E-VAT – Daylight Massacre

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    Tama ka po Manay Rose. Kayaang panahon ngunyan pahirap ng pahirap talaga. Tama si Manay Joy na wara pa ngani e-vat su ibang goods ang mamahal na. Talaga totoo yan kung warang corrupt officials asensado kuta ang pilipinas.

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    I agree din. Joy nagamit na ito sigurado darakuloon baga su mga mansion kang mga corrupt officials

    Always here for you

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    Tama ka diyan Manay Rose, all of us will suffer (especially the poor) for this E-VAT, mayo pa nganing E-VAT an ibang goods and services tirios na si pinoy, ano pa kaya ngonian? The bottom line of this is, the poor will become poorer and the _________ will become richer and richer. Sabi ngani ninda “Taxes is the Lifeblood of the Nation”
    If taxes will only be used for the country baka mayaman na an Pilipinas pero saen na naduman? Sad to say…..nagamit na kun saen man!

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    Manay Rose,
    Nakastahan mo su tamang word – DESPERATION!
    Yes, the crocodiles are partying because of this.
    You can always go back – to TABACO, that is, and there will be no problem at all.
    p.s. mag apudan daw kita minsan regarding the phil. overseas agency i discussed with you. its coming to reality na.

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    As I have mentioned before, I have nothing against the present government, as my logic was it is the lesser evil among the choices of evils. But this E-VAT issue is an absolute daylight massacre of Juan dela Cruz! Whatever justifications the government will give, still the bottom line is, it is poor sector and working classof our population who will suffer.I could just imagine how a father who earns 150-200 Pesos a day will be able to provide a good three meals a day to his family! Well, I guess, those hiding crocodiles with big fat pockets in the government will benefit most! Is this a symptom of DESPERATION of the present system??? Being an OFW, this is really a very sad issue, and makes me wonder, when will be the time that OFWs like me, will decide one day: “Hey, high-time to go back to my own country, it won’t be a problem anymore!” I guess this would be a dream which will never come true!!!

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