Bong Villafuerte-Hueteng Lord?

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    haayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!tolhits an dating gawi dipisil ng mabakli……….this is not new to the villafuertes……….sabi ngani kaiyan an mangga dai mabunga nin bayawas… bareta ko ngani kan nagta trabaho pa ako duman sacapitol takot ngani an ama sa aki ta mas grabe pa an aki sa ama…. mayo ng sinasanto

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    If what you say is tru, there may be some explanation. I can only speculate of their motivation which is another small case of “jeepney mentality”.
    In short, if your grandparents once had a big track of land some many years ago, today it has been subdivided depending on the number of great grandchildren. Chances are, if you do not resort to hueteng, you could be paper-dancing on a getting-smaller Titolo. You remember the paper-dancing where its getting smaller as the years go by? Good if you resort the land toa cooperative or corporation. In other words, they use hueteng to offset their futures. It is also called in the Financials as “hedging”. They simply want to maintain their bragging-rights.
    You see, the old times methods and systems and conditions, if we do not cope and redesign our systemsto suitthe present, logn term the overall result is exactly what you see in your country. Wes should consider getting rid of that jeepney-mentality almost all Pinoys have. In southern CA, some group of female spouses and single women wants me to speak as a “motivational speaker” to some group of “alcoholic-anonymous” Pinoys or yung may mga “Tambay-logic” guys. I said “No”. If I anger these guys , theyre gona be after me like “mga sugod” Thyre like “the Fockers”. Besides I dont get paid to do those shit. Even dispatchers or coordinators are corupt that I’d like to feed them to the crocodiles. They dont pay good. If a person had been drinking “spirits” for too long, they have some damaged brain cells. Its hard to tell, I said “its not my priority right now”.
    Later on, I’ll show you whats hedging in the Pinancials market (Saudan? no) so you dont have to emulate as Hueteng mules and lords. Theres hedging in the Financials market. Those of you who frequent Las Vegas or Atlantic City in the east coast, if your good at card-games, poker and others you might as well learn hedging in the Financilas market. You may be lucky on this area if you try.
    Now theres another side to this jeepney mentality aplicable to men. What about the womens jeepney-mentality???

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    Tolhits, si Bong Villafuerte eh aki kan Hueting yan! Bale si Erpat parin ang Lord of the Lord siempre!

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    medyo haloy na akong naghale dyan sa bikol…particularly sa camarines sur.
    pero kang maiinit ang hueteng issue sa senate ay nabangitan na namanmga villafuerte.
    sabi kang tugang ko ay iyo man guiraray ang set up dyan….si bong villafuerte pa man ang financer kang hueteng.

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