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    reccs, pls. lock this, thank you.

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    Bubbly here’s the rules para pagtukaw sa mainit na tukawan:
    Below are the HOTSEAT rules:[1.] Every week there will be a member of hotseat.[2.] The hotseat of the week is forbidden to ask questions.[3.] The hotseat of the week shall have the right to choose whether he/ she’s going to answer the question or not.[4.]Members are allowed to ask questions as many as possible, but pleaseavoid flooding or double posting, wait for another one, 2 or morequestions in one post is recommended.[5.] Members can askquestions anything under the sun except pesonal info like tel/ mobilenumber, home address, and for adult questions. (Use pm instead)[6.] Next Hotseat of the week (HOTW) will be selected by the outgoing HOTW.[7.]All members are encourage not to post another set of questions whilethe person in the hotseat has not yet answered his/her previousquestions. If your questions are not yet answered for a day you can usethe quote botton and quote the questions that are not yet answered (butif its obvious that the hotseat host doesn’t want to answer yourquestion for personsl reasons, you may post another set but differentkind of questions.[8.] All members are encouraged to read firstthe whole thread (questions and answers of other members) to avoidrepetition of questions.

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    Hija it’s your turn to make your buns a li’l bit warm as it gets hotter by the day. We want to know more about you.
    Here’s some question to start with:
    1. What is your full name?
    2. Are you married?
    3. Have flirted with somebody?
    4. What are your rituals before going to bed?
    5. Do you believe in Jesus Christ that he really existed two thousand years ago?
    6. How happy are you right now?
    7. Do you prefer being single or married?
    That’s all for now and God Bless you always in your journey.

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