Kicking The Frogs &Toads (WALKING)

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    Because I am overweight myself I take notice of other people when I am walking around in the supermarkets, it has become somewhat of a hobby of mine just to help keeping focused,feeling like azombieinthose environments getting about in a trance-like state of mind has not only become brain-numbing but there arealso someabsolutely amazing sights to behold, especiallyaround this time of the year, what with all of those hugeChristmas treesdecoratedso well, decked out so thoughtfully and with suchprecision that I begin tosuspect the generallayoutwas all worked out by computer in advancerather than by an individual,they have theappearanceof been faultless, “absolute perfection”.Acell-phone is very convenient to have on one’s person in case you get separated from your loved ones, which happens to us all the time. However when it comes down to people there are not only perfectly beautiful bodiestraipsingby, but also those like myself who are obese. I feel certain that those magnificent younger women of enormous girth would like nothing more for a Christmas present than having back their figure once again. Perhaps it would be a little early to suggest a weight loss routine right at this time but I have recently started walking again to get fit and back into shape again, it’s been awhile coming though, I have been heavy for over twenty years now. Anyone elsecare to start walking now, perhaps you can get fit enough to compete in the next marathon-run up the slopes to the rest-houseon Mt.Mayon….Regards ..Kit..;-)

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