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    Manay Maria, I apologize for mixing up Sandy Javier as brother of Jim Paredes. I forgot that Sandy, who owns the Andoks, is a brother of one of the APO member. I’m sorry for the wrong information.

    Nevertheless, I still can’t put my blame on Cory’s about this refusal to recuperate the debt. Ms. Solita Monsod’s and her matter-of-fact-opinion is a few personalities in our country that I still respect especially when it comes to economics. However, when you take over a government, whatever debts they incurred during their corrupt period, regardless if the state didn’t directly benefit from it, the new government still has still has the responsibilities to pay them unless IMF or world-bank cancelled the said debt! Just my opinion!

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    No, Mickey, i did not just take jim paredes word for it…i also believed solita monsod who was neda chief then that we dont need to pay those debts incurred by marcos as we did not benefit from it..remember bataan nucleur power plant..dam project that the igorots opposed? they were paid with that debt money..also brazil got away with not paying debts bcoz their people need the money for basic social services..imf and world bank had more money they can splurge on dictators…and yes, i do know the reasons why i blame cory…if u want to know more how imf and wb purposely get countries to get into debts…read the confessions of an economic hitman by john perkins..a good read…an eye-opener…for those of us who believed in the good intentions of america…written by an economic hitman who suddenly discovered he got a conscience.
    i think it is appropriate to test the sincerity of politicians dont u think? if they promise to give us better lives, what better way to know if they can make sure families dont get hungry..he did not think it was inappropriate at all, at least at that time, he just admitted that he still does not have the answer to that…

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    Manay Maria, does Jim Paredes knows the exact reasons behind Cory’s refusal, as you’ve said refused to repudiate the debt? And just because Jim Paredes says so, you also blame her? Don’t you think that’s quite unfair to blame someone without actually knowing the reasons?
    If your question to Joey Salceda was just to measure his integrity then it was a good question. But if you really meant it, then I don’t think that’s appropriate question to ask. It’s better that he didn’t answer your question otherwise if he says yes – then you know he is a lying bastard.

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    Dear Friends,
    Exciting ang satong diskusyon ah…to banny…let me quote my seven year old pamangkin about freedom..yes we are free but we are dumb…
    to dayu…it is a fact of life that the brain is nothing if the stomach does not feed it…tama si papa mo, ang alimantak dai maggana kung daing kinakan…freedom is good…but we need..to be able to earn it…we only appreciate what we fought hard for..garo man sana iyan sa kwarta..pag dai pinagalan..dai naaapreciar…
    to mickey, i agree that it is not cory’s fault that she won, but when she, as jim said, refused to repudiate the debt even as she was told that she can get away with it, she did not..for that i will blame her..
    i had a close encounter with ur congressman joey salceda of swiss fame…i asked him once e..if with all his economics he can assure me as a congressional candidate then that he would be able to put food on every filipino family’s table if he wins..his answer…u guessed it…no answer! of course he did not get my vote..of confidence..taga-naga kaya ako so i cannot vote even if i had been in legazpi for a long time..working.
    ang problema ta sa mundo bakong supply problem of food and other resources..kundi distribution..as far as i know..mayo pang solution ang economics sa bagay na ini…

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    It is true that we can’t eat freedom and I agree too much freedom is not good for the country but I believe it’s a lot better than under Martial Law!
    Of course, it’s not Cory’s fault if she agreed to run against Marcos and WON! She never agreed just because she only wanted FAME POWER! No, otherwise she runs for reelection which she could have easily WON! But she never agreed to extend her term, isn’t it?
    Yes, she was just a plain housewife to his famous husband but it doesn’t mean she’s ignorance. What we don’t know, her educational background could shame other politicians. Alright, she never practice her educations since she was probably content having just to cook foods for her family. But same thing goes with Gloria, who keep bragging her PhD degree in Economics but truth was, she was only teaching economics 101 sa Ateneo! She has no-real-world experience unlike our very own congressman Joey Salceda, who earns huge amount of dollars wrecking his brain in one of the bank in Switzerland.
    And the truth is, under the plain housewife administration, our economy was lot better than this so called economics’ expert with PhD degree from Georgetown University!
    Manay Maria, I agree that I don’t have to blame Jim Paredes for his brother business or political affiliations. My mistake since I forgot Jim Paredes is a just freedom fighter not a politician unlike his businessman brother, Sandie Paredes, where loyalty usually goes to business interest.

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    “too bad that we can only remain exemplary if we are not hungry..”

    Maybe. But it’s not the hungry pangs.
    I’ve experienced it so I know how it feels.
    My father used to say,
    “Pakiray ta arog sading wara kita isa-sapna, pirming malibong ang alimantak ko.”
    But the crucial thing is how we feed our brains, and not our stomach.
    Kun sisay pa ang mga busog sinda pa ngani an mga abusado.

    It’s the hunger and thirst for wisdom that can bring us to enlightenment.
    I’ve learned myself that it doesn’t always mean you have to eat every time you starve.
    The brains got the “head” position because it is supposed to consider the conditions
    of the stomach, but not to be dominated by it.

    “The Boulevard of shattered dreams.”

    Shattered dreams!? huh!
    But first, you have to relate to me that there was a dream in EDSA, (since I believe there was none).
    What was the dream? The people power succeeded, now where did they go?
    If they had a dream, they should have had a clear vision of where to head along,
    after empowering such a colossal obstacle.
    Until then, only the YANO band had the most clever observation of the what happened
    during the EDSA revolution, best related in their song “Kumusta Na.”

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    hahaha :))
    sabagay iyan baga ang permi tang pig sasabi “FREEDOM” (kaya ano ang pinas ngunyan, nasubrahan ki freedom) maski kamo magtugang dae nindo saklaw ang kada saro, maski ngani aki mo. bako tabing iyo manay kaja?
    ang sala ki Cory_kong ta inako nya ang pwesto maski dae syang aram. she just put the welfare of phil in deep ___!
    she also want the FAME POWER!
    :)) :)) :))

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    Dear Mickey,
    I do agree with you and jim paredes that the country has gone to the dogs since edsa 1. pero I don’t think it’s fair to blame jim for his brother’s political affiliations..gusto mo man daw ikang basulon kan sala kan tugang mo? igwa talagang pamilya na iba iba man ang interest asin opinyon…and they can only agree to disagree…the important thing is that jim never profitted from his brother’s affiliation…
    it is heartwarming to hear jim talk about the “exemplary” overseas filipinos who, he said, has shown that we are ready to have a stable society…too bad that we can only remain exemplary if we are not hungry…
    grabe man ang guilt ko for leaving the country…five years ago, i would never have left the country..but now i have joined thousands getting out..sabi ngani ni jim…”taking a vacation from being a filipino”…
    i dont know jim paredes personally..even remotely…but i am proud that he said what he did!

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    Jim Paredes disaffection reflects that of many among those who took part in EDSA. But who’s too blame for the Boulevard of shattered dreams? I don’t point my fingers on Tita Cory because she was mere a housewife and just an instrument for toppling the dictator.

    I blamed Juan Ponce Enrile and Gringo Honasan for their greediness. And I blamed the likes of Kit Tatad and Homobono Adaza for going against her administrator since Tita Cory wasn’t able to give them any position in her government after they helped her.

    And yes, I blamed Jim Paredes for it too. Why? While he was seen everywhere opposing the presidency of Erap but the truth was, his brother, Sandie Paredes, all-out ang pag suporta kay Erap? Isn’t ironic? Why Jim couldn’t influence his brother? Why in a family like them have different opinions about politics? This is probably because of political connection mentality!

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    EDSA – “The Boulevard of shattered dreams.”

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    remember when the mere mention of edsa brought tears to your eyes? soon it is edsa and gloria is still in malacanang…i came across a podcast interview of jim paredes of apo hiking society fame and his disillusion of how the phils turned out after edsa…catch it at the pcij page at the http://www.inq7.net page.
    quotable quotes…
    ” edsa did not fail us…we failed edsa..our politicians did not measure up…”
    “kinulang ng justice..sa edsa”
    “cory was too conscious not to be marcosian..”
    “filipinos abroad behave better because they are not saddled by inertia of old politicians”
    “if you are in govt, the people dont count…its the other forces that count..military etc”
    galing!!!! too bad that he is moving to australia bec. in his words, he wants to take a vacation from being a filipino…

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