A trip to Pagsajan Falls

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    Very nice info you have shared about this beautiful waterfall….Thanks for sharing…..emigrating to canada

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    I have been up the Pagsajan Falls twice now, the first time was back in the Eighties, but on that first trip I did not go under the torrents of water pounding down heavely with a mighty roar sending tiny mistof bubblesup in the airwithin a few feet of the bamboo-raft which I and some other tourists sat on, I held on with one of my hands to some rope for to keep mybalance and held ontowith myspare hand over my spectacles to prevent them been battered off my face by the spray from the water, I was opening and closing my eyes rapidlyto enable me to sightsuch a spectacular downpore and rush ofwhite-water combined with the noise itis sothrilling invigoratinglyrefreshing on the face, everyone was exhilarated so much their loud cries whoops mingling with my own, everyonehaving great big grins on their faces from ear-to-ear exclaiming how fantastic it had justbeen soon after we climbed onto the smooth rocky cave behind the Falls for awhile until going back through what I just described for another drenching, the raft is heldfirmly by a thick strong rope stretching across from A to B.Yes you will get soaked wet right through andso will your money watches mobile phones but they do sell or give thoseitems to you at the departure point which for us was at a hotel andrestarunt the name which escapes me now sotoo does the cost of hire for the canues. I would do the trip againeven though Iwas feeing uncomfortable seated on a low cushion with my legs stickingstraight out for a few hours and also because I’m heavy , I feel that the timing was just right and was happy to stand up again. I had not given any thought to bringing along fresh dry clothing and we sat in our wet clothingduring ourvan-ride to our hotel rooms in Manila, that was the worst part, but after a nice warm showerthose of us who participedwere happy about the trip, those that waited for our returnback at the restaurant looked jaded waiting around, sometimes one needs a pastime like doing crosswords or reading something to make those lazy laid-back times onholidays more enjoyable.

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