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    Tolhits…tibaad ika si Primitivo? Keep it up, an mga makunsuelong karaw na simbag mo an naka-kapaugma digdi si forum. Siguro kaipuhan mong witikan ning dikit na sense of humor si Marge tanganing dai na ma-anggot.

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    akala ko ay may napikon na sa kakarawan ko….

    in english:
    the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.__________________________________________________________
    ^_* H i K. !
    Happiness is a voyage, not a destination. There is no better time to be happy than…..NOW.
    Live and enjoy the moment.

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    Hi Marge, I’m sorry or we Bicolanos are sorry you had a traumatizing experience. We are not necessarily annoying, we are usually fun to be with or to chat with, probably like your mom. I sure hope it was justa misunderstanding or you both got off on the wrong foot. I’m not sure what you and Primitivo talked about privately, but if he is the same guy I know from a previous forum, he isa nice, fun loving oversea Pinoy working inthe Middle East. As I said, I don’t know what you talked about, and I’m not on his side either, but if you’re not happy with my reply or assumptions here,send a note to the Webmaster and plead your case. When you join these online forums, you have to have an open mind. I’m sure it is also the sentiment of every member of gobicol forum to make you feel at home, stay on and read the other topics and post your commments, it’s fun. Let’s all just have fun here.

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    i just want to ask if any member can block another member to post anything in this website??? or any member can petition to block??
    well, somebody in the name if primitivo told me not to post again. we both find each other annoying after a short chat thru yahoo messenger, i dont fool around that’s why.

    It’s my mother who was born now living in Bicol. Even though I was not born nor raised there, I found people friendly….. i have a thousand friend there. Im even proud to say that my province is Bicol whereever I am. But it seems my experience here is traumatizing.

    Anyways, its nice to meet some nice people.I hope some newcomers will not experience the same.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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