CCP Art Exhibit ‘Kulo’- Freedom of Expression o Kabastusan sa Kristianismo?

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    Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

    Statue of David by Michaelangelo
    And guess what? Both Michaelangelo Buonarroti and Leonardo da Vinci, perhaps the 2 greatest artists of the Renaissance erawere rumored to be GAYS.

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    Nata ta an manga huba sa Sistine Chapel ceiling pig-aapod na “masterpieces” kan manga Italyanong artists?

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    Obviously you’ve never been anywhere. Crawl back into your cave.

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    Which is more blasphemous ____ the sexcesses of the KULO EXHIBIT or the excesses of the MARCOSES (nakakaKULO ng dugo) during whose reign the CCP was built (at the cost of how many poor workers’ lives?) and whose reign was sanctioned by the Church????

    Which is preferable _______ freedom of expression or suppression of freedom??????????

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    freedom of expression???
    maboboot lang an mga Katoliko / Christian / Pinoy. Pag ginibo ini sa Muslim countries, magtago na an maygibo kaini…..
    nagbalik ta dai na su kontrabida..

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    just curious about what people are talking about, I have done some research and this is what i found. These are the real pictures of Art Exhibits in CCP that Mr. BicolanoAko is talking about.
    ONthe questionas to whetherthispictures are consider Art or an insults to Christians, well,my opinion is,tiko ang pisot!..garohalas na may helmet! ha! ha! ha!
    ay idipongal! dios marhay na aldao po saindo gabos!

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    An “KULO” sarong exhibit saCultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). An mga obranaka display hangangAugust 21, 2011. Nagpuon an aktibidades kan June 17 na may koneksiyonsasilebrasyon kan 150kumplianyo niJose Rizal. An exhibit daa an simbag kan mga artists sa importanting silebrasyon kasabay man kan 400 na taonkan University of Santo Tomas.Ancontroversial na art exhibitnagpapahiling nin images and statues arog kan:
    1. A wooden replica of male genital in front of Jesus Christ image.2. An image of Christ wherein his eyes had been darkened by ink.3. Crucifix with condom.4. Religious pictures beside women underwear models.5. Seated Christ statue with red ball on His nose and a semi mickey mouse ears.
    Uyon po kamo na dapat may restriction an inaapod naexpression? An personal na opinion ko “the Charity” alone is sufficient to demand restriction of expression. Kamo? Ano po an saindong opinyon?

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