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    Typo error lang yun Charmed. Ang title “Won’t prevail”.
    Which means, Philippine doctors’ attitude of not telling the patient and/or relatives should not prevail, therefore, has to be a subject of protest.

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    Perhaps you mean: Won’t REVEAL? [to divulge or to be aware]
    If that is what you mean, by medical ethics, doctors should inform patient [orto the patient’s close relatives/confidante] whatever medical findings he has specially of the patientif it is life-threatening. It would be against the law [criminal] if the medical practitioner will keep it a secret to patient whatever findings he has for a patient. Every patient has the right to know to be able to obtain the best medical care available. This is a universal medical practice among doctors [other medical practitioners has no right to give diagnosis to patients i.e. nurses, paramedics, ONLY licensed doctors].

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    Is it true Doctor’s in the Philippineswon’t tell patient and the family, she/he had life-term and other illnes that will shorten life?
    Someone told me about this and I am very curious, i don’t wanna believe it and i never heared it before.
    If is my family,I rather know what is goingon! would you?

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