HOTW Bagz aka Dyaktur July 27- August 5,2009

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    manay bagz isa lang tanong sa ngayon bakit paibaiba ang name mo, and then napaghinalaan ka pa na ikaw ikaw daw yung isang lalaking gwapu d2 sa gb i cant remember his name,

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    Hello Bagz! musta? me naman mag ask….:)hmmm…bags..what’s ur ASL? A – age?S – sex?L – location?can i view you? este..pwedi patingin ng fiktyur mo? nyehehehe! bagz,yan lang muna kasi kakagishing ko pa lang….matulog muna ako ulit. .. mamaya ibang tanong naman… hehehe! :)) :)) :)) good luck bagz….i miss you….

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    hi Bagz. by virtue of official voting results, ika tabi ang napiling magtukaw ngonyang semana sa very prestigious ta na hotseat.kaya butwa na ta ngani mas mabidbidan mi ika.ponan ko na ha.1. pano ka nagkainteres na mag join kan go bicol?2. nata ka nagbalyo ngaran from bagz to dyaktur?hear from you soon bagz.

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    HOTSEAT RULES[1]: Every week there will be a member in the HOTSEAT.[2]: The Hotseat of the week is forbidden to ask questions.[3]: The Hotseat of the week shall have the right to choice whether he/she’s going to answer the questions or not.[4]:
    Members are allowed to ask questions as many as possible, but please
    avoid flooding or double posting, wait for other poster before you make
    another one. 2 or more questions in one post is recommended.[5]:
    Members can ask questions anything under the sun except personal info
    like, tel./mobile number, home address and for adults questions.(use PM
    instead hihihihihi!) [6]: Next Hotseat of the week (HOTW) will be selected by the outgoing HOTW.[7]:
    All members are encouraged not to post another set of questions while
    the person in the Hotseat has not yet answered his/her previous
    questions. If your questions are not yet answered for a day you can use
    the quote button and qoute the questions that are not yet answered.
    (but if its obvious that the Hotseat Host doesnt want to answer your
    question for personal reasons you may post another set but different
    kind of questions)[8]: All members are encouraged to read first
    the whole thread(questions and answers of other members) to avoid
    repetition of questions.[9]: and obkors – have fun!

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