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    True love in this differs from gold and clay,
    That to divide is not to take away.
    O cunning love, with tears thou keep;st me blind,
    Lest eyes, well seeing, thy foul
    faults should find.

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    “Love is like a puzzle. When you’re in love, all the pieces fit but when your heart gets broken, it takes a while to get everything back together.” [from an unknown author]

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    Tonight i feel the pain.
    i feel ur love thru th songs u ask me to hear
    and cry for the wasted years of happiness w/ u
    i cry for all the love and happiness i could have given you from the start
    i feel so stupid that i was so proud, so young, and so ashamed of my love for u
    i kepts all this love in the deepest corner of my heart,
    i always knew u are so right for me from the start’
    but i thought it was all inmy dreams only;
    and i have to live in reality that we can’t be together
    i dont know how much u understand; how deep my love for you
    i just dont want to waste another minute of my life without letting you know
    how much i love and care for you
    my love for you have been critized many times,
    but i know deep inside that it is true love,
    because the longer i am away from u the greater is my yearning to be with u
    you are myknight with the shining armor ,my charming prince, and i amur devoted princess
    i cherished every thought of you, and it will be treasured forever
    wherever u are , i still wish to send u my tender love;
    a warmth embrace and my most passionate kiss.
    my love will be yours now and forever.

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    In every words of love I give to you

    Not of this moment of time but that was long time past,

    My heart was never belong to anyone at the moment of time

    Yet my heart filled with warmed embraced from the dreamed of yesterday.

    Heart was shining like a diamond that sparkle like this star in their eyes,

    Everything I vision comes to rest with others lives but not mine

    A glory come not of the childhood dream with warmed embrace

    Replacing this vision in this darkened night of who I am and who you are?

    To your tune I remember this good old time just like an auld lang sign

    After all the beauty that behold you and this cherries tune that beheld me.

    To wonder why you came so late as I see this warmed embrace comes before me

    Under this augustmoon night you came at last and I am fingate999 on the end time

    Note and bars a music that send a loving heart and found this music in my mind

    Each moment we wait for this love within our heart, lets find this glow that tears our heart away

    On this tune our feeling are the same for here we are together at last

    Not November nor May that we look on this connection we always share

    Out of sight, you came on the right site to bring this tune to awaken my heart

    Under this night, I hope this age will not be a barrier for this love within our heart

    Remembering that love we left behind from that long time past.

    Hearts that sing from our love song this spirit from old time past

    Embracing the new world and this world of our own

    A love that shine within our hearts from the old time past

    Replacing the memory of today to this good old days

    To be with each other once again to be this world are known.

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