HOT SEAT for Manay Cel,march 29 to april 4, 2009

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    Manoy Jim:) Hehehe Cge tabi ta punan ko na daw:DWhat is your fall name;=+ MARICEL ANDESNick Name?= CELWhen is your birthday?= NOVEMBER 01 1987Place of birth?= DARAGA ALBAYLikes?FRIENDLY PEOPLE:DDislike?MAARTE TSKA TUPPERWARE NA TAWO:)) hehe..What is your motto?= CGE LANG NG CGE:))What is your favorite food?= ADOBO, TILAPIA NA MAY GATA DAKUL NA PETSAY DAE KO ARAM ANO APOD DUMAN:)) palibhasa dae tatao magluto:))What is your favorite song?= FIGHTER NI ( CHRISTINA AGUILERA )Who is your favorite singer?= KADAKUL LIKE GARY V. SARAH, CELION DIONWho is your favorite actor/ actress?= JUDY ANN, CLAUDINE,SHARON JOHN LLOYD:P JERICHOWhat is love?= LOVE IS SACRIFICE:D HeheheWho is you first love?= SI..SI..SINO NGA BA:)) BASTA SIYA NA ITO…:DWhen and where did you meet?= DUMAN SA SORSOGON SA SARONG FIESTAHAN Hahaha:))Who is your GB crush?= KADAKUL KAN CRUSH KO DIGDI DAE KO NA PANGARANAN:DDescribe him?= Hmm mGa MABOBOOT 😀 hehe..Name your unforgetable place and where?= SA TAYTAY RIZALD Dication; mAmAtZ PO MANOY SA BWENA MANU NA PAMPAINIT:D

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    Hi! nhecel musta? maki hapot man daw ako. 🙂
    1)My favorite body part is:
    a. My butt
    b. Myboobs
    c. My face
    d. My legs
    e. My eyes
    2)If I could, I’d love to get:
    a. A nose job
    b. Butt implants
    c. Breast Augmentation
    d. None
    3) I feel most sexy in:
    a. A dress
    b. Lingerie
    c. Jeans a cute top
    d. Nothing at all
    4)The best way to dump a guy is to:
    a. Never call him back
    b. Send him a text message say “It’s not working out.”
    c. Break it to him in person
    d. Disappear on him.
    5.) I spend way too much on:
    a. Clothes
    b. Bags and Shoes
    c. Skincare pampering
    d. Clothes shoes
    e. None of the above.
    6.) When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up be a:
    a. Model
    b. Actress/Singer
    c. Princess
    d. Career woman
    yan lang goodluck! and enjoy! 🙂

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    Halow,halow Manoy Jim:) Hay grabe ako na plan ang nakasalang digdi sa nagbabagang tukawan:(( Kong dati cge sana sirip ko digdi ngunyan ako na nakasalang:(( Due to public demand pa palan hehehe…Hay dae nahahale ang kulba ko nyahahaha:)) Bweno sa abot po kan sakuyang powers:)) Hehehe sisimbagon ko ang ang saindong kahaputan sa wikang tagalog o bikol Hahaha:)):)):))I enjoy ko na sana ang sadiri ko digdi:D Nagpasiguro na ako ki ulonan pang apin:))Manoy Jim game na tabi Hahaha:)):)) Mtaning sana ako ki tubig na paga inom inomon ko:)) pwede pang buhos pag mainit na ang sakuyang tukawan:))” Bweno…:P

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    hello manay cel, kumusta man tabi kamo ni ron?

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    Bwena manu tabi,
    pampainit, sinubli ko ki manay enna.Pacensya na tabi manay cel ta may kasunod pa an hapot nayan
    What is your
    full name:
    When is your
    Place of
    What is your
    What is your
    favorite food?
    What is your
    favorite song?
    Who is your
    favorite Singer?
    Who is your
    favorite Actor/Actress?
    What is
    Who is your
    first love?
    When and where
    did you meet?
    Who is your GB
    Name your
    unforgetable place and where?

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    Manay Cel,Due to GB public demand hehehe,Ika po an napili para igisa sa nagbabagang tukawan.An tip ko lang sa imo ne,maglagay ka na ng unan sa silya mo ta malaniton baga hahahaha[1.] Every
    week there will be a member of hotseat.[2.] The hotseat of the week is
    forbidden to ask questions.[3.] The hotseat of the week shall have the
    right to choose whether he/ she’s going to answer the question or
    not.[4.]Members are allowed to ask questions as many as possible,
    but pleaseavoid flooding or double posting, wait for another one, 2 or
    morequestions in one post is recommended.[5.] Members can
    askquestions anything under the sun except pesonal info like tel/
    mobilenumber, home address, and for adult questions. (Use pm
    instead)[6.] Next Hotseat of the week (HOTW) will be selected by the
    outgoing HOTW.[7.]All members are encourage not to post another set
    of questions whilethe person in the hotseat has not yet answered his/her
    previousquestions. If your questions are not yet answered for a day you can
    usethe quote botton and quote the questions that are not yet answered
    (butif its obvious that the hotseat host doesn’t want to answer
    yourquestion for personsl reasons, you may post another set but
    differentkind of questions.[8.] All members are encouraged to read
    firstthe whole thread (questions and answers of other members) to
    avoidrepetition of questions.TENG TENG TENG………….Manay Cel….Game ka na ba?…………………GAME NA YAN!!!!!

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