Poll Automation – To be or not to be

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    Pading Aris “Ho”,

    Garo muyang cancel lon ni Obamanation an F-22 Raptor. Too expensive daa. “Special Ops” pede na.

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    Automated was a good choice but then again Filipinos are too smart to manipulate anything that they could put their hands on. Para sa akin wara na pag asa, meron, PAG-ASA WEATHER BEREAU, maybe, in the next 50 years, it’s just a hope. With a 10 fully loaded F22 raptors and take all the bad apples in the country, hmmmmmm pidi.

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    manu manu o bakong manu manu pareho igwang daya…… pinoy yata yan! para di masayang palitan ang makina nin gilingan asin duman ikaag ang kandidatong mandaraya….

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    I applied for a drivers license in Tabaco earlier this year and after showing them all the proof of identity required I sat down for my photograph and also an eloctronic divice that took my fingerprints, I cannot recall if my eye was similarlyread or not, because of memoryconfusion with having my eyes tested on an other occasion for spectacles. I think a device such as the one used in the traffic office should besufficiently quick. I cannot give any guarantees that the system could not be tampered withsomehowdue to foul play by malcontents desiring to portraya more favorable selfish result to suit their own personal interest.

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    Saro sa mga rasones kung tano nag withdraw ang TIM sa partnership sa Smartmatic ta gusto daa na ang Smartmatic ang masunod sa mga desisyon kang pasistema sa poll automation. Syempre dae man matugot ang TIM ta election ini kang pinoy, kaya dapat pinoy ang masusunod.

    Recently, India had a succesful automated election which reduced the counting from months to days. They deviced a counting mahine of their own and did not rely on foreign firms in automating their election.

    Digdi kaya sato sa Pilipinas, mas maurag baga kong foreign lalo na hale o gibo kang mga kano ta imported daa saka mas maaasahan. Tano kayang-kaya na man baga kang mga pinoy na maggibo o mag imbento ning makina na gagamiton sa election ta mauurag na ang satong mga programmers saka technicians, kaya ngani most sought after sinda sa abroad.

    Dapat magdevice ning makina na tama sa satong sistema, bakong sa sistema kang ibang nasyon. Seguro kung dae madagos ang automated election sa sarong taon, may 6 na taon pa para maghanda na ang gobyerno o ang mga programmers saka tech savvies na maggibo ning mga counting machines saka testingon o magkaigwa ning dry run kaini sa local election sa masunod na 3 taon. Di pag abot kang national election, very well-adjusted na ang makina saka ang mga tao sa automation kang election.

    Pati ang mga paradaya very-well adjusted na man saka handa na kung pano ninda ma-tamper ang mga makina. Hay buhay.

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    ako po “alsa masa” ako po ay dating NPA no permanent address hahahaha ngayon nag alsa masa na ako dyan na ako ngayon nakatira sa tuktuok ng bulkan

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    Tama ka Butch..in reality habo man kan mga politicians an automation ta dae na ninda ma-manipulate an boto kan mga tawo. But then again clever politicians will always find ways to tamper it, ika nga hindi ito Pinoy proof. They can always hire goons to sabotage electrical transmisions hence rendering the machines useless and blame the NPA for it. I hope this thing work para mawala na ang “Hello Garci” scandal in future elections. Let’s hope for the best.

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    we easily forget history…
    kan sarung election baga arug man kaan nangyari. sabi ma automation na daa pero pag abud last hour, mano-mano man giraray. bako kaya deliberately habo kan ibang mgapolitiko ang automated election ta dae sinda makakadaya? i hope im wrong.

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    As the fuss in this Cha-Cha proposal is ongoing, two private companies (Filipino-owned Total Information Management Corp. (TIM) & Netherlands-based Smartmatic Corp.) which will be responsible in the automation of 2010 national election, seem to dance to the tune of cha cha cha, undecided whether or not to push through with their contract or to sever their ties. The culprit? Money.

    Nag-iiriwal tulos kung siisay ang mas magkakaigwang kontrol sa kwarta saka sa operasyon kang pagpadalagan kang automation. Dae pa ngani naghimsa so sogok nag bibirilang na kang siwo..nem ta magkakaburogok logod.

    Now comes Comelec as arbiter, giving them until friday to act and decide whether to push through with their contract or left the people hanging again in confusion. If the two firms remain irreconcilable, manual voting & counting on next year’s election is here to stay. This means that massive electoral fraud will be back in business because the more time the counting is delayed, the more manipulation of results is very possible..no wonder as we always expect it.

    Not only that will be the disadvantages if automation is not pushed through. How about the billions of pesos of peoples money that were invested in this project, which will be the first ever in the Philippines? And the thousands of counting machines that will not be used, are they going to be left eaten by rust or will be maintained until the next six years and continue to use millions of taxpayers money for their maintenance?

    Nagsarayang sana naman ning dakulaon na kwarta na dae na maibabalik imbes nagamit na kuta sa mas makabulohang mga proyekto na makakatabang sa katawohan.

    We cannot really say that automated election will be free from cheating and some delays if machines encounter some technical errors or glitches. But at least with the machines’ help in giving us quicker results, we will be assured that cheaters will not be given opportune time in doing their deceitful intentions.

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