Ancient Medicine(old practical and scientific medicinal practices & methods)

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    Here are some ancient types of medical treatments considered as alternative to Western or Modern Medicine.Most of theseprocedures are still being practiced in the Philippines,particularly in far-flung places(barrios and provinces).I read an article about a month ago,that Former DOH Secratary Dr.Galvez Tan is encouraging the government to train”manghihilots” in order to revive the use of the these ancient yet scientifically proven procedures.The said practices/procedures are very much effective especially to simle or non-complex types of illness.
    It is a fact that there is an emerging global market for eastern medicine,particularly in U.S and European nations.I hope our government will seriously look on this upportunity,thus making our country a potential leader in medical tourism.
    Here are some Ancient Filipinomedical arts/practices/procedures wherein Manghihilots are the most preffered practitioners..
    Hilot Types

    Hilot Albularyo is a form of Hilot treatment, uses variety of herbs, internal and external applications used, and is known of the uses of “Hagod” (massage).
    Hilot Buga is a form healing treatment using a variety of herbs, fruits, vegetables, oil, water, and vinegar. They used chewed herbs and apply externally to cure various symtoms and illnesses.
    Hilot Bintusa is a form of healing treatments, using glass and fire pressure or called “Bintusa.” Similar to a Chinese cupping techniques, the used of accu pressure points to apply the cup is similar to the accupressure points they use in Chinese Acupucture.
    Hilot Babad is a form of healing treatment using water, use massage treatments in water to cure various muscle, tendon, ligament and joint injuries. This Hilot treatments is originated from Mangyans tribes and Aetas tribes in Luzon island.

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