Trying to find out about the man thats ruining my marriage

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    Hi Sheila!
    Welcome back amiga! It has been a long time and you really look cool sa new pic mo sa profile! Fresh and blooming:) Well sabi ngani, what is in your face is in your heart! Dai daw tabi pagrauta ang aldaw mo sa pagbasa kang posted message na ini:) Gone with the wind na ini! Sinururugan mi baga kan nabasa mi:)
    Regards, Rose

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    Rose, this is the only thing I can say to this american: “What in the World were you thinking when you posted your thoughts here????” First, this is a GoBicol site, not a GoBohol site..duh!. Two: “Trying to find out about the man thats ruining my marriage”. Look in the mirror, will you? And….irrelevant but I just want to irritateyou,I am kind of irritated that you use the pronoun THATS (and without an apostrophe at that!)when you refer to a noun antecedent. Yes, we have our educated time.

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    Kaya daw ako. I was looking at your picture closely and sabi ko garo may kapandok ka duman sa tayhi.
    Marhay man ako. Mauli ako atdyan na banggui. May aasikasohon ako na kaso dyan na criminal case, libre or pro bono ining paroton na paramudang abugado!!!
    C u sa paayahayan.
    “Chega de Saudade”

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    Nagpasalamat ka pa…:))
    Kaipuhan mo tabi, padi, magbakli kan saimong pagkakasala!:)):)):))
    Pawno kun magunaw na ang mundo ngonian, remate ka!:)):))

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    Ikumpisal mo na iyan kay Fr. Louie…mortal sin baga iyan, padi!:)):)):))

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    Hi Louie,
    Bako man si Manoy Ted an nagha-hunting ki tawo digdi:D
    Remate ka niyan kay Mike…mapagbintangan ka!:)) :)) :))
    (Ika man sana palan ay may sala…):))

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    im sori mali ako ng send.thanks

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    Manoy ted this is louie nephew of lemuel obed sr.if you remember me i was a player of ginebra kings in tayhi which you sponsor.well kumusta na po kayo ?nice to be in this web site

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    Manoy ted si louie ini pamangkin ni tiyo lemmy obed kumusta na po kayo narumduman pa nindo ako su player nindo kng nag manager kamo sa muya, kng gin kings at player kng tayhi .Bistado ako ni kuya kuya jerry anyway kumusta na dyan sa tabaco umuwi ho ba kayo?

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    @manoy Wawoy,
    Kaipuhan niato igdi an tabang ni Auditor, Manoy Erik, ta ako maluya man sa genetics kaya dae ako
    tatawo magbilang nin numero. Pero sa hiling ko bako “sapat” ang 10x or more lang na basahon an message ni Manay Rose.
    Hilinga duman sa “Ang” na 1000x binasa ni Tolhits:)), sagkud duman sa “Ang Mahiwagang pertelayzer”,
    ang mga Tongressman na nag-adal nin Mathematics sa Elementary, sa HighSchool, sa College…nag-attend sa misa asin nakadangog
    kan message ni Lord, nagbabasa kan nobena for years in their lives…pero sagkud sa ngonian…”They just don’t get it.”

    @manoy Erik,
    Pawno baya tabi nagiging P800 ang P80.50.

    Talo pa ang mga buwaya sa katihan ni Kabesang Tales, kan sabihon ni Tandang Selo, ipagpalagay mo nalang na lumaki na ang buwaya…
    sa kalauna’y…ipagpalagay mo nalang na nanganak ang buwaya….ipagpalagay mo nalang na dumating ang mga kamag-anak ng buwaya…
    Kung ako si Kabesang Tales…Anak ng putakti! Kailan pa tayo pinagpipistahan ng mga buwaya!!!
    (kaya lang bako ako si K.T. kaya…mga aki sinda nin butongaw!!)

    If it so happened you can’t understand the words above, here’s the english translation:
    “Read Manay Rose’s advice aloud, with FEELINGS!”

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    Dear Wawoy,
    It is sweet and sensitiveof you to be affected by the response of Mike to me:”you just dont get it. but thank you anyway…” He knew that I got his intention the first time he posted his message, t’was the reason why he sent me the message, he got irritated and disappointed that we won’t allow him to use the site for his own personal gain. Anyway, I guess we have to broaden our mind and symphatize with him [if he is really in the situation he is telling us, as you know we only heard it from him, what about the other side of the coin?], I could understand the feeling/emotion he is having now, the struggle of being in love to someone who offended him. As I said, the best for him to do is of course to seek a professional help or otherwise, completely FORGIVE and FORGET and MOVE ON with his life with or without his wife.
    @ to everyone else who took this thread seriously, thanks for the messages you have sent, but let us just pray that everything will work out fine with Mike and his wife! And let us hope one day, we will receive a note from Mike that everything ends well!
    Manay Rose

    ….One of the best blessings from God is the Freedom of One’s Heart from Envy….
    ….The secret to enjoying life is to be thankful for what each day brings…..

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    Kudos sa gobicolanos/nas digdi.
    To Mike,
    You will probably beupsetwith me because I will ask you to read Manay Rose’s comments at least 10X more. Whenyou told her “you just don’t get it”. That tells me you are emotionallyunstable. Please for your sake, seek a professional help. Would you go to a mechanic to fix your teeth? No right? Then what the heck are you doing here? You thought you will be able to use this site to help youalleviate your problem? Well I don’t mean to bust your bubble, but, you are definitely looking at the wrong place. Let me give you this sage advice (if it’s worth anything to you). You are barking at the wrong tree…..YOU ARE THE CAUSE OF ALL OUR PROBLEMS……..ANDYOU ALONE WOULD BE THE ONE TO FIX IT. Stop pointing the finger on the other guy (supposedly ruining your marriage) I am not Dr. Phil, however, this you should know….When you point the finger on someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you. STOP BLAMING OTHER PEOPLE to what is happening to you. Dr. Wayne Dyer said it bestwith this quote “if you think the cause of your problem is not you, then everybody around you need to see a phychiatrist in order for you to feel better”. 🙂
    Mike,I hope that you will seek a professional help and see you here one day chatting joyfully with gobicol members. May you find the peace that you are seeking. We love you bro…

    Your Inner World creates Your Outer World
    When you change the way you look at things…….the things you look at will change.

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    Naks, si Romz, seryoso :))

    *** *** *** *** *** ***

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    The other side of ROMZ! Wow si idol this time seryoso! Mikey Corleone – Keep your friends close but your enemies closer!

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    nyehihi…may cute student palan si Manoy Ted… 😀

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