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    who is to blame?cguro ala na dapat iblame kasi nangyari na( naman), sana lang sa mga magtitake ng exam ngayon sana galingan nyo sa review,wag umasa sa leakage, intindihin ang kada area ng exam, whats the point of memorizing the answers kung di nyo naman intindi kung pano at san nahugot ung sagot…….lahat ng questions sa nursing board exam halos pabalik pabalik lang kumbaga binabago lang ung presentation ng tanong pero ung idea ganun pa din…….goodluck saindo gabos……

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    what happened to those involved in the nursing leakage scandal?…nothing i guess…

    now those poor new nurses are suffering from what happened…
    they could have been applying for a job especially in unites states right now…but instead…
    they are going to re-review again to retake the exam…its all PRC’s fault i think…
    because they recount the test instead…

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    DOLE firms up plans for nursing exam retake
    03/07/2007 | 09:32 AM

    Now that the US Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) has put its foot down, the Labor department has started finalizing preparations for the retake of Tests 3 and 5 in the June 2006 nursing exam.Labor Secretary Arturo Brion, however, assured the 17,323 passers of the June 2006 exam that they will still keep their licenses even if they flunk the retake.”Their licenses won’t be revoked. The exam is for the VisaScreen certificate so they can get jobs in the US, to enhance their employability. This is not about licensing. So regardless of whether they pass or fail, their licenses won’t be revoked,” Brion said in Filipino during an interview on dzXL radio.He also stressed that the retake will be voluntary, and will cover only Tests 3 (Medical Surgical Nursing) and 5 (Psychiatric Mental Health), which were tainted by a leakage scandal last year.MalacaƱang bowed Tuesday to the position of the CGFNS, which insisted that the exam passers retake Tests 3 and 5 to qualify for VisaScreen certificates.Brion said that with MalacaƱang’s stance, his department is now focusing on “helping” the examinees who wish to retake the exam, either this June or December.He said one of the initial steps he has taken is to talk to the deans of some 20 “centers of excellence” that will offer review courses.”We will take care of the review at the nursing centers of excellence. We have selected 20 schools and I am talking to their deans to finalize the arrangements,” he said.He said he has also recommended that the government waive the examination fee and give other forms of assistance to the June 2006 examinees in their review.Beyond these, however, he said those who want to retake Tests 3 and 5 will have to go through the regular processes through the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).He added the PRC’s Board of Nursing will prepare the exam questions and check the papers.The only difference, he said, is that the results of the retaken exams will be brought to his department instead of the PRC.”They will have to follow the processes of the PRC. We cannot make another process just for them. So they will retake the exam at the same time as the June or December regular exams,” he said.Last Tuesday morning (Manila time), CGFNS posted an online statement wherein it said a retake of Test 3 and 5 was mandatory for the issuance of VisaScreen certificates.”That decision is final, and will not be reconsidered … The Philippine delegation accepted that fact,” the CGFNS said.It added that, “The sooner the responsible authorities in the Philippines move forward to implement the steps for a re-take of Tests 3 and 5, without the need for Philippine nurses to surrender their current licenses in order to do so, the better it will be for all concerned.”The task force led by Bacolod City Rep. Monico Puentevella met “in extended discussion” at the CGFNS headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA with CGFNS Board of Trustees president Dr. Lucille Joel, chief executive officer Dr. Barbara Nichols, and counsel to CGFNS John Ratigan. – GMANews.TV

    The top six countries that employ Filipino nurses are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Britain, Taiwan, Ireland and the United States.

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    yan dyan ako saludo sa RUN, wara ki pigtatao na leakage……..alagad ang G… ang L na review center ay master sa arog kaan basta lang makakua ki 100% na passing rate para sa mga reviewers regardless sa magiging epekto kang gibo ninda…..huhooommmm

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    sa mga nursing review centers, dae tabi nindo pagturoan ning pandaraya ang mga reviewee’s nindo ta sagkod
    ngonyan namamatian pa ang fallout kan june 2006 board exam leakage.

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    why not try RUN o kaya KAPLAN Review Center…….RUN is a good review center!!!!!bicolano pa ang kagsadiri…..nasa PUP sta mesa ang review center ninda….as in full assistance talaga during the review at ok din ang mga nagtuturo!!!!suggestion lang po….

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    Bacong ang review center na iyan su source kan leakage kan 2006?

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    MILLENIUM RA GAPUZ DARAGA BRANCH LOCAL NURSING REVIEW SCHEDULE:April 16 – June 2, 2007Monday to Friday, 9 am – 5 pmAddress: 3rd Floor JRE Building, Rizal St., Ilawod, Daraga, Albay (in front of Daraga Park)For more information, call:Mobile: (0906)309-9094(0918)365-9538Landline: (052)483-5633Enrollment is now going on.

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