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    thanks poh sa lyrics ng song:)

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    hi reccs, manay rose, and to all who replied to this thread. Tears, i want to dedicate this song to you
    i hope that somehow you’ll feel better. Try to move on and live a happy life again, thats the essence of
    living. sometimes it takes to be hurt to learn. just remember that whatever comes, life must go on…

    Here’s to you from *TOTO* song called:


    Some people live their dreams
    some people close their eyes
    some people’s destiny passes by

    There are no guarantees
    There are no alibis
    That’s how our love must be
    Don’t ask why

    It takes some time
    God knows how long
    I know that I can’t forget you

    As soon as my heart stops breakin
    and tears are fading
    soon as forever is through
    I’ll be over you

    Remembering times gone by
    promises we once made
    what are the reasons why
    nothing stays the same

    There were the nights
    holding you close
    Someday I’ll try to forget you

    REPEAT CHORUS til fade..

    mas maray ini kun ika mismo an mag gitara. try mo, good outlet yun.

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    hahhaha, maybe peru mlabo na un;)

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    In the woods there grew a tree,And a very fine tree was he.And on that tree there was a limb,And on that limb there was a branch,And on that branch there was a spray,And on that spray there was a nest,And in that nest there was an egg,And in that egg there was a bird,And on that bird there was a feather,And on that feather was a bed,And on that bed there was a girl,And on that girl there was a man,And from that man there was a seed.And from that seed there was a boy,And from that boy there was man,And from that man there was a grave,And on that grave there grew a tree.In the Summerisle wood.

    everything is a mystery……..

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    @};[email protected]};[email protected]};-

    Would you know the sorrow of my heart, If I would die tomorrow, and from this world, I depart?
    Would you know how much I loved you? Would you remember my smile? and say, “Yes, and I loved you too. That would make it all worthwhile.
    Just in case, Jesus calls me home I want you to know First, there is no phone, and you can’t go a-stow.
    Secondly, I want to say That I LOVE YOU and there is no way I’ll ever forget you.
    So, I’ll be waiting up above; when you come with God. There will be so much love, I’ll be waiting for you with the Angels’ [email protected]};-
    @Mitch: sus! grabeeeeee, bio mo bagang minate ang tema …senti ka man palan?…hahahahahha..sabagay matud kan sinabi mo..mabilang mo na sana sa kamot mo ang makusog lumiklik sa temptation…

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    tsk,tsk,tsk!saklap manay reccs! tinamaan talaga ako kaan na latest poem na pinost mo tabi. i could relate to it quite morbidly…bako talaga gabos na LDR nagkaka dinagusan (Long distance relationship). saka kadipisil na kaya sa mga lalaki maka resist ki temptation, ano po?huhuhu….

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    Loy, aduyo na su request mo, naikit ko ..hahahahaha
    Sometimes, I remember you…But I can no longer see your face.You don’t know what you put me through,And you were so hard to replace.Tell me that you think of me,When you see the petals fall.I hoped that one day you’d agree,That we truly lost it all.I hope that it was worth the priceThat you decided you had to pay.It seemed I was the one who sacrificedSo much toward our decay.And, in the end, it was me here,But you were no where to be found.You laughed and scoffed at all of my tears,And refused to make a sound.But, life moves on, and here I am…I forgot all we held dear.You’re face has almost disappeared,But your words are still quite clear.You said you loved me and said you cared.You said that you would wait.I know that you were never there,When I was left to contemplateWhere you were, or who I was,And why you would just leave…It seems you left just becauseI had no will to believe.But I believe in changes, yes…I believe that love is real.It was great with you, but not the best…You couldn’t help how you didn’t feel.

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    More! more! Gayon baga….

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    I am not so far from you, Justa little way beyond
    Past the cares and past the pain; Far past my earltly bonds
    When you feel you miss me most, As years go drifting by
    Each memory will prove to you, that our love will never die
    For memories are but a touch, From the Father’s gentle hand
    To heal your pain and mend your hearts, to help you understand
    That while I left you far too soon, I did not leave alone
    For the Father sent His angels, to gently take me home
    Take comfort when you think of me
    Keep my love alive in your heart
    and with the warmth of each memory
    We will never be apart..
    Take this message with you always
    As i am watching you above…

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    I was young, I was in love..
    The days came, I never care..
    You were there, that’s all I care…
    In my heart, I know you will always be there…
    Somehow, I was neveraware
    That someday you will not be there
    And will never care….
    Alright, the pain was sudden
    Caught me unware, tears were there…
    But regret was never felt…
    Coz I was glad I Loved and Cared..

    By: Manay “R” [ for my True Love not First Love ]:)

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    If I could see you in a year,
    I’d wind the months in balls,
    And put them each in separate drawers,
    Until their time befalls.
    If certain, when this life was out,
    That yours and mine should be,
    I’d toss it yonder, like a rind,
    And taste eternity.
    dedicated to gb folks with LDR and in those in despair.

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    garo mga sentimental na tawo ang digdi…. tukduan man ako nindo…plis

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    Nung mahirap pa lang si kori umutang siya nang 100 Pesos sa pamilya rosi. nang bigla si kori naging presidente nakalimuytan na niya na may utang siya sa pamilya rosi.ang mga tao na bomoboto kay kori aquino ay nabalitaan na may pagtitipon sila sa araw na ito. Nagsipuntahan naman ang mga tao may babae,lalake na mag-asawa o magsyota at meron ding bading at tomboy,ung pamilya rosi at bata(siyemprekasama ung magulang) nung nandoon na sila sa pagtitipon… Nakalimutan ni kori ang kaniyang utang Kumanta sila nang Lupang hinirang pagdating sa magiting tumakbo kamo si kori sinundan ng mga alagad ni kori. si kori ay pumunta sa toilet at sinimulang umipot sinabi ni kori sa mga kanyang aladagad na eskusemi muna si kori nakalimutan ni kori na na pag may sinabi si kori sa mga alagad niya na ang sinabi ni kori ay babaliktarin ng mga alagad niya sinabi ng mga alagad niya na si kori ay umiipot narinig ng mga tao pinahiya ng mg alagad si kori at sinigaw ng mga tao si kori umiipot! narinig ni kori pero hndi lng siya makalabas dahil umiipot pa rin siya pero narinig ni kori ang isang bata na anak pala nang pamilya rosi na bulol sabi ng bata: kuripot si kori. ngayon kala naman nang magulang ng bata ay magaling na ang bata dahil nakabuo na ng mga salita na tama. pumunta ang pamilya sa simbahan sbi ng magulang nang bata salamat diyos at nakapagsasalita na ang anak ko. (nun pala mali lang ang pagkasasalita nang bata

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