A MATTER OF POLICY: Yes, its time to call for ONE WORLD CURRENCY

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    ako ngani iyo kuta su enot ko man na sasabihon. an gagamiton ngani card na sana. dai ka makabakal asin dai ka makatransact ki business kun wara ka kaitong card. may tatak pating 666. bwahahaha!

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    naenotan mo sana ako manoy butch magcomment..iyong gayo iyan ang binabasa ko ngunyan about this ONE WORLD CURRENCY.

    maybe true..maybe not. bhala na po kamo mag analisar..pakibasa na sana sa site na ini –


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    let me bring you to another view on ONE WORLD CURRENCY.
    Some theologians say that the one world currency is part of the signs of the End Times. The call for this is necessary to be able to put up and control a one world economic structure. The prophecy in the book of Daniel 7 will be economically based and need a one world currency. When this happens, no one will be able to transact commerce and business, not unless you have the mark of the beast (another prophecy in the book of Revelations).
    Just some thoughts to ponder upon.

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    Iyo Wayne an US dollar an dominant currency for more than a century na ngani. but there is a call today for a new global currency. Uni an diit na paliwanag: Economist Robert A. Mundell has long called for a
    global currency. On his website, he states that the creation of a
    global currency is “a project that would restore a needed coherence to
    the international monetary system, give the International Monetary Fund
    a function that would help it to promote stability, and be a catalyst
    for international harmony.” He states that, “The benefits from a world
    currency would be enormous. Prices all over the world would be
    denominated in the same unit and would be kept equal in different parts
    of the world to the extent that the law of one price was allowed to
    work itself out. Apart from tariffs and controls, trade between
    countries would be as easy as it is between states of the United
    States.”Pigtao niyang example and different states kan US. saro sana an presyo ninda sa gabos na states. siring man kaini sa europe na gamit an euro dollar. saro man an saindang presyo. ngunyan since nagibo ini sa europe na nagkaigwa sinda ki regional currency pwede man daa itaas sa next level na iyo an global currency that will lead to one global market. an hapot man sana digdi kun ano an epekto kan globa currency sa mga pobreng nasyon arog kan pilipinas. yan an dai ko pa aram. pero sabi ni Muriel magiging magayon daa ini para sa Pilipinas.

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    Ribong ako digdi. Anong “one world currency”? Bakong ngunian dominant ang USD o Euro sa international market? Therefore, it is only a matter of conversion to attain a “one world currency”.
    Even if everybody is trading in a one world currency, the price of goods and services in the Philippines will be different than in US or Europe. Goods and servicesare priced basedon quality and dependability. In manpower supply, quality and dependability are perceived based on race and ethnicity, how can we claim equal pay for an equal time worked when we can’t deliver the same output as with others?
    Sa problema kan Pilipinas sa ekonomiya, “complete system overhaul” ang kaipuhan.

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    So competition is the word? Do you think we are on par with other countries in terms of the things you mentioned?

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    YES, it’s time to call for ONE WORLD CURRENCY.
    More than 50 years ago the britton woods financial system was created which makes the dollar reserve currency for all countries around the world. This system no longer applies today, time have changed and so does this system. One world currency can be anytime medium change which might be yet to be in circulation.
    The reversed gold as the base for this new money can be based of what each country have. As time goes along, competition,
    exports, sales, etc. this money will become one. It has to be earned by each country through equal competition.

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    Actually it was the G20 which made this recommendation to have a new global currency. An gagamiton iyo an SDRs, o Special Drawing Rights, na sarong synthetic
    paper currency issued by the International Monetary Fund. This is actually a long process just like what happened in Europe. It took them 45 years to have one currency in the region which is the euro dollar. Sa Asia naman pigaisip na magkaigwa nguna ki Asian common currency which they say is very unlikely since there is wide difference in culture, economic status and treatment of economic soveriegnty. If ever man magkaigwa again it will take a long time to materialize.Now, your point that we will become as rich as the United States and other affluent countries through the global currency is really far-fetched. Our money will still be dependent on our reserve and resources. Global currency does not make us as rich or as competitive as other countries. But if you could explain why you think the global currency will virtually eliminate poverty in the Philippines I am all ears now. Please, you have the floor Manoy Muriel.

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    Yes, time to call for ONE WORLD CURRENCY.
    equal work should be equal pay. This is very foundation of life live in means of currency.
    we can aslo eat steaks, chicken grills, etc. you name it.
    equal competition.

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    …it’s not the imagination or illusion appliesto what we hopes and wants, let usface the reality,itmust be our rotten government and the people should act and unite…can we do that??? hmmmm……
    …who will listen to us anyway??? G20??….pagol lamang!!…. A MATTER OF SURVIVAL baga kita..
    stay cool…

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    Ako dangag…Weak Currency bakong week currency.

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    Pading Muriel,
    Do you think the G-20 Leaders will be receptive to your idea? After all, they are the one whodominate the world economy and they will the ones who willl havethe final say on this matter, not the Third World Countries whowill bethe benificiaries if and whenthis idea ever comes to fruition. Devaluating their currency willdefinitely be met with resistance especially if they’re pitted against a week currency like the Philippine Peso. It’s going to be a tough sell. It mightraise some eyebrowscoupled withutterance of the word HUH? Are you serious?.

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    start quotea.) We work 8 hrs a day, they work 8 hours a day, yet we don’t earnmuch as they do.b.) We went to school to get that degree, yet we still don’t liveequally as they do.c.) We build our nuclear ability to have equal arms as they do, yetthey stop us for making them.In conclusion, it’s time to call for one world currency. Time haschange, so does how the human race should be live.end quoteI have no idea how you came into conclusion about a “one world currency” solving the issues raised. Could you please explain it further?

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    Yes, its time for ONE WORLD CURRENCY.
    This means: a.) Wala na OFW working sub-human living conditions.
    b.) Ma-alis mga pinays/pinoys selling their bodies as prostitutes
    c.) Ma-alis na mga pinoys/pinays selling their body parts
    d.) etc.
    ang advantage: kung ikaw trabaho 8 hrs and only earns 200-300 pesos a day compared to americans who makes
    500-600 dollars a day, that makes life equal.

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    J. Villalobos

    Sa Bicol, Mas lalong nagdadakula an destansya kan mayaman asin pobre. Ang reheyon kan Bicol iyo an ika-apat na pinaka pobre na reheyon sa nasyon asin ang probensya kan Masbate iyo ang pang tulo sa pinaka pobreng probensya sa bilog kan Pilipinas. Kong makatabang tabi iyan na ONE WORLD CURRENCY….so be it.
    But if it will only create lots of instability, loss of property, starvation. There will be no governments. A few wealthy people will run the world.
    Take a look on what Napoleon Bonaparte says about that:
    “When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.”
    and who are this bankers? ………. it was mentioned above by the 2nd forumer.
    Good Night.

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