Electronic Technician from Bikol

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    maayong banggi sa indo. nahilingan ko ining kaipohan mo ngane na electronicsyaon ako digdi sa saudi at the present. nag work ako digdi bilang electronics.tanung kolang kung gurano man ang sahod daan sa electronic tech, na kaipohan nindomabalos:

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    Need 2 Electronics Technician for QatarExperience in troubleshoting and repair of PLC, Motors and Controllers. Applies electrical theory and related knowledge to replace, test,
    and/or repair electrical components and circuitry. Assembles and tests
    electrical equipment and components according to engineering data and
    knowledge of electrical principles. Diagnoses cause of electrical or
    mechanical malfunction or failure of operational equipment and perform
    preventative and corrective maintenance.Able to read wiring diagrams, layout drawings, and engineering
    specifications for systems and equipment. Plans, directs, and records
    periodic system testing and replacement/repair of equipment which fails
    to meet acceptable operating standards.Will work in Plastic Manufacturing Industries, Printing Press and Corrugated Carton Machineries under my team.Send your CV to  [email protected] 

    Gusto ko bikolano ta uragon, mabalos

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