Anong Kanta nasa Isip nindo ngonyan:

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    “TIGIDONG” number one song digdi sa Pilipinas. hehehehe!

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    absolutely Manay Rose! 🙂 thanks a lot po! im hoping and praying that he’ll be the God’s gift for me.
    right now im thinking of my personal favorite song “The Way You Look Tonight” by Michael Buble

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    Songs on my playlist today…
    Horse to the Water-by George Harrison,as performed by Jools Holand and Sam Brown
    Little Wing-by Eric Clapton feat.Sheryl Crow and David Sanborn

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    I REMEMBER YOU by: SKIDROW – Hmmm…Rock Ballad Muzic 🙂

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    @Baba-Elar, puwede tabi mag-comment si Manay Rose?;) gari baga baba grabe ang tama kan virus na amoritis saimo!;), you totally exude with it, nagruluwas pati digdi sa screen kan PC ko!:) Enjoy it, sabi baga it is a blessing to fall in love as long as it is to the right person. Maogma pagmasdan ang mga aki pang arog saindo is truly falling in-love, never be afraid to fall in love, regardless of the outcome, still it is a good experience.
    Going back to music, everyday pagmata ko, i always love to listen to the songs of Noora Jones [especially the first album]. Soothing ki marhay ang boses niya and I love the way she composed the songs.Lyrics and Tempo, both jazzy andsexy:)

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    When i met you by APo Hiking

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    Ako “Pasko na Sinta Ko” ta ma Christmas na baga.

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    ala lang add ko lang igdi sa Music thread post lang nindo Kanta whats in your mind ahihi gaya ngayon
    ako “Unwritten” by: Natasha Bedingfield basta favorite ko kaya ni baga para kurokanta ko haha maray dai nyo ko na dangog

Viewing 8 posts - 406 through 413 (of 413 total)

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