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    Carol Super User
    Thanks po sa mga simbag manoy ….nakaka enjoy basahin hihi…Happy New Year!

    “They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

    Thanks Carol. I try to be honest. Happy New Year din saimo and to your ehem. Pis kita.

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    correction lang po Manoy Rod dahil nagkasarala asin nagkabaraliktad na si bugtak ko kan HAPPY NEW YEAR SAIMO ASIN SA BILOG MONG PAMILYA

    thanks to GB!!!

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    Manoy Rod, thank you…ako po palan si MAHINHIN?bilang saro naman na magurang, nakakakua po ako nin adal sa mga simbag mo sa hapot saimo about your children…
    Manoy Rod(makikikua lang pong ideya), we know that Psychology and Literature are both concerned with human motivations and behavior pero para po saimo, what is the relationship between the two in dealing people?pasensiya na po Manoy Rod ta hinugakan na baga si Jing-jing na magresearchDIOS MABALOS po…
    Thanks to GB!!!

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    Thanks po sa mga simbag manoy 🙂 ….nakaka enjoy basahin hihi…Happy New Year!

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    Hi Manany Chozene. Thanks for the questions. I’ll try to answer them as honestly as I can.


    HI Rod, (cute si chozene hehehe or acute) salamat for the honorable mention. I enjoyed reading your book of life….quite interesting…..clever smart….///thanks.
    In our lifetime measurement is very important (words numbers has a major rule in building the world) How much does a woman or a man need in order to build a happy marriage or healthy marriage?///Hmmm….let’s see
    Woman: (how much)
    Love-dakol. my wife lets me know if I forget. I don’t get a pass from her.
    kindness-all the time or all hell breaks lose.
    patience-I did not stay married if I didn’t have patience. There were lots of frustrating times when we first started.
    understanding-She calls me UNDERstanding with emphasis on UNDER(as in DE SAYA). Lolz
    wisdom from above-I have to get wisdom from above or I would have been insane by now.
    wisdom from the earth-I stop and smell the roses whenever I can.
    Sex-If she ran out of alibis perhaps I get lucky.LOLZ
    Money-I don’t even know what money looks like since I got married. Paminsan minsan ako’y nangungupit. He-he-he.
    Time-She spends her free time cleaning the house or exercising her right arm at the casino slots. Ako naman ay sa GB kaya it all evens out.
    Children-we are in consensus as far as our childrens welfare and future are concerned.
    Men (how much)///Aber daw
    Love-is just a four letter word. Minsan naghahanap ako at ang sagot ni Misis ay: “Ano ka, sinusuerte?” Lolz!
    Understanding-Sabi niya ay UNDERstanding daw ako. Kawawa naman ako!
    Patience-montik na akong maging PATIENT sa mental hospital noong nag-asawa ako.
    Wisdom from above-kung wala sigurong wisdom from aboveeh baka naging PATIENTna nga ako.
    Wisdom from the earth-gusto kong dinigin and wisdom from the earth pero hidi ko marinig. Marami siguro akong tutuli. Yuk!
    Sex-When Haleys comet appears and Jupiter aligns with Mars then and only then will I get lucky. Ano ba naman ito Dios por santo?
    Money-Sabi nya “My money is my money and your money is “MY MONEY”. Any questions? “Wala dear…wala”.Kaya ang taong nagigipit sa pitaka’y nangungupit.
    Time-I owe, I owe, so off to work I go. Then, wash dishes, clean the house, cook a little, tambay sa GB. mow the lawn, trim, weed, fertilize, feed my koi, feed the birds, wash cars, maintain cars, work on my projects. Igwa pa daw akong free time?
    Children-my prized possesion. Every meaningful thing that I’ve done in my life…I did it for my children.
    2. If children is the pride and joy of a parents; what is the pride and joy of the children?-Siguro ang mga parents man ninda.We try to be a role model toour children. Now that they’re grown up, they are now returning the favor by remembering us during our B-days and anniversaries. The Cards we receive from them reflects their profound gratitude for everything we’ve done for them. We cannot be happier.
    Happy New Year! 2009. Thanks!////Happy New Year din saimo Manay. May the New Year brings prosperity to you and your family. Mabalos!

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    Happy New Year Noi. Hope it starts with a BANG.


    Pahapot man tabi Rod.
    1. What’s your music preference////Depende tabi. My Ipod has selections from Classical to Rock to ballads to shit kicking music.
    Pahapot man tabi Rod.
    1. Please enumerate the type of music you like best at your present age, in order of preference.////Here are my preference:
    1. Classic Rock from 60’s, 70’s. Love the Stones, Beatles, DC5, Animals, the Who and just about every group during the British Invasion era. Love Jimi Hendrix and Santanaalso. Some motown like The Temptation. Stevie Wonder, Smoky Robinson and The Miracles,
    2. 70’s Rock- the Eagles, Lynyrd Skynrds, Steve Miller, Hocus Focus, Yes, AC/DC, Bad Company, BTO, Guess Who, Allman Bros., Cheap Trick, Chicago. Love Eric Clapton and Cream, Derek and the Dominoes, Love Bob Marley and Freddie Mercury (Queen). Simon and Garfunkle, Styx.
    3. 80’s Rock- John Cougar Mellencamp, the Cars, Bob Seger and Silver Bullet Band, Eric Clapton (solo), The Police, UB40, Jimmy Buffettand lotsCalypso/reggae beat.
    4. Some one hit wonders from 80-present: Extreme, James Blunt, Five for Fighting, 3 doors down, linkin park and such. Lots of Love song from this era.
    5. Country Music by Willie Nelson and balladsby Nat King Cole.
    6. Folk Music by Cat Steverns, Chad and Jeremy, Bob Dylan, Donovan
    6. Classical from Beethoven, Bach, Brahmms, Wagner, Lizt. Love Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel in different viriations.
    7. Pinoy Ballads form OPM era (70’s-80’s)
    8. Etta James and Nora Jones, Andrea Boccelli, Luciano Pavarotti, Enrico Carrusso.
    9. Sarah Brightman and Enya
    10. Any Spanish/latin /tango music with lots of percussions and spanish guitar.I listen to Julio Iglesias, Andres Segovia and some up and coming Spanish artists that my daughter brought from Madrid.
    2. Who is your favorite composer/songwriter?////Lennon/McCartney
    3. Who is your favorite Filipino singer? American/English?///Pinoy-dakol mostly from Opm era. VST, Boyfriends, The Flippers, Claire, Hotdog, Cinderella. Juan de la Cruz is right up there too.
    American-dakol din but nothing sticks out. Way too many to mention.
    English-I like Cat Stevenssongs (Yusuf Islam) they reflect music of my generation. Sarah Brightman because I have the hots for her.
    4. Do you play any musical instrument?///Yes, I used to playa mean guitar honed from hours of practice during my “istambay” days in Makati. I own an accoustic guitar and a Spanish Guitar that I bought in Madrid 2 yrs ago. I can still play a few chords every now and then but nothing like when I was in my teens. Getting old sucks.
    Thanks and regards////You’re welcome. Regards to your family as well.

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    Thanks for the question Chebs. Iyo baga, partners in crime kaming duwa ni Ding. Pighahalat ko nganing magdigdi sa San Diego para tukduan akong mag Balroom Dancing. Si Art dae pa nagbubutwa ta garo busy man ngunyan na holiday season.


    Hahahay Manoy Rod partners in crime kamong duwa ni Manoy Ding pareho pilyo.
    *Babala*…ang ginagawa ng matanda wag gayahin ng mga bata! nyahahahahahha =)
    it took me few minutes of scattered concentration to frame some coherent question.I sifted through my questions for the most vital, and here’s what I came up with Manoy Rod.
    How did you meet your wife? Please share us your love story.////Where do I begin, to tell the story of how great a love can be? The sweet love story that is older than the sea. The simple truth about the love she brings to me. Where do I start?Teka muna, mukhang lyrics sa kanta ‘to ah.
    Chebs, I really don’t want to go into details about my love story. It is painful for me to even think about it. My wife was not my first choice.There is a woman somewhere in the Philippines that I owea deep apology tofor my misdeeds. I still love her after all these years and her memories are etched deep in my heart forever. Someday, I’ll make it a pointto ask for herforgiveness if it’s the last thing I have to do here on earth. I still keep her mementoes hidden somewhere to reminisce about our past. I just cannot let go or ratherdon’t want to let go. There are times in the midst of my solitude, I ask myself those “what if” questions?My eyes gets misty sometimes thinking about this love that should have been.My wife knowsit and she know my feelings for her but I reassured her she has nothing to fear. I’m devoted to her and most especially toour children.

    Anyhow, to answer your question, I met my wife through a mutual acquaintance here in San Diego. We were just casual friends, we go out to eat and disco dance and one thing led to another….I got her pregnant. I played with fire andgot burned. Namangka ako sa dalawang ilog ika nga. I thought about leaving her but my conscience won’t allow me to doso especiallywhen a child is now on the way. Istepped up to the plate and accepted my responsibility as a father to my unborn child. It was a tough transition.There were times when we’re having heated arguments thatI thought about just tossing my hands upin the air and say “the heck with this, lets separate anddon’t worry…I’ll provide for the kid”. The idea of going back to myfirst love was always an option. Somehow I stuck around.The thought of abandoning my daughter andturning my backon my responsibilities sickens me. In the end, we compromised, made adjustments,had 2 more children and managed to keep the family intact. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last May. As luck would have it, my eldest daughter is the one closest to me of all my siblings. We were inseperable since day one. Love it.

    salamat po pala ta kyut man palan ako sa paningin mo Manoy. assuming you just had your recent eye check-up =)/// Siguro nga kailangani ko ng bagong salmin. Pero you’re still cute with or without my glasses. Peace kitang duwa.

    Its amazing what you can achieve if you try.

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    HI Rod, (cute si chozenehehehe oracute) salamat for the honorable mention. Ienjoyed reading your book of life….quite interesting…..clever smart….
    In our lifetime measurement is veryimportant (wordsnumbers has a major rule in building the world)How much does a woman or a man need in order to build a happy marriage or healthy marriage?
    Woman: (how much)
    wisdom from above
    wisdom from the earth
    Men (how much)
    Wisdom fromabove
    Wisdom from the earth
    2. If children is the pride and joy of a parents; what is the pride and joy of the children?
    Happy New Year! 2009. Thanks!

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    Pahapot man tabi Rod.
    1. What’s your music preference
    Pahapot man tabi Rod.
    1. Please enumerate the type of music you like best at your present age, in order of preference.
    2. Who is your favorite composer/songwriter?
    3. Who is your favorite Filipino singer? American/English?
    4. Do you play any musical instrument?
    Thanks and regards.

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    Hahahay Manoy Rod partners in crime kamong duwa ni Manoy Ding pareho pilyo.
    *Babala*…ang ginagawa ng matanda wag gayahin ng mga bata! nyahahahahahha =)
    it took me few minutes of scattered concentration to frame some coherent question.I sifted through my questions for the most vital, and here’s what I came up with Manoy Rod.
    How did you meet your wife? Please share us your love story.
    salamat po pala ta kyut man palan ako sa paningin mo Manoy. assuming you just had your recent eye check-up =)

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    “Musta na tabi Noi. Likay sana sa pagkulekta kan sagmaw ta baad habulon ka kan mga orig at maraot yan Beauty mo. Karigo tolos para mahamot kang hadokan. Hi-hi-hi.

    “Tolita” “atiloT” Super User

    maki agi tabi manoy hehehehe!///Agi sana ta nagmuklat pa sana ako. Dae pa ako nag-bru-brush your teeth.
    sa aga na lang ako ma follow hapots ta mangungulekta muna akong sagmaw para ipabakal 10 pesos per minola para may pang internet ako. ///o sige atyan mag-irinoman kita. Taya ako.

    happy new year///Happy New Year din saimo and to your family. Wish you all the best in the coming year.

    ay pahapot na lang logod hihihihi! sayang kang pag agi ko.///EnitaymPadi
    (sana ay mahilig ka sa NBA) Iyo baga. Played this sport for years. Habo kan PBA?
    Ano tabi ang fave team mo sa NBA?///Los Angeles Lakers. Kan si Michael Jordan ay nagkakawat pa…I love wathching them too.
    Si isay tabi para saimo ang greatest NBA player of all time?////Michael Jordan bar none. He was electrifying. He took the NBA to a new level.
    Top pick sa tolong ini: MICHAEL JORDAN. KOBE BRAYNT. LEBRON JAMES.? why?///Si M. Jordan pa din para saco. Kobe is good, Lebron is good but there was nobody who can bring the crowd to their when Jordan played.Dakol bagang mga babayi na nagheheling saiya ta muya nindang maheling su halabaon niyang DILA. Sige an Whooooo…..Ahhhhhhhhh! ninda pag iniluwas ni Jordanan dila nya. Tano daw! He-he-he.
    Kilala nyo po ba kung sinong NBA player ang may pinaka maraming shinotan at drinibolang babae? ///Huna ko si Magic Johnson. Nem, sa kaka dribble at sa kaka-shoot nagka HIV.

    Ngunyan dae na ako masyado sa Basketball. Mas muya ko an American Football. Hala baranggaan, matira matibay.

    Mabalos tabi Padi

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    maki agi tabi manoy hehehehe!
    sa aga na lang ako ma follow hapots ta mangungulekta muna akong sagmaw para ipabakal 10 pesosper minola para may pang internet ako. :))

    happy new year!

    ay pahapot na lang logod hihihihi! sayang kang pag agi ko.
    (sana ay mahilig ka sa NBA) 😛
    Ano tabi ang fave team mo sa NBA?
    Si isay tabi para saimo ang greatestNBA player of all time?
    Top pick sa tolong ini: MICHAEL JORDAN. KOBE BRAYNT. LEBRON JAMES.? why?
    Kilala nyo po ba kung sinong NBA player ang may pinaka maraming shinotan at drinibolang babae? :))

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    Sorry tabi kung ngunyan ko pa sana nasimbag ining kahaputan mo. Goyod goyod ako ni Commander ta muyang mag-shopping ta dakol daang sale after Christmas.Dae ako makasayuma ta rarapason ako. Lol! Anyhow, I’ll be truthful in answering your questions

    Carol Super User

    Manoy Rod, merry christmas nagdarakula su luho kang dungo ko pakabasa ko kang ngaran ko sa baba thanks po manoy./// Meli Clismas din sa’yo. Pisil pisolon mo su dungo mo ta nganing mag halangkaw pa….lalo kang magayonon.
    Iwalat ko po munay ining mga questions for you Manoy Rod…. ..///Sige lang, ining lobot kopigkakalayo na.
    (manoy johnq pasubli kaining mga hinapot mo sako dati hihi)

    Three names you go by///When I was a kid…BOY. My teen years/young adult….Rudy. I just recently changed to Rod to be closer to my Nom de Guerre. He-he-he.
    Three physical things you like about yourself///Don’t know really. Never paid much attention to my physical appearance.
    Three physical things you don’t like about yourself///I wish my skin would be lighter. Garo daa ako Mexicano sabi kan mga aki ko. I have to do something about my hair coz it’s turning gray. I need to shave my mustache para bako na akong butangero paghilingon.
    Three things that scare you///Prolong illness or sickness. Losing my children and death.Everything else is gravy.
    Three of your everyday essentials///Coffee, bread and tambay sa GB. That’ll make my day.
    Three things you want in a relationship///Honesty, physical attraction and devotion to one another. Ofthe three, # 2 is the most essential. He-he-he.
    Three lies and truths in no particular order///
    1. Woman are not moody-yeah sure
    2. GMA is 6 foot 2. PBA here she comes..
    3. SiPading Ding aywalang anting anting-Hindi totoo Padi, di ba?

    1. GMA is 6 foot2. In her dreams
    2. Si Ronnie “Ron” ay tinubuan na ng ngipin. He-he-he Pis tabi Noi
    3. Si Janered ay matibayon magbayle. Iyo baga
    Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you///
    1.Long shapely legs in stilleto shoes.
    2. Nice firm round buttocks
    3. Beautiful eyes.

    Am I describing you? joke lang tabi.

    Three of your favorite hobbies///
    1. Fishing in asecluded mountain lake. Love thefresh air and scenery.
    2. Love restoring old classic sports cars from the 60’s to the 80’s. Siraniko ako kung weekend.
    3. Collecting vintage watches from the 40’s to the 80’s esp. those with King’s Crown Logo on the dial.
    Three things you really want to do badly now///
    1. Retire so I can devote some time to do my hobbies.
    2. Do some travelling like go on cruises with Ding.
    3. Start building my retirement house in Bicol.
    Three careers you’re considering or have considered///
    1. Photojournalist-working for National Geographic would be nice
    2. Astronomer-fascinated by everthing we see in the sky at night.
    3. Pirate-lure of the open sea beckons. Har-har-har! Raise the Jolly Roger

    Three things you want to do before you die/// Aray ko po! Huwag naman sana…
    1. Make peace with the Creator
    2. Provide a will or living trust for my wife and children.
    3. Secure a burial plot at the American Cemetery at Fort Bonifacio-Yes, I am qualified to be buried there with full military honors.
    Three ways that you’re stereotypically a boy///Ahem…..sarap ng topic na ito:
    1. Love girls? That will never end. hik-hik-hik
    2. I havea batuta? Di ba tama tong sagot ko?
    3. Nakatayo pag umiihi? Minsan pinapagpag pa nga eh! Okeybiro lang! Kayo talaga oo!
    Three ways that you’re stereot

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    Noi, sorry tabi kung ngunyan ko sanasimbagon su mga kahapotan mo. Guyod guyod ako ni Commander ta igwa daang sales na 50% off sa mall. When Commander speaks, the foot soldier (me) obeys. “Yes dear”.

    pai caloy Super User

    been very busy with year end reports, kaya na miss ko logod su hotseat ni Noy Ding. muntik ng dae ko ini na hiling. bueno, Noy rod, hang on:1- what’s your passion like?///My passion is to provide my children a head start in life and to give them all the tools necessary to be able to compete and succeed in this world. I was born poor and I’ll do everything I can to make sure my children will not suffer the same fate as I have.
    2- in your travels, what country struck you most? and why?///Spain. The obviousis it is our mother country and theirinfluence has left an indelible mark in our landscape,in the way we think and act asfilipinos. I’ve visited the regions of Andalusia (home of the Flamenco dance), Extremadura (home of the Conquistadors), and Balearic Islands on my first visit. Ihave been to San Lucar de Barrameda, the port where Magellan and Columbus set sail for the New World and the Philippines. My eldest daughter went to school in Madrid 2 yrs ago and had a chance to tourthecity plus the cities of Toledo and Segovia. I bought a replica sword of El Cid (Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar) and it’s in my closet. I will tell you the significance of that name in our private conversation.
    – having been married for a long time, what does your loving wife wants to calm her (apart the privacy thing)?///I’ll take her to the casino and she’ll be alright. Lol. Actually, my wifeis not high maintenance (thank God) so simple pleasures in life would suffice. We go out to eat once in awhile, drop a few coins in the casino, go shopping and that pretty much it. One thing she likes to buy is shoes, shoes and more shoes, She can give Imelda Marcos a run for her money.
    3.a- what do women want?///I honestly don’t know. Each has her own pet peeve. Different strokes for different folks ika nga. I don’t think we could ever answer this question at all.
    4- will you approve your daughter’s move to live in with the man she wants before matrimonial?///Absolutely NO. My daughters know where I stand on this issue so it’s not even mentioned or tried in my household. Thank God they respect their father.
    5- would crying in public disrobe one’s manhood?///NO! My take is it is better to cry in public than to keep it bottled up inside you. At one point, you have to let itor it will eat you from the inside out. I never consider crying as a sign of weakness in a man. Humility is good and it makes you come to grips with your weakness and we all have those.We Pinoys have to face reality sometimes and quit being a macho.
    6- beside raising colorful kois, would you go for hammerheads? arowana?///He-he-he. I find solitude and peace in my little nook by the pond. I enjoy the serenity of the moment. I’m beggining to appreciate nature the way it was intended to be and my Koi pond is my manifestation that I have come of age. it’s time to enjoy simple pleasures in life. As for Hammerheads and arowan? I don’t think my backyard is big enough to accomodate their size. LolZ
    7- how do you tame a “shrew’?///Shrew as in a woman? It’ll take a miracle before I cantame a shrew. I will not even try. I asked my wife if she is a shrew and she said “yes I am and you cannot tame me” End ofconversation….ayaw kong maging outside the kulambo.
    8- do you find jessica alba stunning?///Yes, Latin beauty is always alluring in my book.
    9- i have read your posts in several threads always with impeccable decorum. have you acquired diplomacy over the years, or was it always there since you were a child?///I probably acquired it over the years. I was a “Hot Head” in my youth and when pushed, I pushed back. I was involved in fights in elem school and in high school.Being poor and being picked on by school bulliesleft meno choice but to defend my honor. I did not have a happy childhood to say the least. Evenin my 20’s and early in my military career, I don’t back down from fights. I walk with a swagger and when excess testosterone and alcohol is involved, I’m very volatile. Only when I got married that I changed my ways and my perception of other people. Holding high visibility and important positions in the military and working with people of different nationalities has helped me hone my diplomatic skills. Military Leadership and Management Training is required in Senior Enlisted Ranks and I attended several of those classes.
    10- now that the kids are your pride, what comes next when they leave your abode?///I honestly feel the parents responsibility never ends even when children leaves the abode. Sure I will not impede in their lives but I will monitor how they’re doing and if need be, provide assistance and counselling to those whogoes astray. I will keep my distance and yet I’ll make it known that I’m available if needed.
    11- is religion an order, keeping societies at bay?///This is a touchy subject. Religion is something I practice and follow yet I don’t or will never criticize anyone who doesn’t share my faith. I abhor people who commitatrocites under the guise ofreligion.
    12- i am impressed by hilary clinton and i felt sad she lost to Obama. was his man her downfall?///I think so. During her campaign, everywhere she went, good ol Bill is on tow. People started thinking that if she become President, it’ll beBill Clinton’s 3rd term in office and people resent that notion.
    13- to some, this number (13) is abhorred and feared. do you detest it?Nah! I’m not superstitious. I buy lotto tickets once in awhile and pick “lucky no. 13” at times. Now you know why I’m not rich. Lol!
    14- how did you keep your marriage that long lasting?///I have to constantly remind myself of my responsibilities as a father, a husband, a friend, a lover, a confidant, a handyman, a mechanic, a cook, labandero, platsa

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    shebagz “chiwawa”

    rod, thanks kasi maraming beses mo binanggit ang pangalan ko…nag eenjoy akong basahin ang mga answers mo …. as of now , wala parin akong maiisip na itanong sayo ….////Take your time Shebagz. Mahaba pa naman ang oras eh. Baka maisip mo yung tanong sa Nov 2 eh itanong mo na lang sa akin hane?
    sa palagay mo kaya rod anong question ang bagay na itanong ko sayo?///Tanungin mo ‘ko ng one plas one?

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