Urine your medicine, anyone?

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    jameel tubod po ako dyan sa ihi epektibo po iyan, lalo na po sa mga pasmado na bitis, kamot etc.

    @ DUANE nakangarakngak man su sinabi mo, noy naporbaran mo na tabi su odo , pag epektibo ikurahaw mo digdi hehehe! ta purbaran ko man hahaha!

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    @ !#$ANDREI$#^— ang simbag sa haput mo ilalaag ko man digdi sa forum kaya lang mag alat kita na mag abot ki 333 post messages. hehe. diit na pasensya lang.
    @duane..Manoy aprubadu yan sa pasma. dai kopa masukit sa encyclopedia ko su chemical compounds na nerves relaxant na yaon sa urine.

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    Ako nagtubod diyan.
    Ang ihi pampahale kan “sweating palms and feet” na nag-cause kan mabatang bitis. Ihi-an ang bitis saka kamot pagkamata sa umaga. Sa lalake madali guibohon ini lalo bago mag-shower sa umaga.
    Kung dai pa mahale kan ihi, odo-an mo na!

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    dai ko magibu yan manoy jameel…ini-imagine ko pa lang..eywww..
    but i believe naman kasi may tawag nga sa ganyan, “Uropathy”..(tama ba).
    curious lang manoy..ano man su binolong mo na gamit yang urine mo..hehehe 🙂

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    garu may narisa ako duman a. hahaha..
    napasobra naman to manoy. ang pinaka epektibo kayan manoy itong pagkamata lang sa pagkaturug mo sa banggi. ta yaon duman so mga naipong excess nutrients, minerals asinantibodies kang satung hawak. about sa mga external application sa lawas, buhok o sain pa man..para dai ka man mamarung na maparat hugasan mo man after 15-30 minutes. kya kung maapply ka kang wonder-ihi mag mata kang atab para makapanghugas ka pa. may nag PM ngani saku na approbadu saiya yang pinost ko. maniwala daa ako sa dai nabulong so UTI nya.

    dagdag kaaraman po:
    The Product of Your Own Metabolism
    The first time I was exposed to the concept that the body makes its own medicine, it was through a friend who was introduced to it through an eastern Indian “guru” type of fellow. I thought it was interesting but a wacky kind of idea and I never thought about it again – until I came across a book. The book is entitled, “Your Own Perfect Medicine” by Martha Christy. She has an interesting story to tell.Ms. Christy was sick. Very sick. For a very long time. Pelvic inflammatory disease, ulcerative colitis, Chron’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimoto’s disease, mononucleosis. She had severe kidney infections, two miscarriages, chronic cystitis, severe candida, endometriosis, adrenal insufficiency, serious chronic ear and sinus infections, food and chemical allergies. And that wasn’t the half of it. She had every conceivable medical test, her share of surgery, and drugs – plenty of them. Then she tried all forms of alternative therapy. Homeopathy, herbs, mega-vitamins and liv-cell treatments in Mexico. After traditional medicine failed to work, she and her husband spent over $100,000 trying to get her well with alternative approaches. Nothing worked. And then one day, her husband brought home a little book that told of how individuals had been cured of even the worst diseases with a seemingly strange and little-known natural therapy. Soon afterwards, she began the therapy herself. From the first day she began, she received almost instantaneous relief from her incurable constipation and fluid retention. Within a week, her severe abdominal and pelvic pain was gone.The chronic cystitis and yeast infections (internal and external) soon disappeared and her food allergies, exhaustion, and digestive problems all began to heal. After a few more months, her colds, flu, sore throats and on again off again viral symptoms disappeared. Her hair which had fallen out by the handfuls after her fifth surgery became thick and lustrous. Her weight normalized, and her energy and strength came back. After nearly 30 years of non-stop illness, Martha Christy was whole again.What was this therapy that she had discovered? What was this therapy that has helped seriously ill patients gain complete remissions from their afflictions? What was it that she actually did?Well, here it is. She orally and medicinally re-consumed her own urine. Whoa! Gag! She did what? That’s what I thought when I first heard about this. But I also absolutely needed to know more. What I discovered is that urine is not the substance we think it is. In her book, Martha Christy explains what urine is….
    In Layman’s Language
    Urine is not, as many believe, the excess water from food and liquids that goes through the intestines and is ejected from the body as “waste”. It is much different and much more. When you eat, the food you ingest is eventually broken down in the stomach and intestines into extremely small molecules. These molecules are absorbed into tiny tubules in the intestinal wall and then pass through these tubes into the blood stream.The blood circulates throughout your body carrying these food molecules and other nutrients, along with critical immune defense and regulating elements such as red and white blood cells, antibodies, plasma, microscopic proteins, hormones, enzymes, etc., which are all manufactured at different locations in the body. As the blood circulates, it passes through the liver where toxins are removed and later excreted from the body in the form of solid waste. Eventually, this now purified “cleaned” blood makes its way to the kidneys. When blood enters the kidneys it is filtered through an immensely complex and intricate system of minute tubules called nephron through which the blood is literally “squeezed” at high pressure. This filtering process removes excess amounts of water, salts and other elements in the blood that your body does not need at the time. These excess elements are collected within the kidney in the form of a purified, sterile, watery solution called urine. Many of the constituents of this filtered watery solution, or urine, are then reabsorbed by the nephron and delivered back into the bloodstream. The remainder of the urine passes out of the kidneys into the bladder and is then excreted from the body.The function of the kidneys is to keep the various elements in your blood balanced. When your body doesn’t need something at a particular time, it is excreted – not because it is toxic or poisonous or bad for the body, but simply because the body does not need that particular element at the time.Medical researchers have discovered that many of the elements of the blood that are found in urine have enormous medicinal value, and when reintroduced to the body, they boost the body’s immune defenses and stimulate healing in a way that nothing else does.
    A Nutrient Rich Powerhouse
    In 1975, one of the founders of Miles Laboratories, Dr. A. H. Free, published his book Urinalysis in Clinical Laboratory Practice, in which he remarked that not only is urine a sterile body compound (purer than distilled water), but that it is now recognized that urine contains literally thousands of compounds. Among the urine constituents mentioned in Dr. Free’s treatise is a list of nutrients that will knock your socks off. Here’s just a few…Alanine, Arginine, Ascorbic acid, Allantoin, Amino acids, Bicarbonate, Biotin, Calcium, Creatinine, Cystine, DHEA, Dopamine, Epinephrine, Folic acid, Glucose, Glutamic acid, Glycine, Inositol, Iodine, Iron, Lys

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    Ok, Jameel, here is anyone.
    Tubod ako digdi na pig-gamit na pang bulong an ihi ning kong ano anong kahilangan. Dai ko lang aram con epectibo man. Narumdoman ko su saro kong classmate na si Nympha Saret sa Ligao West Central Elementary school duman sa Binatagan. Pirmi kaming may napaparong saiya na ma pa-rat, parong ihi talaga. Gabos na palan nakarisa maski si Mam Regalado, su samong maestra, sarong Lunes pag katapos kan recess, sarong summer day na mainiton, dai na nakatios si Mam, ta hinapot baga si Nympha, disimolado su hapot. “Nympha?” apod ni Mrs. Regalado. “Yes, mam.” simbag man ni Nympha. “Tano ta medyo may parong na mapanoson na gubing mo?” hapot ni Mam. “Baco po an gubing ko, bolong po sa payo koMam.” simbag man ni Nympha. “Huh? Anong bolong?” hapot pa guiraray ni Mam.
    “Pigpapahid ni Mama an ihi ko sa payo ko po Mam, pan laban daa sa kuto. May kuto po kaya ako.” pasupog na simbag ni Nympha. Ay tu su mga kapay na mga kaklase sige na su ngak-ngak, maski ako sige man. Pati si Mrs. Regalado napangisi man baga.

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    Ang sanggugurang na pagtubod na sakuya man tinubudan kang ako aki pa. may basehan man palan hali sa sensya. proven man sakuya ta ginibo ko man ngani..
    kamu nagtutubud man na ang ihi as natural antiseptic?
    Inquirer Lifestyle / Lifestyle


    LOTUS PONDLotus Pond – Bismark : Urine as therapy

    By R. Valencia, S. BismarkInquirer

    Posted date: May 04, 2007

    MANILA, Philippines — A few years ago, we wrote on the subject of urine therapy and received positive feedback. Here’s more information about its beneficial and healing nature from the book, “Health in Your Hands” by Devendra Vora, who discusses the use of acupressure and other forms of healing treatments such as urine therapy for the management of common ailments.
    He explains, “Even medical doctors in the West have accepted that, to fight the presence of toxins in the body, our system creates antibodies. During sleep, our body manufactures them, so they are considerably found in the first urine sample as we wake up in the morning.
    “So if this first ’sample’ is drunk or consumed, the body will in turn get the requirements it needs from those early-morning deposits — like salts, etc. This is the principle behind urine therapy. After Japanese medical specialists realized its medicinal value, they started preparing costly injections for commercial consumption.”
    Vora relates that, in some places in India, criminals who are caught and punished drink their urine soon after they’re captured so that even if they get heavily beaten, their recovery would be faster.
    A former Prime Minister of India was an advocate of the procedure. Sri Morarjibhai Desai would drink and use his urine for massage! Vora reveals: “That’s the secret of his reddish tinge even at age 96 — he has no wrinkles, and his skin is healthy and glowing.
    “By drinking his urine and using it as eye wash, he has proven that it can also prevent the onset of cataract. It’s beneficial even for chronic diseases. Dr. Bitrice Barter has also claimed to cure Aids patients using this therapy.”
    Here’s how: Let the first drops pass, then collect from mid-stream in a glass and drink. It can be use for different parts of the body:
    Eyes. Use as an eye wash after urine has cooled down. It is said to maintain good eyesight and cure the beginning of cataract.
    Teeth. For dental problems, gargle for at least five minutes.
    Hair. Massage on hair and scalp to make hair soft and silky. It clears away dandruff and

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