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    A portable potty can be referred to as several types of toilets or portable bathrooms. It can be referred to as a porta potty being used by toddlers for toilet training or portable bathrooms (Portable toilets Orlando) being used in outdoor activities, construction sites and anywhere else you find impractical to build a bathroom.Occasionally, a portable toilet for an adult may also be called a porta potty. In this sense, the term is somewhat derogatory, since porta potty usually evokes the potty training of children, and most adults don’t want to be thought of as childlike merely because they can’t use or can’t get to a standard toilet. It’s better to refer to these portable toilets for adults as chair toilets, or merely portable toilets, so as not to offend those who cannot take advantage of the privacy of a bathroom.For children, the porta potty is much smaller, and generally placed in the bathroom next to the regular toilet. These are thought much easier to use for young children because it can be uncomfortable to sit on a regular toilet if your legs do not reach the ground. Plus, the standard toilet opening may be too large and children may fear falling into the toilet. Porta potties for children come in a variety of different makes and designs, some inflatable, others merely made of molded plastic. They’re often made in bright colors in the hopes that children will find them attractive and wish to use them, hastening training.

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