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    HERE ARE THE LIST: ..more to come! contact me @ 09208378731 for orders and inquiries.
    INSTRUCTIONAL FOR DRUMS: 1. DAVE WECKL “Back to Basics” 1 cd – basic to intermediate 2. DAVE WECKL “The Next Step” 2 cd – intermediate to adv. 3. PETER ERSKINE “Everything is time Keeping’ 2 cd 4. STEVE GADD ” Up Close” 1 cd – basic to adv. 5. STEVE SMITH Vol. 1 1CD 6 STEVE SMITH Vol. 2 1CD 7. CARTER BEAUFORD “Under the Table and Drumming Vol. 1 1cd 8. CARTER BEAUFORD “Under the table and drumming” Vol 2 1cd 9. DENNIS CHAMBERS “Serious Moves” 1cd 10. DENNIS CHAMBERS “In the Pocket’ 1cd 11. SIMON PHILLIPS “Returns” vol.2 1cd 12. TOM BRCHTLEIN “Blue Drums Vol. 1 and 2” 1cd 13. TERRY BOZZIO “Solo Drums” 1cd 14. LOUIE BELLSON “The Musical Drummer’ 2cds 15. RANDY CASTILLO 1cd 16. JEFF PORCARO 1cd 17. MIKE PORTNOY “Progressive Drum Concepts” w/ tabs 1cd 18. MIKE PORTNOY “liquid drum theater”vol.1 2cds 19. MIKE PORTNOY”liquid drum theater”vol.2 2cds 20. MIKE PORTNOY” 10 degrees of turbulent drumming” 1cd 21. JASON BONHAM 1cd 22. ERIC SINGER “Introduction to Drumming” 1cd 23. DAVID EAGLE “Start me Playing Drums” 1cd 24. TOM BRECHTLEIN “Rock Drums Vol. 1 and 2” 1cd 25. NEIL PEART “A Work in Progress Part 1 and 2” 1cd 26. WILL KENNEDY “Be a drumhead” 2cds 27. VIRGIL DONATI “Power Drumming” 1cd 28 GREGG BISSONETE – “Private lesson” 1cd41 29. JOE FRANCO –“Double bass drumming” 1cd 30. AKIRA JIMBO –“Independence” 1 cd 31. AKIRA JIMBO –“Metamorposis” 32. DAVE WECKL/WALFREDO REYES SR.- “Drums and percussion working it out part 1 1cd 33. JAMIE BORDEN-“Advanced drum grooves” 1cd 34. SIMON PHILIPPS VOL.1 1cd 35. STEVE SMITH “Drumset technique” part 1 3cds 36. STEVE SMITH “History of the U.S. beat” part 2 1CD 37. STEVE JORDAN “The groove is here” 1cd 38. ROD MORGENSTEIN – “Putting it all together” 39. GARY CHAFEE- “Phrasing and motioin” 40. ZORO- “Commandments on RnB Drumming” vol.1 1disc 41. ZORO- “Commandments on RnB Drumming” vol.2 1disc 42. ZORO-“Commandments on RnB Druming”vol.3 1disc 43. ED THIGPEN- “Jazz Drumming” 1disc 44. AKIRA JIMBO- “Pulse”1cd 45. BILLY COBHAM- “Drums by design”1cd 46. DAVID GARIBALDI”Tower Of Groove”part1 2cds 47. DAVID GARIBALDI”Tower of Groove’part 2 2cds 48. GAVIN HARISON- “Rhythmic vision”1cd 49. CARTER BEAUFORD N VICTOR WOOTEN”making music”1CD 50. ALEX ACUNA VOL.2 – 2CDS 51. RICK LATHAM”progressive drumset technique”1cd 52. DAVE WECKL”Contemporary plus one”audio cd with booklet 53. ROBEE AMEEN N LINCOLN GOINES “funkifying the clave”2cds 54. DAVE WECKL-EVOLUTION”how to practice”vol.1 1cd 55. DAVE WECKL-EVOLUTION”how to develop your sound”1cd 56. DAVE WECKL-EVOLUTION”how to developyourtechnique”1cd 57. OMAR HAKIM”let it flow” 1cd75 58. BOBBY ROCK “Zen of Drumming” 3cds 59. AKIRA JIMBO”Fugiyama” 1cd 60 JIM CHAPIN”Speed ,power control indurance”1cd 61. THOMAS LANG “Creative Control” 3cds 62. JOHN BLAKWELL tape 1, 1 CD 63. AKIRA JIMBO “Evolution “(Performance video)” 1cd 64. DAVID GARIBALDI –Talking drums”2cds65. RELLI VILLANUEVA –“How to play drums”2cds 66. STEVE GADD- “In session”2cds67. TOMMY IGOE- “Getting started on drums, start playing”2cds68. DEREK RODDY- “Drumming endurance and strength builders”1cd69. DAVID GARIBALDI –“Funky beat” (audio cd+minus one) 2cds70. BILL ELDERS “Guide to hip hop, soca, house groove(audio cd w/book notation) 1cd71. TOM HAPKE”66 drum solos for the modern drummer –rock,fusion and jazz w/book audio cd72. GREGG BISONETTE- “Musical drumming in different styles”4cdsINSTRUCTIONAL FOR GUITAR: 1. NICK NOLAN “Rock Guitar Vol. 1 and 2′ 2cds 2. JOHN PETRUCCI “Rock discipline ‘ w/ tabs 2cds 3. VAN HALEN METHOD by CURT MITCHEL 1cd 4. ALLAN HOLDSWORTH w/ tabs 1cd 5. SHAWN LANE “Power licks” w/ tabs 1cd 6. SHAWN LANE “Power solos” w/ tabs 1cd 7. FRANK GAMBALE “Monster Licks and speed Picking’ 1cd 8. FRANK GAMBALE “Chop Builder” 1cd 9. FRANK GAMBALE “Modes No More Mystery”w/tabs 1cd 10. PAUL GILBERT “Intense Rock I” 1cd 11. PAUL GILBERT “Intense Rock II” w/tabs 1cd 12. PAUL GILBERT “Terrifying guitar Trip” w/ tabs 1cd 13. VINNIE MOORE “Articulation and Speed Pickin” 1cd 14. BRIAN MAY 1cd 15. BRIAN SETZER”the guitar of Brian Setzer” 1cd 16. STEVE LUKATHER ” 1cd 17. YNGWIE MALMSTEEN “W/ TABS 1cd 18. DUKE ROBILLARD “Uptown Blues, Jazz… 1cd 19. WARREN HAYNES “Blues guitar” w/ tabs 2cds 20. STEVE MORSE “Power Lines”w/tabs 1cd 21. STEVE MORSE”the complete style of steve morse” 1cd 22. STEVE LYNCH “Two Hand Tapping” 1cd 23. GREG HOWE “Hot Rock Licks” 1cd 24. GEORGE LYNCH 1cd 25. MARTY FRIEDMAN “The essentials” w/tabs 2cds 26. BLUES SARACENO w/tabs 1cd 27. STEVE VAI STYLE w/ tabs 1cd 28. RANDY RHOADS STYLE w/ tabs 1cd 29. IMPELETERI 1cd 30. ERIC JOHNSON “Total Electric Guitar” 2cds with tabs 31. ERIC JOHNSON “Fine art of guitar” vol.1 1cd with tabs 32. JOE PASS”jazz lines” 1cd w/tabs33. JOE PASS “Solo Jazz guitar” 1cd 34. JOE PASS –“The blue side of jazz”1cd 35. LARRY CARLTON PART 1 1cd 36. LARRY CARLTON PART 2 1cd WITH TABS 37. AL DE MEOLA 1cd 38. WILLIAM KANENGIZER “Effortless classical guitar” 1cd 39. WILLIAM KANNENGIzER “Classical Guitar Mastery” 1cd 40. BRENT MASON 2cds 41. RICHIE KOTZEN “Rock Chops” 1cd 42. PAUL HANSON “metal and guitar improvising” 1cd 43. RUBEN FORD Back to the blues” part 1 2cd 44. RUBEN FORD –“Back to the blues” part 2 2cd 45. RUBEN FORD”Blues and beyond”2cds 46. ALBERT LEE 1cd 47. ARLEN ROTH “Advance rock and lead guitar” 1c 48. KEITH WYATT “Rockin the blues” 1cd 49. JIMMY BRUNO – “No nonsense jazz guitar”vol.1 1cd 50. YNGWIE MALMSTEEN –PLAYLOUD,“the basics”1cd w/tabs 51. YNGWIE MALMSTEN- PLAYLOUD, “arpeggios” 1cd 52. YNGWIE MALMSTEEN- PLAYLOUD “the classical”1cd w/tabs 53. MICHEAL ROMEO 1cd 54. HERB ELLIS – “Swing Jazz” SOLOING AND COMPING 55. GIL PARIS – “Modern Blues Guitar” 1cd 56. MIKE STERN – 1CD 57. MICHAEL ANGELO 1cd 58. MICHAEL ANGELO” Speed skills” 2cd 59. RITCHIE KOTZEN”Hi tech rock Guitar”2cds with tabs 60. RITCHIE KOTZEN- Actual thing and Rock chops” 2cds with tabs 61. ZAKK WYLDE 1cd62. JUAN MARTIN “la guitara flamenca” 1cd 63. DANNY GATTON-“Strictly rhytm guitar” 1CD 64. DANNY GATTON”fender telecaster”2cd w/tabs 65. SCOT HENDERSON”Jazz improvisation” 1cd 66. SCOT HENDERSON”melodic phrasing”1cd 67. JIMMY SAKURAI STYLE JIMMY PAGE 1CD 68. PAUL GILBERT –“1OO GUITARS” 1CD 69. NUNO BETTENCOURT,PETE LESPERANCE,MARTY FRIEDMAN- 1CD 70. JERRY DONAHUE”Country Tech”1cd 71. TROY DEXTER”Fender Telecaster Greats”1cd 72. LI RITENOUR”guitar secrets”” 1CD 73. JOE DIORIO”creative jazz guitar” 1cd 74. STEVE WOHLRAB”chord solo jazz guitar” 1cd 75. MARTY FRIEDMAN “melodic control”1cd 76. TUCK ANDRESS”Fingerstyle Mastery”2cd w/tabs77. PERFECT PITCH 9CDS wid booklet (audio cd) 78. METAL METHOD STEP 1 –1CD 79. METAL METHOD STEP 2- 1CD 80. M

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    hello mga bicol musikeros… anyone interested in vcd music instructional videos? such as guitar,bass,drums,keyboard,vocals,sax,violin,etc. you name it i have it.

    for more info or orders just txt me or call me @ 09208378731

    i have rock,blues,funk,metal,jazz,r&b,etc of music video lessons in vcd format.

    price is P200 for single disc lesson & P300 for double discs lesson.

    i’m also selling music instructional books w/ audio cd.

    just contact me asap.

    tnx. bicol rocks!

    by the way just post your email ads here kung gusto niyo makita ang complete list ko sa music lesson videos or just txt me para magkita tayo at magbigay ako ng music list copies.

    i’m residing here in legazpi city area

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