John Mayall is a blues guitarist as well.

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    hey jo

    I like Freddie King, do you know this singer and guitarst ? You must listen to is last record ” Burglar “. Bye bye and sorry i dont speak tagalog

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    Sisay tabe saindo digdi mahilig magdangog/apreciar nin blues?maski anong sangay kan blues,mapa delta,classic.rock-tinged blues,eclecticn jazz-blues, etc.
    paki post na lang tabe kung igwa kamong impormasyon manungod sa nasambit na tema.mapa-local man o International blues scene/artists.Mga mainanongod sa Blues legends like Robert Johnson,Muddy Waters,BB.King.Freddie king,Buddy Guy etc.ASin sa maga makabagong Blues troubador parehas ninda Stevie Ray Vaughn,Eric Clapton,Jeff beck asin kadakul pang iba.Sa local scene man,kung igwa kamong mga bagong information sa local bluesmen ta katulad nina Jun Lopito,Wally Gonzales .Binky Lampano(Lampano Alley)etc.
    Puede man tabi su mga afficionado kan Classic rock at lalong lalo na ang Pinoy Rock.
    Rock on, mga Bikolanos!!!!!

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