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    Nabaritaan ko na pig-compare ni John Lennon an saiyang sadiri kay Jesus Christ na gare uminani ni grabeng critisisimo saiya……but later on nag-hagad sya nin APOLOGY …… dae ko kaya nabasa kun saing artikulo itu,,,,,puru her say an aram ko…If totoo itu, I admire John Lennon buda tlga man na magagayun an mga kansyon ninda……mga paboritu kan mga matua kong tugang na lalake……Pag-nadadangog ko ngani su kantang OBLADI-OBLADA, nagigirumduman ko su tugang kong lalaking gadan na………Dakul man akong mga kanta kan Beatles sa music ko ngani minsan habang nag-G-GB hehe:)I am an AVID fan kan ERASERHEADS, i think saru sa pig-idolized ninda an Bandang BEATLES, more on strumming the guitar, song writing, song excution… gare lng dae ninda ma-arug an BLENDING sa pag-kanta kan BEATLES na tlga namang mka-laglag panty ay! execute me~~~mkalag-lag brip palan hehehe:) Piz BEATLES fans:)

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    BEN by Beatles

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    Noi Jim,
    The “Other” Because by Dave Clark 5. They rival The Beatles for awhile back in the 60’s:


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    Because by the beatles

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    I found this post by manoy micky, nice article to read:

    Remembering John Lennon, 1940-1980:25th Death Anniversary
    “Fans all over the world are remembering John Lennon 25th Death Anniversary. How did John Lennon—the man and the music— touch your life? What about my kapwa Pinoy fans? Ano ang masasabi nyo to the guy considered as the greatest songwriter ever?”-manoy micky”I think were always attracted to John Lennon because he was someone who truly made a difference. Whether you liked him on the Beatle level or the politically-active level— the songwriting level, the cultural level, he was someone who always spoke his mind, was always honest. And if you remember back to the early Beatle pictures, he was always the one with his tie askew or his jacket unbuttoned. He was different. He was an iconoclast. He didn’t fit the mold. And in so many ways, he broke the mold.” Max Weinberg, drummer, Bruce Springstreen and the E Street band; Max Weinberg Seven”The Beatles came to Indianapolis where I grew up, to the State Fair Coliseum. It was levitating with screaming, preadolescent girls of whom I was one. It was just packed. And, we bought those records en masse. We just absorbed this group. It’s different than Elvis— Elvis kinda belonged to everybody. In a way, The Beatles, I thought were ours. “We” being anybody that was 14 years old, give or take 7 years, when The Beatles arrived in America. [At the time Lennon was shot] nobody thought that The Beatles getting back together. But imagine, to use his word, what was ahead for us. Lennon really had re-emerged as the musician with gifts for us. And so short— it was so brief, his return. When my first son learned to count (and I don’t remember being responsible for this), he’d go, ‘One, two, three, four, can I have a little more. Five six, seven, eight, nine ten, I love you.’ Boy, they saw ‘Yellow Submarine’ a lot. And now my children do not acknowledge that The Beatles are mine. They’re universal now.” Jane Pauley, Beatles fan, who reported Lennon’s murder the morning after on the Today ShowThe day John Lennon was taken from us I had just turned 10. It came across the bottom of our TV screen. At that time, I felt as my life ended also. I have never felt that same kind of emptiness and I hope never too. John was my inspiration and a big part of my soul. As long as his music is still with me, I continue to live with the hope that maybe one day the world will learn. –Star Dixon, Mesa, Ariz.Of course John Lennon was a phenomenal human being. I learned to not take life so serious from him or not to fret the little stuff. For about 10 years, I could do a fairly good likeness of him. I even had a Asian girlfriend named Oko. It was great to go out and turn people’s heads briefly. It’s about the music and his uncanny ability to be such an interesting person in our time of history. The idols of today seem rather manufactured in some warehouse in Hollywood and stamped “Made in China.” John Lennon came out of the Post WWII era at a time when the world really could appreciate his unique ability to coin a lyric and set it to a great beat. –Thomas Nelson, West Jordan, UtahWhen I was at the tender age of 13, I fell in love with John Lennon. To this day, 42 years later, I love him still. Not in the way I love my husband and son, but love nonetheless. From the first time I heard ‘I want to hold your hand’ in 1964, I knew something magical was happening. Lennon went on to be one of the most gifted song writers of modern day. The music surely died on December 8, 1980. –Melody, Richmond, Ill.I am only 25 years old, but I am a big Beatles fan! I was raised on the music and I think Mark David Chapman was a coward. He robbed the world of the greatest singer/song writer/person we will ever see. John was right when he said “All you need is love.”–Christine, Council Bluffs IowaI can trace the loss of my innocence to the moment I saw that terrible headline in the newspaper: “Beatle John Gunned Down.” As a child, I was drawn to the combination of acid wit, candor and lyricism that made John Lennon stand apart from most other songwriters. He served as a model of what honesty in art could achieve. That headline ripped my heart out. If I had never seen the headline, I might have stayed a child forever. Even today, almost 25 years later, I can feel a little part of me die each time I remember seeing the news. But then I’ll play one of his songs and damn if I don’t feel like I can march right out and change the world. Thanks, John, old friend. –Craig Belanger, Avondale, Ariz.I was a true Beatle fan. But, John Lennon was my favorite as he had that truly wicked sense of humor that I admired even as a 12 year-old. I saw the Beatles at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville Florida. My late father drove 5 screaming girls to the show. I was working on cruise ships in the Caribbean when I saw the newspaper that he was dead. I cried. –Sharen Repetto, Jacksonville, Florida I was living in Longview, Wa. When I heard the news of his death. It was devastating. I was hooked on the Beatles from the moment i heard “Love Me Do”. John Yoko’s “Give Peace A Chance” was the greatest proposal for a solution to the war in Vietnam. I believe he touched most everyone’s life of my generation and will continue to have influence on many more lives for many years to come. –Mark Coy, Decatur, Ala.Driving to work the next morning (Cleveland Ohio), Heard it on the radio and thought the DJ was into some sick kind of joke until I realized he was very emotional. I was stunned. Took the day off. Been into music since I was 9 (born 1953), and lived the British invasion. Beatles today are still number 1 in my book. –Jeff Masch, Aurrora, Ohio I was 20 years old, at work, when I found out about John Lennon’s death. The grief was profound, devastating. I ran downstairs to a news stand to buy a copy of Playboy, so I could read the interview that had just come out. I felt an innate need to connect with his words and personality one last time. A piece of my life had just been ripped away and dissipated into the wind. I grieve the possibilities of what will never be and I cherish the catalog of work he left behind. I will never forget him or that day. –Tracy Bartell Harper, Longwood, Fla.I was 9 years old when John Lennon was killed. I remember telling my mom in a car, “John Lennon died today.” She was driving and had to pull over because she was crying so hard. I couldn’t understand, at the time, why she was so upset, until I became older, and could understand the impact that his life had on the world. –Elaine M. Rissel-Muscarella, Jamestown, N.Y.What can you say of a genius who is gone but never ever forgotten today or yesterday, but to honor his memory with loving thoughts and to seek his peace with much imagine. I will never stop listening to his music and their messages, because they did change my life, at a time of no assurance, he helped us believe in others and ourselves, with the dear messages from his heart to ours. 1967 when i graduated from high school i felt strength from his music and the beatles also, this was a time of pure harmony

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    hehehe! dyan maorag ang mga noypi manoy rod. 😛
    @manoy kit…i requested bossing xandie to change the title of this thread…i hope it is okeywith you….peace. 😛

    Trivia uli para medyo ma refresh kita.
    John Lennon first met Paul McCartney during a gig of John’s first group…the Quarrymen. John was impressed how Paul knew the chords to “Twenty Flight Rock” and asked Paul to join.George Harrison was later recommended by Paul to John and John was impressed by George’s rendition of “Raunchy”. The three would form the core of what would be “Johnny and the Silver Beetles”, “The Silver Beatles” and finally “The Beatles”.Pete Best and Stu Sutcliffe would later join them in Hamburg where they would cut their teeth in making music. Stu Sutcliffe (John’s best friend) would later die as a result of an illness.Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) would later join and replace Pete Best on durms to finally complete the lineup of the now Legendary Beatles.

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    Tolits, an muya kong kanta kan Beatles ay “Talong and Bagoong”…the Pinoy version of The Long and Winding Road.

    I’m also a fan of The Beatles since they were the most popular British rock group when I was a teen-ager. I remember listening and memorizing all their songs and me and cousins would belt out Beatle music during my Istambay days in Makati. I learn to play guitar singing Beatle tunes plus other pop hits of the era. While I’m a big fan of the mop top quartet, Inever got to own any Beatle outfit due to financial constraints. I remember my high school classmate Ferdie Estrella, the son of the former Mayor of Makati who is a big Beatle fanwho would come to school in a limo wearing a complete Beatle ourfit…..Beatle boots, jacket, pants,Nehru jacket plus the required Beatle haircut. While most of us sport “high and tight” haicut as required for military training (PMT), the Mayor’s son somehow managed to get an exemption. Bastard! We used to be jealous of him coz he can affordall the luxury(being the son of the richest town Mayor in the Philippines) while most of us have just enough change for jeepney fare in our pocket. There was a cafeteria across the street from my schoolwhere we hang out a lot coz it has a juke box loaded with Beatle songs and otherhits of the 60’s (plus there wasthis cute waitress we all had crush on).I would spend whatever spare change I have just so I can listen totheirmusic. Ferdie Estrella had arock bandcalled the Jet Stars and they played live during our Junior and Senior Prom (plus 2 other bands so it was great).They were so good at imitating Beatle songs that I thought I was listening toThe Beatles live…..yes they were that good. Even their guitars,amps,drums, and equipments were carbon copy of The Beatles. I remember going to Luneta Grandstand on weekends to watch the battle of the bands as theyperform all sorts of music of the era. I was just completelymesmerized by their talent. Ferdie’s band is one of the main players in that competition. Watching a free concert back then is a treat that teenagers nowadays doesn’t get to experience. It was an inexpensive thrill..cost me asoda pop anda bag of boiled peanuts andlasting memories which I reminisce to this day. Yes KIT…those were the days (my friend) we thought they’d never end….

    My favorite Beatle song is this:


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    My fave Song:

    THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD(John Lennon-Paul McCartney)The Beatles- Apple RecordsFrom the album “Let It be” (1970)The long and winding roadThat leads to your doorWill never disappearI’ve seen that road beforeIt always leads me hereLead me to your doorThe wild and windy nightThat the rain washed awayHas left a pool of tearsCrying for the dayWhy leave standing hereLet me know the way.Many times I’ve been aloneAnd many times I’ve criedAnyway you’ll never knowThe many ways I’ve triedBut still they lead me backTo the long and winding roadYou left me waiting hereA long, long time agoDon’t leave me waiting hereLet me know the way(Instrumental)But still they lead me backTo the long and winding roadYou left me waiting hereA long, long time agoDon’t keep me waiting here (Need you, babe)Lead me to your door…Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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    Beatles? i’m not a big fan of them…. i don’t even have a complete album them. hehehehe! thanks to the technology download of Beatles MP3.
    nice thread manoy kit,actually my plan is to start a thread for them when i saw thisat the bottom of page 2. so here it is..resurrecting from the deep hole of topics.
    …it seems that we arejust only two herewho loves to listen with their masterpiece. 😛
    here are some trivias (tnx to my kumpadre-atty.flores inanother forum who also a big fan of beatles, and also to the rest of cotributors)
    Beginning from the beginning, the most famous line-up of this band (there were other permutatons before 1962) were:John Winston **Ono Lennon (born 09 October 1940-died 08 December 1980)James Paul McCartney (born 18 June 1942)George Harrison (born 1943-died 2001)Ringo Starr (real name: Richard Starkey, born 7 July 1940

    “**John’s middle name was Winston….John Winston Lennon. He later changed it to ONO when he married Yoko.”
    “JOHN WINSTON ONO LENNON is indeed his formal full name. He had his name changed in tribute to his second wife, the Japanese artist Yoko Ono. He also wanted to get rid of”WINSTON” as this was taken from the wartime British prime minister. This was however not allowed by British law, so “Ono” was aded while he retained the name “Winston” which he despised. ”


    TheAbbey Road Cover:Around the time of “Abbey Road” ‘s release, there was a wild rumor that was going around that Paul McCartney has been dead for a while, and the one playing on the Beatles records was an impostor.The wild imagination of avid fans led to a few observations regarding the album cover.1. From right to left they said that : George Harrison was a grave digger (owing to his rugged get up) ; John Lennon was the priest (owing to his white suite); Paul McCartney was the dead man (owing to his being shoeless — a Spirit!!) and Ringo as the mourner (owing to this black suite).2. The fifth Beatle in the cover, which was actually a BEETLE VOLKSWAGEN had a license plate bearing 28IF. They said Paul would have been 28 IF he was alive.These were just a couple of the signs that led to speculation that MACCA (Paul) was dead. Of Course, this was just rubbish which the Beatles themselves dismissed but it goes to show how fans were deeply captivated by the BEATLES….which continue up to this day.


    George Harrison once wished that an atom bomb be dropped on Manila.Ringo Starr swore that he’ll never go back to the Philippines.All for good reason:The former First Lady Imelda Marcos, who was still very much in control of the country when the Beatles came to Manila to do a series of concerts, claimed that she was snubbed by the Beatles. The Beatles themselves did not know that they had to go to Malacanang to meet and greet the First Lady and to attend a children’s party. The promoter and Brian Epstein had a miscommunication about the whole affair.Imelda was shown crying on Television and from then on it was a nightmare for the Beatles. Room Service stopped. They were served rotten food at the hotel and they got beat up at the airport. John Lennon recounted that he had to hide behind nuns to avoid being kicked and punched. Most of their earnings from the concert were confiscated as “TAXES”.Years later, when Marcos got kicked out himself, Paul said he finally realized it wasn’t the Filipinos fault after all. George called Marcos a “TWIT”.

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    I know theYouTube sitehas been around for some time now and it’s not exactlysensational news anymore, but I can only marvel at the old film footage of the early songs of the Beatles. I can remember their songs been played over the radio backthen whenI was a youngteenager waybefore I first got a glimpse of what they looked like from a largepaper poster that was erected on a street corner of my hometown to promote an upcoming film at the local cinema. The Beatles made a few films back then which were terrible really, but I was elated to be able to see those lads performing any antics whatsoeverbecause I was a bigfan, and always joined in trying to sing along in accompaniment.I havebeen watching somefootage of theirmusic lately every day and it’s nothing short of beenwonderful to be able to watch them perform their music which I grew up hearing but never was able to see themas often as we would have likedexcept when they were making the news on our blackwhite tv-set. They had a reputation for been long haired and unconvensional back then but they looked very innocentwith their happy smiling baby-faced good looks, all dressed up neatly in those velvet collared Beatle-Jacketsthat they were famous for wearing. They also started a craze for pointed-toed boots and shoes with a high heels. I can remember buying a pair of these boots even though the shop did not have a size small enough for me and the ones I bought were falling off me, but I kept wearing them proudly with the aid of several pages of old newspaper rolled up into a ball and firmly shoved down intothe toe part an a regular basis for months on end. I developed corns on booth of my small toes from friction because of the pointed toes, still I was feeling super cool in those boots which the heels thereofdraged behind me aroundthe streets of my hometown. “Those were the days my friend, I thought they would never die”

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