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    iyo tabi sa Albay. sakop kan Cagraray Island.

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    dai ko masyadong maintindihan kung saen ang pasiring sa Misibis. saen parte b ito, sa albay ba? kc sabi ni manoy Ted galing daw siya sa santo domingo pasiring duman. pwede man daa magagi sa legaspi. salamat po.

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    Samuya sa Marigondon Beach harani sa Pioduran urgollo ko man basta digdi sa barriong tinubuan.

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    Dagos Tabi! an magayon na beach malin boracay RIZAL Beach in Gubat Sorsogon!! ….Located at the southern tip of Luzon, the provice is the gateway to the south of the Philippines via the town of Matnog where the ferry terminal is found.
    Awed by the wild vegetation around it, the succulent environment of the forest and the idyllic mixture of the wildlife’s enchanting aura, foreign tourists have compared it with the cool and enthralling country of Switzerland, naming it “Switzerland of the Orient”.
    Sorsogon is blessed with rich reserved of aquatic resources. It is the major supplier of fish food all over the mainland.
    The world’s largest fish-whale shark (scientific name is Rhicodon Typus) locally known as butanding shelters near the shores of the towns of Donsol and Pilar.
    check out see the sights of Sorsogon…wow philippines…
    may on pa sayo an mt bulusan:
    The Mt. Bulusan Natural Park, one of the parks in the country declared by the national government as such in order to protect its ecosystem and maintain its natural beauty, covers a complex of primary and secondary forests, mystical lakes, rivers and natural springs, and the still active Mt. Bulusan which has an elevation of 5,077 feet above sea level. The lake itself, which has a circumference of 2,006 meters, has an elevation of 2,084 feet upon the slopes of the volcano. There is a smaller lake higher up the volcano called Lake Agingay. The tragic love story of Bulusan and Agingay is an interesting local folk legend. The Bulusan Mountain Lake is a favorite of visitors who want to commune with nature, with a concrete pathway rimming the lake, affording the visitor a pleasant and serene, leisurely nature walk The Park complex is a sanctuary for rare flora and fauna. Eager mountaineers regularly scale the volcano up to its crater and marvel at the ancient, moss-covered trees, giant ferns and rare wild orchids that they see on their way to the peak of the volcano.

    daghan tabi an magayon na lugar dini sa sorsogon Dagos Tabi!

    Mt. Bulusan Natural Park Mountain Lake Resort

    Century-old Barcelona Church and Ruins

    Donsol Whale Shark/ Butanding Interaction

    Dancalan Beach Resort

    Astillero of Donsol


    hehe.. 😀
    saka mag abang ni mga salakat natalusog at carpasa pasakel.

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    maligaon ka tolhits, mas gusto mamurot ki buko pagkabagyo.

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    magayon man sa MILAORmagpasyar pag bagong hale ang bagyo….pwedi kang mag sakay sa yate o kaya mag jetskie lang….

    BAHA kaya hanggang habayan!

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    legazpi city is the best place. you will find the most beautiful mayon volcano, then, the newest beach resort, misibis resort and spa, the place were you can relax. and if you like on shopping, you will find the most modern shopping mall. the pacific mall, lcc mall, bichara commercial center,
    this is the place were you will enjoy the whole day of dining and entertainment. guys lets go and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Hi Jon,
    I was over in the Albay region with my family just a few months ago and we all had a wonderful holiday there,I enjoyedit very much.
    One has to be prepaired for sickness however,as the sudden change of climate and it’sbest not todrink the localtap water or nottakingcrushed ice in soft drinks is a very goood idea.
    I would advise anyone returning to the Phillipines to first get an anti-flu shot from your family doctor before you leave whatever country you may be residing in,expat Filipinosincluded. A vacation is much moer enjoyable if you are not ill.
    Bottled water can be bought just about anywhere but it can begot in larger sizes in the bigger shops. Medicine can be bought over the counter without precriptionin advance at the drug store for stomach problems like gastro’.
    We went everywhere travellingin the familyjeepney which is not a comfortable way of getting around but it was an inexpensive mode of transport when travelling with several other relatives of my wife’s people.
    I have been to Busay Falls plusseveral local swimming pools, and to a beach resort in Sorsogon,also to some other places such as Mt Mayon rest house, Cagayan Church, Hoyopan caves,passed by Tiwi hot springs,saw lots of steam but not much else, anyway the natural beauty of the countryside is magnificent alone.
    We drove in a circle around Mayon volcano through many towns, visited Naga city and Legazpi city shopping malls.My holiday was for only a month so sadly it all came to an end much tooquickly, but next time I want to be more prepaired with some knowledge oftheBicol dialect. I intend to buy an airconditioned van, also a motor-cycle would be greatfor fun trips.

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    magduman kamo sa Igabu ta tibad mahiling nindo su kalag niyo na nagkukurahaw idtu ta dakulon kamong kasalan!

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    nadadangog ko na ann Misibis na yan,pero dai pako nakaduman.garo bago pa lang yan.Try nyo rin Beach resorts sa Catanduanes,kadakul na foriegner nagduduruman para mag surf.nakaduman na ako siguro mga 5 years ago.puede panlaban sa mga prime resorts ng pinas.

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    Eu man, he he he.
    Via Sto. Domingo kami nag-agui, hale pano kami Tabaco. Tapos nag – agui kami kalayukay then dire-diretso. Basta pag-abot sa dulo, nag bangka (kumpit) kami paciring na sa Cagraray, tapos upon reaching the mainland nag tricykol (with emphasis on “kol”, he he he) kami going there.
    Someone informed me na mas harani going there if you take off from Legaspi. 5 to 10 mins ride na lang daw by “kumpit” and you’re there na. Paki check mo sa website ninda.
    Hope you will enjoy your stay there, as much we did.

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    Siguro maski ka nakainum nagirumduman man mo kung pano ka nakaduman sa MISIBIS
    Is it by plane, any type of boat maybe a ferry, a bridge ?
    Harayo o harani sa legaspi ?

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    Wow. First time ko madangog ang Misibis Resort..and i checked their website…Garo magayunon…Kadakula na talaga kang progreso sa Albay..unbelievable..siguradong with this new developments, magiging popular tourist destination na ang Albay..way to go….

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