666- june 6,2006 nakaktakot

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    hahaha…HITLER is not anti-Chirst, he kill JEWS because Jews is alrealy taken much space in Germany specially JOBS no religions involve, because Jews are nomads. a humor said Hitler kill Jews Because the one how sell JESUS to the Romans is a Jews.
    no need for you to be afraid when that times come, you must be very happy because the Lord will bring us with Him in His kingdom of no end. only those who are not yet ready to face Him are the one afraid…
    God Bless.

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    It doenst need to be on June 6,2006 otherwise it will be too obvious and the people will be ready. It may have started already, who knows. Any other opinions about the mark of the beast?

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    Your curiosity was as good as mine. You mentioned Hitler but he anihilated the Jews because of their conection with Christ? He wasnt therefore an anti-Christ. Communism is more like it because its agaisnt the Christendom. I dont expect a person.

    Theres too much to think about but speculation may not be bad. Its better than nothing.

    US is preventing the prophecy to happen, or are they in it already?. You can never alter or change the course of history. Never. It only happens in the movies, and you can hear from the writers or liders who needs some attention that a hero can alter history. Bwa hahaha! (Never)

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    what are the things na pwedeng manyari sa june 6 ,2006 i dont believe in this rumors that this is the end of the world. Pero nakakatakot lng ksi dahil s mga bansang may kinalamn sa nuclear weapon kgaya ng north korea at iran .maybe you can look at nostradamus prediction may cnbi syang 3 anti christ at yan ay si napoleon ,hitler at ang pangatlo daw ay magmumula sa middle east pero ang pangatlo daw ang pangalan ay MABUS sya daw ang magsisimula ng pangatlong world war sbi nga nila ang makakpagpigil dito ay ang tao din kya sna ang mga lider ng mga malalakas na bansa ay mag kaisa ,at yun nga palang pangatlo ay MABUS stand for George bush administration pero d sya anti christ ,ano kya cno kya ?im just wondering lng kng what happen on 2006. ksi masyado lng complicated marming skit na kumakalat like virus at mga environmental disaster like eruption of volcano ,typhoon at marami pang iba i think this will happen this coming june 6,2006 the only thing to be save in this disaster ay mag pray tayo hanggang maaga pa at bka kng kailan mangyari doon tayo magdadasal .lets pray together ,pray forever,stays together,save forever…

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