Trying to find out about the man thats ruining my marriage

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    sorry i bothered your educated time. i do know the difference between bicol and bohol. bicol is a region of luzon and bohol is an island in the visayays….
    you just dont get it. but thank you anyway

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    Hi Mike!
    Glad to hear that you have forgiven your wife. Don’t you think high time for you to let go anything related to that issue? By posting your personal problem here, you did wash your dirty linens in public, letting the world know what your wife did to you [of course this is according to you]. Anyway, as I said this is too pesonal to be discussed in public forum like this.
    This website was created by a highly educated Filipino/bicolano who is now working in USA for the purpose of making Bicolanos [by the way Bicol is different from Bohol] close to each other, of which we are very grateful. We don’t want this website to be a medium to character assasinate anyone or to get even to anyone. This website provides us smiles and laughter, we want it to remain as is.
    But to aleviate you from the crisis you are in at the moment, you may not be a Filipino but you are welcome to join us, in our happy chatting!

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    I am not asking any harm to this guy. I am just asking if anyone from bicol knows him and/or can give me any idea about what he is or what he may be up to, whether his love for my wife is genuine or if he is just trying to get one over on the american. the issue i am trying to work out on this msg brd is not between my wife and i, but just to find him. see what hes up to. nothing else.
    just asking for help
    but i do know that he is guilty. i have forgiven my wife and still love her and still want to spend the rest of my life with her!

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    Very well said po manay rose hehe…. i agree po sa sinabi mo ^_^

    Oissst tolhits! kapay ka hahahaha
    Dickoy, solve na problema ta :))

    *** *** *** *** *** ***

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    Hi Mike!
    I guess my suggestion to you is to ask the help of a marriage counsellor or talk to your wife and tell her to be more honest to you. And, I am sorry to say that your situation is too personal that this message board is notthe aswer to your problem. No one knows the real story, only you and your wife knows it.
    Posting the picture of a man of whom you are not really sure is really guilty is somehow, offending too, reverse the table, and ask yourself.
    I hope that you will find a solution to your problem.

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    kalalawgon ni chairman banny ah! (pano ko daw iinglison ang puting ini? nawawara pa naman so dictionaryo ko)

    manoy ted, paki translate na lang tabi sa inglis ang sasabihon ko pls.

    para tabi dyan sa puti
    magayonon man kaya ang agom mo…maski ako ay baka mademonyo na pagpara botsornohon pa kong ex ko iyan….kaya siguro nagpa-agom yan saimo ay habo lang sa seƱoritang batag…mas gusto nya ang lakatan kaya insulto iyan sa pagkalalaki syempre.

    soba lang manoy ted…ika na ang bahala dyan! mas nakaka-aram ka mga arog kayan na kaso.__________________________________________________________
    ^_* H i K. !
    Happiness is a voyage, not a destination. There is no better time to be happy than…..NOW.
    Live and enjoy the moment.

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    sorry about the size of the pictures. i am new to this message board stuff

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    I am a “kano” and my wife is pinay andwe have been married for more than 8 years. There is a man now in Bicol (currently married with child… the way, his wife knows nothing about this, and I think that she has every right to know the truth about him)thatwas her first boyfriendin bohol, now trying to ruin our marriage.I love my wife and would do anything for her and to save our marriage. I know that my wife loves me too, but now she is very confused. I have tried to deal with this situation for more than 8 months now, but I fear that I am now nearing the edge. We are still living together as of yet, but we cant keep living this way (with him still in both our minds). She thinks that she is beginning to know who and what he is (he has lied to her a few times). No marriage is perfect, we have had our mistakes and we regret them together. I want to get past this problem and continue our loving marriage the way it used to be. I have no way of finding out any more of this man than what she can tell me. Can I ask if anyone may be able to help me? He lives with his wife,in a compound with his wifes family (dont know thier family name). His name is Gilbert Amper and his wifes name is Helen I think thier baby is maybe 9 months old. I will try to add his pic as well.

    I love my wife

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