DEPRESSION…. ano tiggibo mo ngani makaiwas?

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    manoy art, ika kaya kapamilya kan tribung dalugdog sa San Lorenzo, Tabaco City. Hehehehe! Nahiling ko ugaring su litrato mo kan dekada 70 pa ito! hahahahahahahaha! – j of ABS-CBN Legazpi

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    A good read – a Blog from Ms. Susan Russoon dealing with individualswe unfortunately met in our lives.
    Unethical People
    Written by admin on July 4, 2009 – 7:23 am – The one kind of person that pushes my buttons the most are “unethical people.” Unfortunately for us, they are everywhere. Just turn on the t.v. There are politicians who don’t pay their taxes and those that think it’s okay to have affairs, (only until they get caught) to the back stabber at work, to the unfaithful partner whose betrayal creates wounds in us the size of a crater, to sociopaths that get rid of their problems by killing them, even if they are human, to the people who you thought were your friends only to find out they obviously didn’t have your best interest at heart, to the person you hire that rips you off and you can’t do anything about it, etc.

    It sounds like a bleak picture of the world only because I am focusing on a very real but negative group of people who exist and who sometimes we’re unfortunate to have to encounter in life.
    Let me assure you of one thing though before I go any further. The flip side of this thankfully is that there are many more wonderful, good, ethical people in the world that save us from living in a world filled with misery.
    Believe me when I tell you, I have met my fair share of these types and each time I am not only blown away by their blatant lack of indifference to the havoc they wreak in your life, but I struggle the most with how it’s possible for another human being to be so heartless and cruel.
    It is so foreign to my core values and my sense of right and wrong that I become incensed by the injustices that are put upon people by those who have no regard for anyone but themselves. The level of selfishness that you have to possess to act in such ways is incomprehensible to most and that is where the real struggle ensues.
    The other day I encountered such a person. I have to admit, I was livid by his actions. I was furious that I even had to deal with someone whose pathetic attempt at being human paled in comparison to his unethical business tactics. But, what was even more upsetting was that I was so upset!
    For the first part of my day, I chose to allow this person to get under my skin to the point where I wanted to cry. I actually had to talk to myself to calm myself down. I was mad at myself for being so upset when I thought, why are you being so hard on yourself? It’s natural to react.
    Let’s say, someone who you thought was a fairly decent person walks up to you and just hauls off and punches you in the stomach. At first, you’re not going to say, “Oh that’s okay, no big deal. You’re just a jerk and it didn’t really hurt, you just knocked the wind out of me, talk to you later.”
    After the initial shock of such a move you have to recover your composure and respond. It’s the same in life. When you have the misfortune of coming across these kinds of people of course you are going to feel bad when someone betrays you, but…what is more important is how long you allow them to negatively affect your life.
    Once you get beyond the initial shock of dealing with people that inflict trauma into your life, you have to choose whether you are going to hold onto the anger and bitterness or refuse to allow them to ruin your life or your day.
    As you know, I believe we attract situations into our lives whether negative or positive by what we focus on. It wasn’t as if I was focused on this guy trying to hurt my business, but I have been stressed over some other issues in business which probably manifested into this situation.
    I also believe that things happen to us to teach us lessons in life. The lesson is that you have control over how you will respond, (after the initial re-action). You can let it eat you alive or you can let it go.
    I chose to accept that there are people out there who do things that I would never in my wildest dreams want to do to someone. But, they are not me and just because I wouldn’t do something like this doesn’t mean that others won’t.
    You do what you can to pick up the pieces of where you are left by this person’s actions and do what is necessary to put things back together the best you can. And, then, you let it go.
    There is no amount of wishing that people were different that is going to make it so. There is nothing you can do or say to these types that is going to miraculously let see themselves for who they are. They don’t care what you say or what you think, so why waste your breath.
    Be thankful that you are not them and you can wake up everyday, look in the mirror and know that you are good to people and treat them with respect, care, love and dignity.
    Remove toxic people from your life and be grateful for those around you who do love you and treat you right. Learn that it’s your reaction to everything that happens to you that will either have you mired in misery or free to live with joy.
    Letting go of past hurts, present injustices and the people who have caused them, is a gift you give yourself.
    Move on and enjoy…Susan

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    @manoy Art –taga San Lorenzo ka man tabi manoy…. igwa ako klasmeyt kan college na taga jan man, mga Binza…. madunong palan anlaptop mo… :)) try mo Alt+164 maluwan an ñ ,,, hope that helps u…. press and hold an Alt na tab tapos press mo ang 1 6 4…. God Bless at ingat pirmi..

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    cge lang KABAR, nahihiling co man ang mga post mo sa ibang torsido digdi sa GB. Iba talaga ang mga taga San Lorenzo. garong sabi ninda tunay na Tabaqueno (sorry dai co aram cung pa’no ang pagcaag can enyi)bata madunungon ang keyboard co minsan habong magtubod sa guramoy co.

    Sabi palan ni Yen nacahuron na daa can Mama n’ya ang mga tugang sa San Lorenzo.

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    Nice to see you’re recovering! Here’s a tip (of the iceberg) for next time, just in case.
    Depression is a fall.
    Yours is a fall from a relationship. Trying to prevent depression is like trying to prevent from entering a relationship. Preventable? Avoidable? Maybe. But surely not preferable or enjoyable. Life, as I know it, is about relationships. No one wants to be alone and nothing is ever alone.
    A relationship is a mixed pack. Finely written ineach pack is a fair reminder from the “soridiyan buda sorinalang” generals–WARNING: DO NOT FALL IN LOVE!!!! Who heeds it? Nobody I know. And certainly not Alfred Lord Tennyson who gave us the immotal line–” ‘Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to haved loved at all.”
    A relationship is a risk. Take it! It is well worth it. The rewards are great. The odds for success are better than what the stock market offers. It is down nowbut the market always bounces back.
    There is no confusion in this Confucian maxim–Those who have not tasted the bitterest of Life’s bitters, will not learn to appreciate the sweetest of Life’s sweets.
    Sail on! Sail on! I wish you fair winds and following seas but when the unavoidable storm comes, tuckyour sails and and face the wind.
    Or I know a couple of guys on GB would have advised you—Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead. I have not yet begun to fight.
    tagasanlorenzo, niaon sana aco sa pagtaraning, nagtatagahiling.
    P.S. I sawyou on Yen’s Thread. That one is well on the way for a HAPPY resolution. Yours too. I know. Bicolanas and Tabaquenas are no quitters.

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    @ journey…
    thanks gurl… you’re right, life is really too short to be wasted on stupid things. ..that’s why am gonna enjoy it now to the fullest.hehehe…
    Guys, i can give u a better smile now… 😀

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    @ pai caloy and siennah… thanks po!:D
    im ok now po … you are all a good help to me ! mwahks!
    God Bless!

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    anti-depression sako… an pigigibo ko kain ng kain 😀 he he he…pirmi may kaistorya lalo na samga tawong may mga positibong pananaw sa buhay. magpagayon…:Dasin mag-libangby getting involved in some sports…. o kaya mag-work out… basta i-busy ang sadiri sa mga kapaki-pakinabang na mga gawain.Life is too short, so please enjoy… God bless to all depressed… 😛

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    i normally watch mr bean in youtube kulit nya pawnu ahhha, that way i can forget my depression and continue what is right and good for me..

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    @ralph… uy! salamat, hehehe…. huni baga mejo ok ok na ako…

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    Therapists want to help us throw out what is unwanted and keep only what is wanted.
    But what is left may not be very much. If we try to throw away what we don’t want, we may throw away most of ourselves.
    Instead of acting as if we can dispose of parts of ourselves, we should learn the art of transformation. We can transform our anger, for example, into something more wholesome, like understanding. We do not need surgery to remove our anger.
    If we become angry at our anger, we will have two angers at the same time. We only have to observe it with love and attention. If we take care of our anger this way, without trying to run away from it, it will transform itself. This is peacemaking.
    If we are peaceful in ourselves, we can make peace with our anger. We can deal with depression, anxiety, fear, or any unpleasant feeling in the same way.

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    pai caloy

    oist lho, tama kan na go go go gurl! payt sana. di man matapos an mundo dahil sana sa nawasak na pagkamoot. kita ako, inabot na nin 54 kuatro, wahahahahahah. ne alitaptap, convert your experience to your advantage.

    kin gusto mong mag nguisi odi tabi: e de press mo yan na kamondo’an mo, ta sisingaw san su ba’ta……pag guinibo mo yan, segurado ako san, dakul rarani simo.

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    manay stunner, este alitaptap palan.. mata ka pa dyan?? bungkaras na dyan ta chat lamang kita hehehe wara na pawnu ako didi makachat ta gabos na gayud nagariliwuy na sa ulunan bwahahaha mahali ko lamang an pagkadepress mo 😛
    go go girl! kaya mo yan..! ika pa! 🙂

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    thanks! @wild orchids… mwah!

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    We all have our down moments, a period in our life when our world looks blue and our dreams somehow lost its luster. This is also a time when you do not feel good about yourself, you feel tired with your life, you feel depressed and it seems you are surrounded with hopelessness.
    1. When you’re down, never listen to people with negative or pessimistic views about life.Instead, listen to the words of individuals who are full of hope and positive outlook towards life. When you are in a depress mode, you tend to be easilyaffected by what you hear from other people. As such, being close to someone who has nothing to say but negative blah blahs will not be a good way to heal your depression.
    2. Find a serene place where you can think and assess yourself. Go to a quiet beach or somewhere close to nature. You can also try looking for a comfortable spot in your house where it is peaceful enough for you to relax and think.
    3. Stay close to your love ones. Whether it’s your dog, cat, close friends or your family,being close to them will help ease the loneliness inside you.
    4. Find a hobby that you really like. Some depress people take refuge by writing a journalwhere they can express their inner selves without boundaries. Some people getinvolved in sports, community service, painting, dressmaking, etc.
    5. And finally, appreciate yourself. Stop comparing yourself with other people who are far better-off than you. Instead compare yourself to the less fortunate. Before youcomplain about the food you eat, think of someone who has nothing to eat. Before you complain about your job, think of the unemployed and those who wish they had your job.
    6. As a final note, always be happy. Always appreciate your life. You will realize that your life is better the way it is.

    ine gibohon mo magtanom ning kamonte pag depress ka, igwa ka lamang ning gilumduman. or sumayaw ka ng sumayaw makibayle ba… hehehe
    alog kaini


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