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    lolz. is there a a lot of people were strucked by this vius AH1N1?

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    Hmm…keep thinking of that idea….sounds like ur the one who brought the AH1N1 in Bicol huh?…. heheh just kidding..

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    At times the best place to be in Bicol or elsewhere for that matter,can be in bed if suffering froma virusor sudden fever which can stricken a person quickly for a few days and when one isblowing mucus from one’s nose its not much fun if travelling anywhere without a doubt,because sickness can take the edge of such frolicsome activitiesinstantaneously. I always feeluncomfortabley mankyif I go without a shower for more thanone day alone,but when I’m sneezing repeatedley when I have a head cold its a bit too much of a shock to the bodys system to start splashing cold water over the head body. I would prefer a nice long lingeringwarm shower than a cold one when I feel like [email protected]*pweak and drained of energy. A water pump is a great idea to put pressure into your household for showeringeven toupstairs locationsbut in addition to this,one could also do with a hot water gas-fired unit to supliment and mix in with the cold jet stream of water from the shower-head to suit your sinsitive body. Someprefer scorching heat but not yours truly.This is the next move and expense for me to lay out on because its nice to havethese creature comforts available. A cheapershort term remedyperhaps to have several large pots of boiling water readilyavailableto add to the cold water 50/50% in a largeplastic bins.A sauna might be the best idea,however I have no immediate assess to one, I wonder how much one would cost mmhhh. I’m giving myself more ideas!!!

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