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    InSingapore, there is a law that requires all male citizens/permanent residentsto enter the army, police or civil defense once they reach the age of 17. For 2 years,these young menundergo training and serve the country (with pay), after which they come out and return to school or work. They are also called for reservist in-camp trainings twice every year (2 weeks per in-camp training) to make sure they don’t lose what they’ve learned. Again the gov’t. pays them according to the salary they’re getting fromtheir companies during thesein-camp trainings. In my opinion, these trainingsactually help instill disciplineand other good values.
    Ano sa hiling nindo, pwede kaya na ipatupad man ini sa Pilipinas? Imbes na sige sana ang iristambay o irinuman, magsirbi lamang sa banwa ki 2 taon.

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