New Maroon5 – out now!

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    padi may kanta sinda na bikol?

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    Maroon 5 is a Grammy-winning soul-influenced rock band from Los Angeles, California

    Maroon 5 has won several awards for its debut album Songs About Jane. Released in June 2002, the album enjoyed major chart success, going gold, platinum, and triple platinum in many countries around the world.

    This year, they also released their latest album called “It wont be soon before long”.

    Out in record stores, you can also win it for free here.

    My personal favorites from Maroon 5 are “, “This Love”, “She Will Be Loved”, “Sunday Morning”.

    Will this album hit Platinum? heard their single “Makes me wonder” and it makes me wonder if it’ll hit the top charts.

    what do you think?

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