Charity Organization sa Bicol

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    Greetings of Peace conduct,synthesize,design,evaluate and execute programs;develop and test promising approaches to help child’s welfare.
    What Tet’s Foudation service focuses on,what it does or does not do, reflects traditions and priorities. Among other things,Tet’s Foundation is mainly concerned with the child as part of a family,while young people and the new age of adolescence are an area that has been neglected in general child and youth policy.Today,this period of life is heavily influenced by both educational ideologies and commercial forces. There is thus a clear need for a holistic,innovative,value-based approach.
    Target Areas
    Children on the buffer-zone communities of Mt.Masaraga,Mt.Isarog,Mt.Malinao and Mt.Mayon here in Bicol Region Philippines.
    To enhance child’s welfare and to ensure that children and young people who live in conditions that may be detrimental to their health and development receive the necessary assistance and care at the right time by providing basic living essentials such as food, shelter, clothing and medical needs so that young boys and girls can continue their education, rather than being forced to engage in demeaning jobs or early marriages.

    Mission / Vision

    A foundation that raises awareness to the issue of unprivileged children and enhance their well-being by offering unconditional help and services and taking the responsibility for a change.
    Tet’s Foundation also promotes services that help ensure that children have the physical well-being and the social, emotional and cognitive abilities they need to enter school ready to suceed for every child deserves the basic need of human conditions by rendering help and services to the people,especially children o the buffer-zone communities of Mt.Masaraga,Mt.Isarog and Mt.Mayon by offering food supplies,medicines,educational supplies,planting materials(for parents and farmers)clothes (and if possible school sponsorship for elementary and secondary grades),seminar,workshops for out-of-school youth,initial capitals for small business ventures and other necessities to enhance their lifestyle.

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    magayun ang nai isip m manoy xandei everybody now can donate basta sa kapakanan ng satuyang region .

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    Kung siisay man tabi ang may aram ning mga charity institution sa Bicol paki post po tabi digdi ang details.
    Salamat po!

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