Lord of The Flies

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    @ Kit,

    Simple solution. Buy one of those door shocksthat you install on top between the door and the frame. It looks like a small shock absorber to cushion the door on it’s last few inches of travel. The only negative to a full screen door is it gets easily destroyed especially if you have a big dogthat tries to get through thescreen when he wants to go out. Iinstall a wire mesh screen on the bottom portion of the doorto solve this problem. You still cansee the other side of the door and it’s strong enoughto take abuse fromdogs.Hope this helps.

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    There is an awful lot of useful items made from native plants such as baskets bags of all kinds, place mats for the kitchen, hot-pots to be placed on them to save your precious furniture from been scorched by the pots, there is however perhaps another good use that can be made from this material, I dreamed this up when trying to think of something to complain about and post to the board here;-) I was wondering if it were possible to construct fly-traps to capture the damn pesky flies when they are in plagues proportions, the spoils then could perhaps be buried under or around fruit trees as fertilizer.I hasten to add that I abhor flies landing onmy body which can be ticklishly annoyingand I dislike them even more when they settle on food.
    Installing fly-wire screen doors and windows also help to keep the mosquitoes out of the toilet and prevent one getting bitten on the posterior regions of the body, if you do get fly-screen doors installed at your residences please consider the ones that have a full length screens with supports and not the half-door variety that got installed at our place; the wind would catch the bottom section of the doors and slam them shut with a very loud banging noise which almost drove me mad; also small children can see through the full length kindand be visible in turnfrom the other side 😉

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