Slapping incident over Pork(pun intended)Who says that all Congressmen love Pork?

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    Eating pork by mistake does not justify violence
    By Rasheed Abou-AlsamhINQ7.netLast updated 11:59am (Mla time) 11/26/2006

    THE RIDICULOUS incident that was reported in on Tuesday, that Lanao del Sur Representative Faysah Dumarpa had allegedly pointed a knife at Virginia Altamirano, a waitress of the Shangri-la Chine Cuisine, after she was served pork during a dinner with other lawmakers at the House on Monday, made me laugh it was so silly!
    The waitress went to a local police station to file a complaint against Dumarpa for allegedly hitting her in the face, throwing a glass of water at her and waving a knife menacingly at her. The Muslim congresswoman denies hitting the poor waitress, but admits that she threw the glass of water onto the floor and that she indeed had a knife in her hand at the time of her outburst.
    In a nasty letter to the owner of the restaurant, Dumarpa demanded that the staff involved in serving the lunch all be sacked for serving her pork, either knowingly or through incompetence, even though she claims to have asked several of the staff whether any of the dishes contained pork.
    “What I did after that was my natural reaction on a situation where I felt betrayed,” she said in her letter to the restaurant owner, Ramon Sy. “I was grossly insulted, and I assumed your crew members purposely caused that by intentional concealment of the fact herein set forth. If not at all intentional, then there must have been gross negligence on their part,” Dumarpa said. The lawmaker explained that for Muslims, eating pork and its derivatives was forbidden in Islam and considered a “grievous sin” in their religion. She said an intentional consumption of meat would hinder her from gaining entrance to paradise.
    “Intentional” is the key word here. I can surely say that her eating pork in this instance was NOT intentional, so I don’t see how her entrance to Heaven would be jeopardized by eating pork by mistake. I would instead suggest to her that slapping a defenseless waitress in the face, shouting like a crazed person and throwing a glass of water on the floor in a scandalous fashion, is what surely would keep her out of Paradise!
    Fellow Lanao del Sur Representative Benasing Macarambon also attended this luncheon, and told that eating pork accidentally was allegedly more upsetting to him and other Muslims than catching their spouses with another person! What nonsense! How is accidentally eating pork now WORSE than catching your spouse committing adultery?! The logic escapes me here.
    In a country where the majority of the population loves anything porky, and where the national dish is lechon de leche (roast pig), I am not surprised that Muslim politicians often find pork lurking in the food that is served to them. As my father always told me, eating pork unknowingly was okay, as long as one stopped eating the dish as soon as we found out it contained pork.
    Instead of slapping hapless waiters and throwing tantrums in public, Muslim politicians would do better to have someone inspect the kitchen while their food is being prepared, or better yet, bring their own halal, pork-free food with them to avoid any such mix-ups in the future.
    On Wednesday, the restaurant accused of serving pork to Dumarpa announced that it was suspending its services from the House of Representatives in order to protect its staff from the threats of physical violence coming from Dumarpa and her supporters. Dumarpa, who is 54 and serving her second term in Congress, ironically told the website in a July 13, 2006, article on her proposal to set up a state-run Islamic university in the Philippines, that “remember, real Islam shuns violence.”
    If only she had followed her own advice and not slapped Altamirano, shouted and thrown the glass of water on the floor, Muslims all around the world would not have to cringe at such uncivilized behavior. Dumarpa owes the waitress an apology and an immediate cessation of threats of violence, end of story.

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    Kumbinsido ako sa pigsabi ni tolhits KSP lang si conngress woman na muslim ta harani na an election saka para sakuya katangahan na idto ni congresswoman na nakakakan siya nin orig aram na bawal sainda an pagkakan ki orig niata ta dai siya naghapot kun anong klase nin karne an nahiling niya duman, sa totoo lang siguro nasiraman man siya sa pagkakaluto nu pancit kaya sige sana an kakan niya kan mahiling siya nu kairibanan na congressman na muslim na nagkakan siya kan pancit na may orig napahiya siya kaya nagluwas su ugali niya na garu sa orig. Ako naghaloy man sa mindanao pero bako man arog kaiyan an ugali nin tunay asin edukadong muslim.

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    I have discussed this issue with a good Muslim friend of mine, and asked his opinion about the unfortunate incident involving the congresswoman and the caterer/waitress. According to him [he is an authority with regards to Islam, ad he is a devoted Muslim], what the congresswoman did is absolutely wrong [the outburst is undestandable but not the violence]. She should actually be punished for her action, by the civil law or being a Muslim. As it was accidental, she should have stopped upon learning that she ate pork. She should have just approach the caterer and told them what they have done and let them not repeat the same situation. Also, it is expected to Muslims who are mixing with other individuals, during dining, should beforehand, inform the cook or whoever is in-charge to let them be aware of their preference of food, specially if they are the minority in the group. She should have checked prior to the serving of the meals.

    But this situation has given lesson both ways, to the congresswoman and the caterer, but the damage has been done and can’t be undone. Let just hope that this incident would be a lesson learned.

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    Maybe it was pure negligence on the part of the caterer but it was absolutely idiocy action by this congresswoman. We condone negligence but we MUST never tolerate such outburst specially coming from a public official.

    It’s okay to make mistake but it’s NEVER okay kill or terrorize someone just because of that mistake. We should respect each other religious belief but I believe we’re living in a crazy world if we ever stomach or tolerate such terrible behavior to happen.

    Pader Balweg, forgive them for what they don’t know of what they’re doing… I believe eating by mistake is not anact ofa religious sin but it’s likely a bloody sin to display unreligious and horribly manners at the dining table.

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    By GM
    An pag uugali ni Congresswoman Dumarpa that moment ,ipinahiling niya kun ano talaga an ugali kan hayop……..kantunayna orig.
    Na maski dai kita mag kakan nin certain food/meat etc……..BUT whenwe act like them, we’re one of them. Period..
    Manay Gm,Tumpak ka!!!!kaherak man su orig,ta na ikumpara ki CongresswomAN,hehehehe.iN FAIRNESS SA ORIG,ANGorig ay sarong gentle and domesticated animal.hahahhahaha.
    Ang problema kaya sa ibang mga tawo,ginagawang “free pass”ang sarong relihiyon para ma justify ang sarong malaen na gibo.They always whine about the so called”insensitivity towards thier practice ,but it seems that they also doesnt want to reciprocate.Compromise is a two way street.To co-exist,one should have tolerance.Yes,Congresswoman,tolerance and not submissiveness!

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    Pareho sindang duwa dapat accountable kan saindang mga actions.
    Halangkawon na marhay an expectations ta samga tawo na may mga pananagutan: sapamilya,gobyerno, simbahan, etc.
    An pag uugali ni Congresswoman Dumarpa that moment ,ipinahiling niya kun ano talaga an ugali kan hayop……..kantunayna orig.
    Na maski dai kita mag kakan nin certain food/meat etc……..BUT whenwe act like them, we’re one of them. Period.

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    actually wara man ki maraot magkakan ki orig(pig)-(kung relehiyon ang pag huroronan)ta sabi sa enot na parte kan bibliya gabos pweding kaunon pwera lang kan fruit of knowledge (bako tabing mansanas ito-actually untill now we still eating it) kaya lang pinagbawal na kaunon an orig(pig) takan panahon na ito dakol ang virus na nakukua sa pag kaon nin orig (totoo iya hangan ngunyan ang birds flu transmitted to human thru the pig nag mutate sinda sa orig) so to everybody will follow it the elders used that method thru religion (ta ang mga tawo kaito religion ang pinaka gov ninda). it’s not about going to heaven, it’s all about health.

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    I agree that there was a lapse on the side of the caterer.But,i do not agree on how they justify the violence inflicted to the attendant of the caterer.Is the act of slapping,cursing and even pointing a knife on the poor employee neck a justifiable deed?Arin na ngunian su mas may negatibong gibo?Su pagkaka sala nu caterer na in effect su sarong attendant su naging direct recipient kanghumiliation ang physical abuse?or su reaction nu sarong lawmaker na dae man tituyong mapakaon nu pancit na allegedly igwang karne ning orig?
    I agree with Manoy Banny’sl lament.It isreally sad,that in reality,fanaticism really clouds one’s wisdom.

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    I don’t blame the congresswoman for her outburst. It was but pure negligence on the part of the caterer. If they are careful enough, aram ninda na may mga Muslim na congresista, and being in the catering service, they should always be conscious of the ethnicity, religion, preferences of their customers. It is always good to respect the belief of others, for us to gain respect to our own belief, to be able to live harmoniously inspite of differences in religion and culture.

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    KSP lang tong representative na muslim…..since na election na naman next year ay naka hiling siya ning pagkakataon para medyo sumikat.
    Malay ba kang caterer na igwang muslim na makakan kang inorder sainda. And since na pansit ang inugatan kang gabos. it is very common sa mga kristyanona ang paagi kang pag luto o sahog sa pansit ay pirming may taba kang baboy.
    May kataid akong pure na muslim sa sa subd. mi, dae siya pabor sa naging actuation kang ka-relihiyon nya. kasupugan daa ito, mayo daang SENTIDO KUMON… kung gusto daa nindang magkakan ning pansit ay napaluto sinda ning bago, and sinisigurado ninda sa chef na edible oil lang ang gamiton para mag mantika ang pansit.
    Gutom na daa palan siya…ano man daa ta sa kadaklan ning kakanon na ipig served ay pansit so pinapak na dae siya sigurado sa inihalo.

    . 😀

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    It’s not the things that comes in to your body will hinder you from entering to heaven; it’s the things that comes out from you.
    But we have to respect others beliefs….

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    This is disturbing.Sensible commentaries,reactions(no slapping ,cursing or knife pointing allowed)are welcome.
    Lanao congresswoman goes ballistic over porkThe Philippine Star 11/22/2006 Dreading the wrath of Allah and feeling “grossly insulted,’’ a Muslim congresswoman slapped and shoved a waitress who served her pancit (noodles) with pork during a dinner at the House of Representatives last Monday. Lanao del Sur Rep. Faysah Dumarpa said she blew her top upon learning that she had unintentionally eaten pork, which was an ingredient of the dish served by Virginia Altamerano, head waitress of Shangri-la Finest Cuisine in West Triangle. Shangri-La Finest Cuisine was the House caterer for that day. Altamerano later reported the incident to the Batasan Hills police. She, however, declined to be interviewed after the incident. “As a Muslim, it is forbidden in Islam for a believer to eat pork or its derivatives. To do so is a grievous sin. An intentional consumption of such meat would hinder me from gaining entrance to paradise. Beyond dietary concerns, this is a matter of faith,” she said. “What I did was a natural reaction on a situation where I felt betrayed. I was grossly insulted,” she said, explaining her outburst. The 54-year old Mindanao lawmaker said she had to eat first because she had to take medicine for hypertension. “Siguro mataas pa ang presyon ko kaya nagdilim agad ang paningin ko (Maybe my blood pressure was high that’s why I easily lost my temper). I feel I was betrayed, that I was deceived,” she said. Dumarpa said that before the incdent, the food servers assured her of pork-free dish for her and other Muslim lawmakers. She said it was a Muslim colleague who called her attention to the mistake. By that time, she was already enjoying the dessert. “I had been very careful in my 54 years not to eat pork, only to find out that I did. It has been my habit to ask (if there is pork) first. I can give up all my wealth, all I have in this world, but I cannot give up my faith,” she told reporters at a briefing. Dumarpa admitted pushing Altemarano, but denied attempting to stab her with a table knife. “I was pushing her, I was scolding her. But I cannot remember taking any knife because I was holding a glass of water. But yes, I threw the glass on the floor out of anger.” Dumarpa wrote a letter to Ramon Sy, head of the House caterer, demanding the dismissal of the concerned catering crew. “It is a policy of the House that only Halal (prepared according to Muslim law) foods shall be served to Muslim congressmen, and this has been relayed to you as a concessionaire,” she told Sy in a letter. Lanao del Sur Rep. Benasing Macarambon, who is also a Muslim, said Dumarpa’s outburst was justified and that Islam allows a more severe response to such travesty. “If it were me, I don’t know what will be my state of my mind. Muslims can kill,” he warned. Macarambon said that for a Muslim, the anguish one feels after being made to eat pork is actually worse than seeing one’s wife being raped in front of him. Another Muslim lawmaker, Mujiv Hataman of party-list Anak Mindanao, has a less combative stand on the issue. He proposed that a separate lounge for the 12 Muslim lawmakers be set up to avoid such incidents from happening again. “The House should take responsibility for this unfortunate incident on Dumarpa. This indicates the lack of religious and cultural sensitivity even within the House itself,” he reiterated. “Hence, to prevent similar incidents from happening again, the House should consider putting up a separate lounge for Muslim legislators and visitors,” Hataman stressed. “The House should observe measures that are respectful of faith-based differences in customs and beliefs, such as ensuring Halal food preparations or putting up separate lounge,” he said in a text message. Altamerano, 36, reported the incident to the Batasan Hills police station. Supt. Tante Agpaoa, station chief, said Altamerano reported the incident for record purposes. He said the incident happened at around 6:30 pm.

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