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    my bicol homecoming. after two decades. such a good feeling to know that i was born in such a good place,and is now having some progress, and good people, caring people are there still.and of course the ever majestic Mayon Volcano.she is Awesome!!

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    something world class in our very own region

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    Legazpi-alicia hotel videoke bar, pepperland hotel,airport(sorry raining hard so no pics),lignon hill, mayor, embarcadero,albay cathedral,tahao road, small talk cafe NAGA-CWC,basilica,CSSAC,lolo s bar enjoy

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    i will never get enough of you ;)

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    an unbelievable sunset sa dakak, dapitan city. buda to imagine the life in exile of Rizal was a revelation of what an extraordinary & giving person he was. hehehe 9 women in a life time.heheh. established a community school, operated on the cataracts of his mother, constructed a pool, planted trees

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    Nag EB'an Nag oron oron Nag Orogma Maogmahon!! Salamat sa Gabos gabos :D

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    ang itsura ko sa pag graduar ko kan mga nag aging siglo..enjoyon! arin ang bagay?

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    buhay isla

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