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    Gusto ko yung wig na may halong gayuma at may libreng cheap handbags, oakley sunglasses at jordan series shoes. Maganda din siguro yung permanent wigs na hindi na natatanggal, yung free promo wig giveaways pag bumili ka ng golf clubs at viagra twin package. Kaso imbes na viagra parang mas mabisa ata yung pito-pito na lang. Hindi lang pang pamilya, pang sports pa =DDDDDDD

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    Wig a minute, my friend! Fashion wigs are not a bald idea for glitzy and shiny Bikolanas/Bikolanos but remember one thing: ________ BICOL IS TYPHOON-PRONE.

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    Individuals who experienced hair loss due to medical reasons such as cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or alopecia areata patients may also wear lace wigs. Wig are also used in cross-dressing to make men more feminine in appearance.Also, these synthetic wigs can be little to troublesome for hair coloring or styling business, and can give you those doll like or unreal appearances. Where as, a heavy costing wig made from human hair or real hair lets you style your hair as you wish, also they give you a real and natural look for going through your daily routine or business without letting you down. Before you choose or pick a piece of wig for your head you need to be sure of the purpose and the kind of usage you are going to be required from the wig. Such as, whether you wish to wear hair lace wigs occasionally or do you want a wig for daily basis, these and many more questions regarding your preference and priority will help you pick on the right kind of wig for you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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